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given on


Tuesday 18 January 2011


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1319-34 and 1361


Committee of the whole House


European Union Bill


Secretary William Hague




Clause  5,  page  4,  line  24,  at end insert—


‘( )    

In relation to an Article 48(6) decision adopted by the European Council before


the day on which this section comes into force (“the commencement date”), the


condition in section 3(1)(a) is to be taken to be complied with if a statement under


this section is laid before Parliament before the end of the 2 months beginning


with the commencement date.’.


Secretary William Hague




Clause  6,  page  4,  line  36,  at end insert—



A Minister of the Crown may not give a notification, under Article 4 of Protocol


(No. 21) on the position of the United Kingdom and Ireland in respect of the area


of freedom, security and justice annexed to TEU and TFEU, which relates to


participation by the United Kingdom in a European Public Prosecutor’s Office or


an extension of the powers of that Office unless—



the notification has been approved by Act of Parliament, and



the referendum condition is met.’.


Secretary William Hague




Clause  6,  page  4,  line  39,  at end insert ‘and for the purposes of subsection (2A) as


references to a notification’.


Secretary William Hague




Clause  14,  page  10,  line  12,  leave out from ‘treaty’ to end of line 15 and insert ‘that


is subject to a requirement imposed by Part 1 of the European Union Act 2011


(restrictions on treaties and decisions relating to EU)’.


Notices of Amendments: 18 January 2011                  



European Union Bill, continued


Secretary William Hague




Schedule  1,  page  13,  leave out lines 15 to 22 and insert—



‘Chapter 2 of Title V (specific provisions on the common foreign and security




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