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Written evidence submitted by Mr S R Jones

  Press reports say that you are holding an inquiry into the proposal to abolish the cheque payments system in the UK by 2018. I am not clear whether you will accept submissions from ordinary people but in case you will here is mine.

  The UK Payments Council, which by its nature is driven by the UK Banking Industry, has decided that cheques re to go by 2018 because they say, use of cheques is in terminal decline. The banks that I deal with tell me that, at present, there is no workable alternative to the cheque but that there will be by 2018.

  An obvious difficulty would seem to be how will a private individual transfer money to another? At present the cheque is an easy and simple way of doing it. I can fill out the cheque at home, put it in an envelope and post it—what could be more straightforward?

  I am the Treasurer of a small group of maritime enthusiasts. Our helpers, friends and members all pay their dues and demands by cheque. If there cannot be an equally simple, non electronic system, then I guess we will fold up.

  It seems to me that the banks have decided that cheques are too much of a bother. They will devise another way which will almost certainly be electronically based and those who cannot access it will be of no concern to the banking industry.

  Further I would say, that many small businesses and countless large and small charities will suffer if this scheme goes ahead. That cannot be a fair or reasonable outcome in our democracy, just because the bankers have so decided.

  I do hope that your committee will be able to ensure that the simple, easy and very convenient cheque system continues so that those of us who use it may continue to do so.

March 2010

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Prepared 16 April 2010