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Weekly Information Bulletin: 13th March 2010
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The Week Ahead:
15 - 19 March 2010

Date Commons Chamber General Committees Select Committees Lords Chamber Lords Select Committees

15 Mar

OPQ - Work and Pensions, including Topical Questions

Debate - Defence in the world

Adj - Stroke services in North Yorkshire

1st DLC - Draft Representation of the People...NI Order 2010, the Draft European Parliamentary Elections ...NI Regulations 2010 and the Draft Electoral Law Act ...NI Order 2010

2nd DLC - Draft Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 ...Order 2010, the Draft Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 ... Regulations 2010 and the Draft Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 ... Order 2010

3rd DLC - Draft Commons Councils ... Regulations 2010

Communities and Local Government

Public Accounts

Oral Questions

Legislation - Financial Services Bill - Committee of the whole House (Day 2)

Legislation - Digital Economy Bill [HL] - Third reading



16 Mar

OPQ - Treasury, including Topical Questions

Ten Minute Rule - Illegally Logged Timber (Prohibition of Retail, Wholesale and Distribution)

Debate - Opposition Day (6th allotted day) - i) The Government's Handling of Equitable Life; ii) Access to Higher Education

Adj - Pot holes and road maintenance

PBC - Bribery Bill [HL]

PBC - Third Parties (Rights Against Insurers) Bill [HL]

4th DLC - Draft Concessionary Bus Travel Act 2007 ... Order 2010

5th DLC - Draft Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations 2010

6th DLC - Draft Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act 1996 ...Order 2010

7th DLC - Draft National Assembly for Wales ... Order 2010

8th DLC - Draft Environmental Civil Sanctions (England) Order 2010 and ... Regulations 2010

Business, Innovation and Skills


Home affairs

Public Accounts Commission

Oral Questions

Legislation - Rehabilitation of Offenders (Amendment) Bill [HL] - Third reading

Debate - Privileges Committee Report on the Guide to the Code of Conduct; House Committee Report on the Rules Governing the Use of Facilities

Debate - Procedure Committee Second and Third Reports

Economic Affairs


17 Mar

OPQ - Wales; Prime Minister

Ten Minute Rule - Organ and Tissue Donation (Mandated Choice)

Legislation - Cluster Munitions (Prohibitions) Bill [HL] - Second reading

Adj - Use of personal oxygen on public transport

9th DLC - Draft Criminal Defence ... Regulations 2010 and the Draft Criminal Defence Service ...Regulations 2010

10th DLC - Draft Additional Paternity Leave ... Regulations 2010, the Draft Additional Statutory Paternity Pay ... Regulations 2010, and the Draft Employment Rights Act ...Regulations

11th DLC - Draft Child Benefit Up-rating Order, the Draft Guardian's Allowance Up-rating NI Order , the Draft Guardian's Allowance Up-rating Order and the Draft Tax Credits Up-rating Regulations 2010

Culture, Media and Sport

Environment, Food and Rural Affairs


Public Accounts

Oral Questions

Legislation - Consolidated Fund Bill - all stages

Legislation - Personal Care at Home Bill - Report stage

Legislation - Child Poverty Bill - Third reading

Legislation - Taxation (International and Other Provisions) Bill - Third reading

EU Sub-Committee F


18 Mar

OPQ - Transport, including Topical Questions; Women and Equality

Business Statement

Debate - The Intelligence and Security Committee (Annual Report)

Adj - Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

PBC - Bribery Bill [HL]


Oral Questions

Debate - The British Humanist Association's reports Quality and Equality: Human Rights, Public Services and Religious Organisations and The Case for Secularism: A Neutral State in an Open Society

Debate - Culture as a front-line service



19 Mar

The House will not be sitting



The House will not be sitting


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