Advantage West Midlands Annual Report and Accounts 2008-09 - West Midlands Regional Committee Contents

Memorandum from West Midlands Higher Education Association (AWM 06)

  I am writing in relation to the West Midlands Regional Committee looking into the work of Advantage West Midlands, and the impact on the West Midlands region.

  The West Midlands Higher Education Association (WMHEA) has worked closely with AWM to develop business focussed projects that open up the region's knowledge base. These build on the significant strengths of the WM HEIs.

  The WM HEIs have worked in partnership with AWM to develop proposals to deliver ERDF investments, as well as those that draw funding from the single pot, and these have been develop as part of a wider regional strategy that ensure business connectivity.

  In addition, the WM HEIs welcome the engagement that AWM has had around the higher skills agenda, and the positive steps it has made towards better linkage between business support and HEIs.

  AWM has taken a particular lead in the recent economic downturn, and has worked very closely with partners to re-target activity and support business through these tough times. As well as looking at sector based support, AWM has also worked closely with the HEIs on graduate focussed assistance, meaning the region has led the way on thinking in this area.

  When necessary, AWM has taken bold decisions and shown strategic leadership, making investments such as the Manufacturing Technology Centre, the Serious Games Institute and the Worcester City University Quarter possible.

Professor Madeleine Atkins,

Chair and Vice-Chancellor, Coventry University

9 December 2009

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