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Weekly Information Bulletin: 13th February 2010
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The Week Ahead:
22 - 26 February 2010

Date Commons Chamber General Committees Select Committees Lords Chamber Lords Select Committees

22 Feb

OPQ - Defence, including Topical Questions

Debate - on the Reform of the House of Commons Committee Report, HC 111, Rebuilding the House

Adj - Total Place programme in High Peak


London Regional

South West Regional


Public Accounts

Oral Questions

Legislation - Third Parties (Rights against Insurers) Bill [HL] - Third reading

Legislation - Personal Care at Home Bill

EU Sub-Committee B


23 Feb

OPQ - Health, including Topical Questions

Ten Minute Rule - Rental Accommodation (Thermal Insulation Standards)

Legislation - Children, Schools and Families Bill

Adj - Myalgic encephalopathy

RGC - [E of England] Regional Strategy

PBC - Crime and Security Bill

1st DLC - Draft Access to the Countryside ... Order 2010

2nd DLC - Draft CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme Order 2010

3rd DLC - Draft Representation of the People (Scotland) ... Regulations 2010

4th DLC - Draft Environmental Permitting ... Regulations 2010

5th DLC - Draft Jobseeker's Allowance (Lone Parents) (Availability for Work)

6th - Draft Health Protection ... (Local Authority Powers) and the Draft Health and Social Care Act 2008 ... Order 2010

ECB - European Union Documents Nos. 9494/09 ... and 15162/09 ...Council on Alternative Investment Fund Managers


Environmental Audit

Home affairs

International Development

North West Regional

South East Regional


Oral Questions

Legislation - Financial Services Bill



24 Feb

OPQ - Scotland; Prime Minister

Ten Minute Rule - Public Bodies (Procurement of Seafood)

Adj - Beam Park West prison site

PBC - Marriages (Wales) Bill

7th DLC - Draft Immigration and Nationality (Fees) Regulations 2010 and the draft Immigration (Leave to Enter and Remain) (Amendment) Order 2010

8th DLC - Draft Special Annual Allowance Charge (Variation of Rate) Order 2010

9th DLC - Draft Social Security (Loss of Benefit) Amendment Regulations 2010

Energy and Climate Change


International Development

Science and Technology

Children, schools and Families

Foreign Affairs

European Scrutiny

Treasury Sub-Committee


London Regional

Public Accounts

Issue of Privilege (Police Searches)

Oral Questions

Legislation - Northern Ireland Assembly Members Bill [HL] - Third reading

Legislation - Flood and Water Management Bill - Second reading

Legislation - Financial Services Bill



25 Feb

OPQ - Energy and Climate Change, including Topical Questions

Business Statement

Debate - Welsh Affairs

Adj - E.ON call centre in Rayleigh

PBC - Crime and Security Bill


Public Administration

Oral Questions

Oral Questions to the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills

Debate - Enhancing the means available to the House of Lords to scrutinise legislation and public policy

Debate - Cuts to higher and further education funding

EU Sub-Committee C


26 Feb

The House will not be sitting



The House will not be sitting


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Prepared 13 February 2010