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Weekly Information Bulletin
Weekly Information Bulletin: 23rd January 2010

Presentation and Publication of Public Bills and Acts
18 - 22 January 2010

Presentation of Bills (not yet published by Parliament)

Date Title and type of Bill Bill No.
18.1 Pedicabs (P) 33
19.1 Health and Safety (Company Director Liability) (T) 51
20.1 Digital Heritage (T) 52

Bills published after presentation

Date Title and type of Bill
Bill No. ISBN Price £

Receiving Royal Assent

Date Title

Ch No.
21.1 Video Recordings Act 2010 1
21.1 Beverley Freeman Act 2010 i

Acts published after Royal Assent date

Date Title
Ch No. ISBN Price £

Public and General Acts 2009 - 2010

Date of


Ch No.


Price £

Church of England Measures

Date Title
ISBN Price £

Publication of Bills and Acts on the Internet

Public/Private Bills before ParliamentChurch of England Measures
Full text of Public General Acts since 1988Full text of Local Acts since 1991

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