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Weekly Information Bulletin: 27th February 2010

Business of the House of Commons
22 - 26 February

Monday 22 February

The House sat at 2.30pm

Oral Questions - Defence, including Topical Questions

Speaker's Statement - on a matter of privilege - Mr Speaker

Urgent Question - British Passports (Dubai) - Chris Bryant

Statement - Prisons (Early release) - Jack Straw

Debate - on the Reform of the House of Commons Committee Report, HC 111, Rebuilding the House

Adjournment - Total Place programme in High Peak - Tom Levitt

The House rose at 10.35pm

Tuesday 23 February

The House sat in Westminster Hall between 9.30am-2.00pm

Westminster Hall Private Members' Debates -

09.30-11.00Pensioner poverty - Jo Swinson
11.00-12.30Future of the British pub - Mr Nigel Evans
12.30-13.00Support for UK manufacturing industries - Mr Michael Moore
13.00-13.30Foreign registered lorries - Mr Austin Mitchell
13.30-14.00Road traffic accident compensation and sentencing - Mr Rob Wilson

The House sat at 2.30pm

Oral Questions - Health, including Topical Questions

Speaker's Statement - presentation of Public Petitions - Mr Speaker

Ten Minute Rule Motion - Rental Accommodation (Thermal Insulation Standards) - Tony Lloyd (Bill presented and read the first time)

Legislation - Children, Schools and Families Bill - remaining stages (As amended, considered; read the Third time and passed)

Adjournment - Myalgic encephalopathy - Annette Brook

The House rose at 10.48pm

Wednesday 24 February

The House sat in Westminster Hall between 9.30-5.00pm

Westminster Hall Private Members' Debates -

09.30-11.00Maximum workplace temperature - John McDonnell
11.00-11.30Transport in South East London - Clive Efford
14.30-16.00Property taxation - Andrew George
16.00-16.30Proposed changes to the Hastings line rail service - Gregory Barker
16.30-17.00UK relations with Mongolia - Mr John Grogan

The House sat at 11.30am

Oral Questions - Scotland; Prime Minister

Statement - Child Migration - Prime Minister

Statement - Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust - Andy Burnham

Ten Minute Rule Motion - Public Bodies (Procurement of Seafood) - Mr David Drew (Bill presented and read the

First time)

Legislation - Energy Bill - remaining stages (Bill considered; read the Third time and passed)

Motion - Alternative Investment Fund Managers (agreed on division)

Adjournment - Beam Park West prison site - Jon Cruddas

The House rose at 7.44pm

Thursday 25 February

The House sat in Westminster Hall between 2.30pm and 5.00pm

Westminster Hall - a debate on the 8th Report from the Transport Committee , Session 2008-09, Rail Fares and Franchises, HC 233, and the Government's response, HC 1004, Session 2008-09

The House sat at 10.30am

Oral Questions - Energy and Climate Change, including Topical Questions

Business Statement - Leader of the House

Debate - Welsh Affairs

Adjournment - E.ON call centre in Rayleigh - Mr Mark Francois

The House rose at 6.28pm

Friday 26 February

Private members Bills -

Legislation - Debt Relief (Developing Countries) Bill - Andrew Gwynne (2R)

Legislation - Sustainable Communities Act 2007 (Amendment) Bill - Alistair Burt (2R)

Legislation - Lisbon Treaty (Referendum) Bill - Mr Nigel Dodds (2R)

Legislation - European Union Membership (Referendum) Bill - Mr Douglas Carswell (2R)

Legislation - Land Use (Gardens Protection Etc.) Bill - Mr Andrew Dismore (2R)

Legislation - British Museum Act 1963 (Amendment) Bill - Mr Andrew Dismore (2R)

Legislation - Video Recordings (Exemption from Classification) Bill - Mr Andrew Dismore (2R)

Legislation - Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (Amendment) Bill - Simon Hughes (Deb adj: 39.01.09; 2R)

Legislation - Development on Flood Plains (Environment Agency Powers) Bill - Bob Spink (2R)

Legislation - Employers Liability Insurance Bureau Bill - Mr Andrew Dismore (Resumed 2R)

Legislation - Contaminated Blood (Support for Infected and Bereaved Persons) Bill [HL] (L) - Edward O'Hara (2R)

Legislation - Mortgage Repossessions (Protection of Tenants Etc.) Bill - Dr Brian Iddon (Report stage)

Adjournment - Self care for minor ailments - Dr Howard Stoate

The Weekly Information Bulletin went to press before the House rose

Written Ministerial Statements
22 - 26 February 2010

22.2.10Council for Financial Stability - Mr Alistair Darling
22.2.10Tax Information Exchange Agreement - Mr Stephen Timms
22.2.10Fraudulent Use of Passports (Investigation) - Alan Johnson
22.2.10UK Border Agency Strategy - Mr Phil Woolas
22.2.10Accommodation and Support Service - Maria Eagle
22.2.10Informal European Council - 11 February 2010 - Mr Gordon Brown
22.2.10Revised Code for Crown Prosecutors - Vera Baird
22.2.10Informal Meeting of EU Transport Ministers - Mr Sadiq Khan
23.2.10Departmental Expenditure Limits - Mr Pat McFadden
23.2.10UK Trade and Investment (Department of Expenditure Limits) - Ian Lucas
23.2.10Departmental Expenditure Limits - Tessa Jowell
23.2.10UK Statistics Authority (DEL) - Angela E Smith
23.2.10Charity Commission (DEL) - Angela E Smith
23.2.10Joint Advisory Committee for Qualifications Approval - Mr Iain Wright
23.2.10Departmental Expenditure Limits - Ed Balls
23.2.10Government Actuary's Department (DEL) - Ian Pearson
23.2.10HM Revenue and Customs (DEL) - Mr Stephen Timms
23.2.10National Savings and Investments (DEL) - Sarah McCarthy-Fry
23.2.10Departmental Expenditure Limits - Sarah McCarthy-Fry
23.2.10Departmental Expenditure Limits - Mr John Denham
23.2.10Departmental Expenditure Limits - Mr Ben Bradshaw
23.2.10MOD Votes A Annual Estimate 2010-11 - Mr Bob Ainsworth
23.2.10Departmental Expenditure Limits - Mr Bob Ainsworth
23.2.10Departmental Expenditure Limits - Edward Miliband
23.2.10Evidence Investment Strategy - Dan Norris
23.2.10Departmental Expenditure Limits - Dan Norris
23.2.10Hong Kong - David Miliband
23.2.10Departmental Expenditure Limits - David Miliband
23.2.10Sri Lanka - David Miliband
23.2.10Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease - Andy Burnham
23.2.10Departmental Expenditure Limits - Mr Mike O'Brien
23.2.10Departmental Expenditure Limits - Alan Johnson
23.2.10EU Development Ministers Meeting (Segovia) - Mr Gareth Thomas
23.2.10Departmental Expenditure Limits - Mr Douglas Alexander
23.2.10Departmental Expenditure Limits - Mr Jack Straw
23.2.10Department Expenditure Limits - Mr Shaun Woodward
23.2.10Department Expenditure Limits - Mr Jim Murphy
23.2.10Departmental Expenditure Limits - Vera Baird
23.2.10Departmental Expenditure Limits - Mr Sadiq Khan
23.2.10Departmental Expenditure Limits - Mr Peter Hain
23.2.10Government Equalities Office (DEL) - Maria Eagle
23.2.10Departmental Expenditure Limits - Yvette Cooper
24.2.10Capital Distributions - Mr Stephen Timms
24.2.10ECOFIN - Mr Alistair Darling
24.2.10Financial Stability Update - Sarah McCarthy-Fry
24.2.10Schedule 7 of the Counter-terrorism Act 2008 - Sarah McCarthy-Fry
24.2.10Special Educational Needs - Ed Balls
24.2.10General GLA Grant (2010-11) - Barbara Follett
24.2.10War Pensions (Uprating) - Mr Kevan Jones
24.2.10Justice and Home Affairs Council - Meg Hillier
24.2.10European Parliament - Mr Michael Wills
24.2.10Advisory Panel on Judicial Diversity - Mr Jack Straw
24.2.10A Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland - Mr Shaun Woodward
24.2.10Eurostar - Mr Sadiq Khan
24.2.10Urban Congestion Performance Fund - Mr Sadiq Khan
25.2.10EU Competitiveness Council - Ian Lucas
25.2.10EU Education Council - Mr. Iain Wright
25.2.10Nutrition Action Plan Delivery Board - Phil Hope
25.2.10Identity Commissioner - Alan Johnson
25.2.10Parole Board Chair - Mr. Jack Straw
25.2.10Office for Judicial Complaints - Mr. Jack Straw
25.2.10Pleural Plaques - Mr. Jack Straw
25.2.10Final Policy on Prosecuting Cases of Encouraging and Assisting Suicide - Vera Baird
25.2.10Bus, Coach and Tram Passenger Champion - Mr. Sadiq Khan
25.2.10Exportability of Disability Benefits - Jonathan Shaw
25.2.10Lump Sum Mesothelioma Sufferers - Yvette Cooper
25.2.10Right to Control (Trailblazer Sites) - Yvette Cooper

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Prepared 27 February 2010