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Notices of Amendments: 7 October 2010                  



Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Bill, continued


Mr Graham Allen


Sheila Gilmore


Simon Hart


Tristram Hunt


Mrs Eleanor Laing


Sir Peter Soulsby


Mr Andrew Turner




Clause  10,  page  10,  leave out from line 39 to line 5 on page 11, and insert—


‘( )    

Where a Boundary Commission have provisionally determined to make


recommendations affecting any constituency—



they shall take such steps as they see fit to inform people in the


constituency of the effect of the proposed recommendations and that a


copy of the recommendations is open to inspection at a specified place


within the constituency,



they shall make available via their website, and if they see fit by other


means, copies of their proposed recommendations and information on


their effect, together with such information as they have on the number


of the electorate in every sub-division of every ward, electoral division


and electoral area in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, and



representations with respect to the proposed recommendations may be


made to the Commission by people whether in or outside any given


constituency during a specified period of 12 weeks, and the Commission


shall take into consideration any such representations duly made.’.


Mr John Baron




Clause  6,  page  4,  line  28,  after ‘No’, insert ‘and the number of votes cast in favour


of the answer “Yes” is greater than half of those eligible to vote.’.


Mr John Baron




Clause  6,  page  4,  line  34,  after ‘No’, insert ‘and the number of votes cast in favour


of the answer “Yes” is not greater than half of those eligible to vote.’.


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