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given on


Monday 10 January 2011


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Consideration of Bill


National Insurance Contributions Bill


Chris Leslie


Mr David Hanson




Page  2,  line  2  [Clause  3],  leave out ‘50’ and insert ‘90’.


Chris Leslie


Mr David Hanson




Page  2,  line  2  [Clause  3],  at end insert ‘The National Audit Office shall report to


Parliament by the time of the 2011 Budget on the sum that would be required from the


product of additional rates in order for the health service allocation to grow in real terms


in every year.’.


Chris Leslie


Mr David Hanson




Page  2,  line  2  [Clause  3],  at end insert—



In section 162(1) of SSAA 1991 and section 142(1) of SSA(NI)A 1992, for


“appropriate health service allocation” substitute “health service allocation


necessary to ensure real terms annual growth in that allocation”.’.


Chris Leslie


Mr David Hanson




Page  3,  line  33  [Clause  5],  at end insert—



a charity (within the meaning of section 1 of the Charities Act 2006)’.


Chris Leslie


Mr David Hanson




Page  3,  line  28  [Clause  5],  after ‘profession’, insert ‘, social enterprise, charitable




Notices of Amendments: 10 January 2011                  



National Insurance Contributions Bill, continued


Chris Leslie


Mr David Hanson




Page  3,  line  40  [Clause  6],  at end insert—



a new business may choose to define as a single qualifying employee


several individuals working part-time where the work of those part-time


employees in aggregate comprises the equivalent of the work of a full-


time employee’.


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