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Examination of Witnesses (Question Numbers 37-39)


16 MARCH 2010

  Q37 Chair: Welcome to the Committee's session on The End of Cheques? Can you introduce your colleagues for the shorthand writer, please?

  Mr Smee: I am Paul Smee, Chief Executive of the Payments Council.

  Ms Quinn: Sandra Quinn, Director of Communications of the Payments Council.

  Mr Locke: I am Stephen Locke, one of the independent directors of the Payments Council. I also chair the Consumer User Forum on which Consumer Focus, Citizens Advice, Age Concern, Help the Aged, Which? and others are represented.

  Q38  Chair: Tell us about yourself. Who are you? Who sits on your board? How independent are you?

  Mr Smee: The Payments Council was a body set up in the aftermath of the OFT Payment Systems Task Force after discussion with Government and the OFT. It is chaired by an independent person. It has four independent directors and 11 bank directors. Its mission is to set the strategy for UK payments going forward and to preserve the integrity of the payments system.

  Q39  Chair: If a vote is needed it requires 70% in favour or 11 votes out of 15, does it not?

  Mr Smee: Yes, it does.

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Prepared 16 April 2010