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Notices of Amendments


given on


Thursday 28 October 2010


Public Bill Committee


Local Government Bill [Lords]


Mr Ben Bradshaw




Clause  2,  page  1,  line  14,  leave out subsection (2) and insert—



Subject to subsection (2A) this Act comes into force on such day as the Secretary


of State may by order appoint.



No order may be made under subsection (2) until the Secretary of State has made,


in respect of each area for which a relevant order had been made under section 7


of the 2007 Act, a budgetary and financial planning order.



A budgetary and financial planning order made under subsection (2A) shall


require the county council in the area concerned to provide the district council


periodically with budgetary and financial planning information including—



disaggregated expenditure and income data for the services it provides


and the activities it undertakes with the district council,



a fully disaggregated medium term financial plan for all its services and


activities within the district council.



A budgetary and financial planning order under subsection (2A) shall specify the


date by which the first information must be provided, and the frequency of


subsequent provision of information.



A budgetary and financial planning order under subsection (2A) shall be made by


statutory instrument.’.


Chris Williamson




Clause  1,  page  1,  line  3,  at beginning insert ‘Subject to subsection (1A)’.


Chris Williamson




Clause  1,  page  1,  line  5,  at end insert—



An order having the same effect as a relevant order (“a replacement order”) may


be made after the commencement of this Act.


Notices of Amendments: 28 October 2010                  



Local Government Bill-[ Lords], continued



The Secretary of State shall, within three years of the coming into force of this


Act, publish the criteria that will need to be satisfied before a replacement order


may be made.’.


Independent report: principal authorities


Chris Williamson




To move the following Clause:—



The Secretary of State shall lay before Parliament an independent report not


earlier than one and not later than two years after the coming into force of this





The report shall cover the operations of principal authorities that could, save for


section 1(1), be the subject of a relevant order.



The report shall cover the extent to which retaining the existing arrangements for


a principal authority is delivering value for money for each such principal





The provisions of the 2007 Act shall apply for the purposes of determining a


principal authority.’.


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