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Weekly Information Bulletin: 5th December 2009

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7 - 11 December 2009

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Monday 7 December


Tuesday 8 December

Economic Affairs
Subject: Private Finance Projects and off-balance sheet debt
Witnesses: Adrian Olsen, Bank of Ireland; Philip Turville, RBC Capital Markets; Adrian Ewer, CEO of John Laing; David Metter, CEO of Innisfree and chair PPP Forum; and Paul Davies, PricewaterhouseCoopers UK.


Wednesday 9 December

Science and Technology
Subject: Setting Science and Technology Research Funding Priorities
Witnesses: Professor Sandy Thomas, Head of Foresight; Professor Chris Gaskell, Defra's Science Advisory Council; Nick Dusic, Director, Campaign for Science and Engineering; and Professor Geoffrey Boulton, General Secretary, Royal Society of Edinburgh.


EU Sub-Committee F: Home Affairs
Subject: EU policy on protecting Europe from large-scale cyber-attacks
Witnesses: Ilias Chantzos, Director of Government Relations, Symantec (UK) Ltd, and Dr Jose Nazario, Manager of security research, Arbor Networks.

EU Sub-Committee D: Environment and Agriculture
Subject: The Adaptation of Agriculture and Forestry to Climate Change: The EU Policy Response
Witnesses: Mr. William Worsley, President and Professor Allan Buckwell, Policy Director, Country Land and Business Association.

EU Sub-Committee E: Law and Institutions
Subject: The EU's Regulation on Succession
Witnesses: Mr Jonathan Faull, Director General of Justice, Freedom and Security at the European Commission, via videolink.


Thursday 10 December

EU Sub-Committee G: Social Policy and Consumer Affairs
Subject: The European Social Fund
Witnesses: The South West Regional Development Agency.


Friday 11 December


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