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Written evidence submitted by Mr and Mrs P Sherratt

  As a pensioner I wish to object to the banks taking this action.

  My wife and I organise outings for a Society who are mainly retired people and send their booking form with cheque payment to us.

  If these people had to use electronic payment many would not do so and they would be deprived of their social outings by action of the greedy banks that as tax payers all their life have bailed them out.

  Otherwise cash would have to be sent by post which is unsafe.

  Even if the settlement was made electronically it would treble the time involved as our Treasurer would need to check daily what has been paid and then either phone or write to us saying who has paid whereas we receive the cheque and pass it to the Treasurer for banking.

  The Banks already charge for processing cheques so we do not see why they should cease the facility, not every old person has a computer. Indeed when we attempted to do e-mailing newsletters only 18% of membership had a computer, our membership is 478 so 392 are penalised.

  You may also consider that if the banks retain the cheque facility but increase the charges this is also penalising the pensioner many of whom are on very limited income.

  We all volunteer for the work we do for the Society.

February 2010

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Prepared 16 April 2010