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Written evidence submitted by the Heritage and History Group

  The following submission to the Treasury Committee concerns the proposal to abolish payment by cheque.

  We write on behalf of the Heritage and History Group which is based in Penarth, south Wales. We arrange 12 events each year, all of which require many transactions by cheque.

  In an average year we receive 450-500 cheques from members (most of whom are pensioners) to pay for attendance at events, plus annual subscriptions to the Group. In turn, the Group pays by cheque each month for one-off items including coach hire, hire of hall or other venue for talks, fee to speaker, entrance fee to destination(s) such as historic houses and gardens, and catering services. Our annual expenditure is almost £8,000.

  This modest amount may not be significant from the point of view of HSBC (our bank), but it would make a lot more work for all concerned if these transactions had to be made in cash, as well as raising issues of security and safety. Electronic transactions are not generally feasible for our purposes.

  I am sure it will be understood that for a Group such as ours, cheques are a very convenient and practical method of payment. We strongly urge the Payments Council to reconsider any proposal to abolish the use of cheques.

February 2010

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Prepared 16 April 2010