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given on


Wednesday 8 December 2010


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Consideration of Bill


Terrorist Asset-Freezing Etc. Bill [Lords], As Amended


Dr Julian Huppert




Page  2,  line  1  [Clause  2],  after ‘believe’, insert ‘on the balance of probabilities’.


Dr Julian Huppert




Page  2,  line  27  [Clause  3],  at end insert—



explain, as fully as possible consistent with the public interest in non-


disclosure, the reasons why they are satisfied that the conditions in


section 2(1) are satisfied.’.


Dr Julian Huppert




Page  12  [Clause  25],  leave out lines 7 and 8.


Dr Julian Huppert




Page  13,  line  41  [Clause  28],  at end add—



In section 67(3) of the Counter-Terrorism Act 2008 (Rules of court about





in paragraph (c) after “that”, insert “subject to paragraph (ca) below”; and



after paragraph (c) insert—



that in relation to a final designation, the material


disclosed by the Treasury on which they rely is


sufficient to enable each designated person to give


effective instructions to a person appointed as a special


advocate to represent that party’s interests;”.’.


Dr Julian Huppert




Page  15,  line  25  [Clause  31],  at end insert—


Notices of Amendments: 8 December 2010                  



Terrorist Asset-Freezing Etc. Bill-[ [], continued


‘( )    

A person may not be appointed under subsection (1) unless—



the Secretary of State lays a report before both Houses of Parliament


which recommends the person and sets out the process by which he was





a Minister of the Crown tables a motion in both Houses to approve the


report laid under this subsection, and appoint the person, and



such a motion is agreed by a resolution of both Houses of Parliament.’.


Dr Julian Huppert




Page  15,  line  31  [Clause  31],  leave out ‘send the Treasury a’.


Dr Julian Huppert




Page  15,  line  32  [Clause  31],  after ‘report’, insert ‘to Parliament’.


Dr Julian Huppert




Page  15,  line  34  [Clause  31],  leave out subsection (4).


Dr Julian Huppert




Page  15,  line  37  [Clause  31],  at end add—


‘( )    

Appointment under subsection (1) shall be for a non-renewable term of five




Dr Julian Huppert




Page  29,  line  28  [Schedule  1],  at end insert—



leave out rule 79.2.’.


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