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Notices of Amendments


given on


Friday 16 July 2010


Committee of the whole House


Academies Bill [Lords]


Caroline Lucas




Clause  1,  page  2,  line  1,  leave out paragraph (a) and insert—



the school follows the National Curriculum;’.


Reversion of Academies to maintained status


Caroline Lucas




To move the following Clause:—



This section applies to any former maintained school which has been converted


into an Academy under section 4.



The governing body must make arrangements for the holding of a ballot of


parents under this section if at least 10 per cent of the parents of pupils at the


Academy request it to do so.



The purpose of a ballot under this section is to determine whether the parents of


pupils at the Academy want the Academy to be converted into a maintained





If the result of the ballot is in favour of conversion, the Secretary of State must—



revoke the Academy order, and



take such other steps as he considers necessary to convert the Academy


into a maintained school.’.


Caroline Lucas




Page  7,  line  35,  leave out Clause 12.


Caroline Lucas




Clause  12,  page  8,  line  5,  leave out subsection (4).


Notices of Amendments: 16 July 2010                     



Academies Bill [Lords] continued


Caroline Lucas




Clause  5,  page  4,  line  11,  leave out ‘such’ and insert—



the local education authority,



the teachers at the school,



the pupils,



the pupils’ parents,



such persons as in their opinion represent the wider community, and



such other’.


Caroline Lucas




Clause  10,  page  7,  line  14,  leave out ‘such’ and insert—



the local education authority for the area in which the additional school


is (or is proposed to be) situated,



the teachers at maintained schools, Academies and institutions within the


further education sector in that area,



the pupils at any establishment falling within paragraph (b),



the parents of those pupils,



such persons as, in the opinion of the person undertaking the


consultation, represent the wider community, and



such other’.


Caroline Lucas




Clause  1,  page  2,  line  21,  at end insert—



Academy arrangements must also include terms imposed for the purpose of


securing that the person with whom the Secretary of State has entered into


Academy arrangements, and persons nominated by or connected with that person,


hold no more than a quarter of the places on the governing body of the school.’.


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