Administration and expenditure of the Chancellor's departments, 2008-09 - Treasury Contents


1HM Revenue and Customs Spring Supplementary Estimates Memorandum 2008-09 Ev 58
2HM Treasury Revised Spring Supplementary Estimates Memorandum 2008-09 Ev 63
3Government Actuary's Department Main Estimate memorandum 2009-10 Ev 67
4HM Revenue and Customs Estimates Memorandum 2009-10 Ev 70
5HM Treasury Estimates Memorandum 2009-10 Ev 78
6HM Treasury Winter Supplementary Estimates Memorandum 2009-10 Ev 83
7HM Revenue and Customs Winter supplementary Estimate Memorandum 2009-10 Ev 85
8Letter from Penny Ciniewicz, Chief Executive, Valuation Office Agency to the Chairman of the Sub-Committee Ev 91
9HM Revenue and Customs Ev 93
10Office of Government commerce Ev 97
11Royal MintEv 99
12Crown Estate Commissioners Ev 100
13HM TreasuryEv 104, Ev 109
14  Government Actuary's Department Ev 113

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Prepared 9 March 2010