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Tuesday 14 September 2010


Public Bill Committee Proceedings


Superannuation Bill


[First and Second Sittings]


Mr Nick Hurd


Agreed to





the Committee shall (in addition to its first meeting at 10.30 am on Tuesday


14 September) meet—



at 4.00 pm on Tuesday 14 September;



at 9.00 am and 1.00 pm on Thursday 16 September;



the Committee shall hear oral evidence in accordance with the following










Tuesday 14

Until no later

Cabinet Office; Hay Group



than 12 noon


Tuesday 14

Until no later

Mercer; Keith Bradford (Member



than 1.00 pm

of the CBI Employment Policy


Committee); Chartered Institute of


Personnel and Development


Tuesday 14

Until no later

Council of Civil Service Unions;



than 5.15 pm

Prospect; FDA


Tuesday 14

Until no later

Fiona Draper (Independent



than 6.30 pm

Consultant); Public and


Commercial Services Union



the proceedings shall (so far as not previously concluded) be brought to a


conclusion at 5.00 pm on Thursday 16 September.



Public Bill Committee Proceedings: 14 September 2010      



Superannuation Bill, continued


Mr Nick Hurd


That, subject to the discretion of the Chair, any written evidence received by the


Committee shall be reported to the House for publication.


Agreed to


Mr Nick Hurd


That, at this and any subsequent meeting at which oral evidence is to be heard, the


Committee shall sit in private until the witnesses are admitted.


Agreed to




The following witnesses gave oral evidence:


Dusty Amroliwala, Director, Civil Service Workforce, and Peter Boreham, UK Head of Executive


Reward, Hay Group;


Keith Bradford, Human Resources Director at AMEC, CBI, David Wreford, Partner, Mercer and


Charles Cotton, CIPD Public Policy and HR Practice Development Adviser, Performance and Re­


ward, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development;


Charles Cochrane, Secretary, Council of Civil Service Unions, Neil Walsh, Pensions Officer,


Prospect, Dai Hudd, Deputy General Secretary, Prospect, Dave Penman, Head of Operations,


FDA and Karen Bell, Prospect Member;


Fiona Draper, Independent Consultant, Geoff Lewtas, Director of Policy and Research, PCS, and


Ian Barton and Stephen Ennis, PCS Members.



[Adjourned until Thursday 16 September at 9.00 am

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