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Weekly Information Bulletin: 28th November 2009

Select Committees:
Publications received since the last Bulletin

All publications are available from The Stationery Office. Contact details are shown on the back cover of this Bulletin.

HC numbers refer to House of Commons papers session 2009-10 unless otherwise stated.

Cm numbers refer to papers in the Command series.

HLP numbers refer to House of Lords papers.

Select Committee Reports (Section B) are available on the parliamentary website.

NAO & NIAO Reports are the forerunner of Public Accounts Committee inquiries.

(A) Select Committee Evidence

Date Received
Committee Subject Witnesses
Date Heard Paper No and ISBN Price
20.11 Home Affairs Missing unaccompanied asylum-seeking children
Oral and written evidence
Mr Martin Houghton-Brown
Mr Julian Wooster
7.7 HC 729-i
0215 542182

(B) Select Committee Reports

Date Received
Committee Subject
HC Paper and ISBN

20.11 European Scrutiny 33rd Report of Session 2008-09 HC 19-xxxi
0215 542168
24.11 House of Commons Reform
1st, Rebuilding the House HC 1117
0215 542175
20.11 Joint Committee on Human Rights
25th, Children's Rights HC 318 &
HL 157
010 8458996
26.11 Joint Committee on Human Rights
28th, Legislative Scrutiny: Child Poverty bill HC 1114
HL 183
010 8459047
25.11 Speaker's Conference (on Parliamentary Representation)
2nd Interim Report HC 63-I
0215 542229
26.11 Standards and Privileges
1st, David Tredinnick HC 66
0215 542236
26.11 Standards and Privileges
2nd, Implementing the 12th Report from the Committee on Standards in Public Life
HC 67
0215 542250
26.11 Treasury 1st, Proposals for European financial supervision: further report HC 37
0215 542243

(C) Government Responses to Select Committee Reports

Date Received
Committee Details of Original Report
HC Paper or Cm No of response

23.11 Joint Committee on the Draft Bribery Bill
Draft Bribery Bill Report [HC 430-I & HL 115-I] Cm 7748
010 1774826

(D) National Audit Office (NAO): Northern Ireland Audit Office (NIAO)

Date Received
Paper No and ISBN Price

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