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Tuesday 14 September 2010


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Committee of the whole House


Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Bill


Andrew George




Clause  9,  page  8,  line  24,  at end insert—



A Boundary Commission must ensure that constituencies are wholly within a


principal local authority area when the following support such a proposition:



The principal local authority:



All sitting Members of Parliament representing constituencies wholly or


partially within that area;



Two thirds of all civil parish and town councils or parish meetings within


that area who express an opinion;



and where the Commission is satisfied from its own soundings amongst the


electorate and the business and voluntary sectors that this preference is widely




Andrew George




Clause  9,  page  7,  line  32,  at end insert—



This rule is subject to an independent assessment of the Boundary Commission


as to the potential electorate within any area where the Commission, having





the Electoral Commission,



the Registration Officer of the local authority or authorities in that area,



such other organisations and individuals whom the Boundary


Commission may choose to consult,



determine that the difference between the registered electorate and the assessed


numbers eligible to be registered is so significant as to give rise to concern about


the number of people to be served within such constituencies as would otherwise


be created by rule 2(1) above.’.


Notices of Amendments: 14 September 2010                



Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Bill, continued


Proportional Represenation in Parliament


Andrew George




To move the following Clause:—



Members of the House of Commons shall have weighted representation in the


House of Commons in respect of each parliamentary vote which a Minister has


announced in the House of Commons shall be a whipped vote.



The weighted vote of each Member shall be determined by the number of votes


cast for the party they stood for at the time of the last general election divided by


the number of parliamentary seats gained by that party in accordance with the


equation below:
equation: over[char[V],char[E]]



where V is the total number of first preference votes (under the alternative vote


system) or votes (under the first past the post system) and S is the number of


parliamentary seats secured by the party at the general election.



For the purposes of this clause a political party is as defined in the Political


Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000.



Any Member of Parliament elected to the House of Commons at times other than


a general election will be assumed to have an unweighted single vote.



An unweighted single vote shall be defined by the following equation
equation: over[times[char[T],char[V]],times[char[T],char[S]]]



where TV is the total number of votes cast in the general election and TS is the


total number of parliamentary seats represented in the House of Commons


following the general election.



On those occasions when the Governement determine that the matter which may


divide the House of Commons is not a whipped vote, the weighting of votes shall


not apply.



If any Member of Parliament decides no longer to take the whip of the political


party for which they are elected at the preceding election their vote shall be


whichever is the less of—



the weighting of the party whip they adopt; and



an unweighted single vote.’.


Andrew George




Clause  9,  page  8,  line  39,  at end insert—


‘Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly


6A  (1)  

All parts of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly must be included in a constituency


which is wholly in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.



Rule 2 does not apply in relation to any such constituency.



The electorate of any constituency in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly shall be:



no less than 95% of the Cornwall and Scilly electoral quota; and



no more than 105% of that quota.


Notices of Amendments: 14 September 2010                



Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Bill, continued



The “ Cornwall and Scilly electoral quota” means C/E where C is the electorate


of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly and E is the number of parliamentary


constituencies which the Commission has determined should be allocated to


Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.’.


Andrew George




Clause  9,  page  7,  line  33,  after ‘6(2)’, insert ‘6A(2)’.


Andrew George




Clause  9,  page  8,  line  11,  after ‘kilometres’, insert ‘including the area of sea, where


the constituency includes off-shore islands’.


Andrew George




Clause  9,  page  7,  line  28,  leave out ‘600’ and insert ‘500’.


Mr Christopher Chope




Clause  9,  page  7,  line  35,  leave out

Uand insertU


Andrew George




Clause  16,  page  13,  line  3,  at end insert—



Part 2 of this Act shall come into force if more votes are cast in the referendum


under Part 1 of the Act in favour of the answer “Yes” than in favour of the answer




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