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Weekly Information Bulletin: 21st November 2009

Select Committees:
Publications received since the last Bulletin

All publications are available from The Stationery Office. Contact details are shown on the back cover of this Bulletin.

HC numbers refer to House of Commons papers session 2009-10 unless otherwise stated.

Cm numbers refer to papers in the Command series.

HLP numbers refer to House of Lords papers.

Select Committee Reports (Section B) are available on the parliamentary website.

NAO & NIAO Reports are the forerunner of Public Accounts Committee inquiries.

(A) Select Committee Evidence

Date Received
Committee Subject Witnesses
Date Heard Paper No and ISBN Price
13.11 Health Social Care
Written evidence
HC 1021
0215 542052
18.11 Home Affairs Future of the Forensic Science Service
Oral and written evidence
Bill Griffiths
Mike Sparham
Peter Middleman
7.7 HC 863-i
0215 542137
18.11 Home Affairs The Detention of Children in the Immigration System
Oral and written evidence
Mr Ali Soyei
Ms Amanda Shah
Mr Dave Wood
Sir Al Aynsley-Green
16.9 HC 970-i
0215 542083
18.11 Home Affairs The E-Borders Programme
Oral and written evidence
Mr Tim Reardon
Mr John Powell
Mr Eddie Redfern
Mr Marc Noaro
30.6 HC 817-i
0215 542106
11.11 Scottish Affairs Scottish transport links and the credit crunch
Oral and written evidence
Lord Adonis
Mr Robert Boyle
Mr Alec McTavish
21.4.09 HC 412-i
0215 541994
17.11 Work and Pensions DWP's response to the economic downturn
Oral and written evidence
Mr John Philpott
Mr Gerwyn Davies
Rt Hon James Purnell MP
Mr Adam Sharples
14.1 HC 147-i
0215 542120
17.11 Work and Pensions Fuel Poverty
Oral and written evidence
Mr David Kidney MP
Ms Pam Wynne
Helen Goodman MP
24.6 HC 752-i
0215 542113

(B) Select Committee Reports

Date Received
Committee Subject
HC Paper and ISBN

18.11 Home Affairs 14th, The work of the Serious Organised Crime Agency
HC 730
0215 542069
12.11 Joint Committee on Human Rights
27th, Retention, use and destruction of biometric data: correspondence with Government HL Paper 182
HC 1113
010 8458989

(B) Select Committee Reports (con't)

Date Received
Committee Subject
HC Paper and ISBN

18.11 Regulatory Reform 10th, Draft Legislative Reform (Revocation of Prescribed Form of Penalty Notice for Disorderly Behaviour) Order 2009
HC 1108
0215 542144
17.11 Select Committee on Statutory Instruments
5th, Report of Session 2008-09 HC 4-v
0215 542090
17.11 Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments
25th, Report of Session 2008-09 HL Paper 184
HC 3-xxv
010 8459009
16.11 Treasury
16th, The Committee's Opinion on proposals for European financial supervision
HC 1088
0215 542076

(C) Government Responses to Select Committee Reports

Date Received
Committee Details of Original Report
HC Paper or Cm No of response

19.11 North West Regional
1st, The impact of the current economic situation on the North West and the Government's response [HC 696] HC 675
0215 542151

(D) National Audit Office (NAO): Northern Ireland Audit Office (NIAO)

Date Received
Paper No and ISBN Price

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