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given on


Monday 20 December 2010


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1257 and 1289


Consideration of Bill


Postal Services Bill, As Amended


Secretary Vince Cable




Page  6,  line  24  [Clause  11],  after ‘offices’, insert ‘in England, Wales, Scotland and


Northern Ireland’.


Secretary Vince Cable




Page  6,  line  40  [Clause  11],  at end insert—



The Secretary of State must give a copy of the report to—



the Scottish Ministers,



the Welsh Ministers, and



the Office of the First Minister and deputy First Minister in Northern




Secretary Vince Cable




Page  7,  line  34  [Clause  14],  leave out ‘premises’ and insert ‘any premises or




Secretary Vince Cable




Page  47,  line  12  [Clause  78],  at end insert—



As soon as practicable after agreeing to indemnify persons under this section, the


Secretary of State must lay a statement of the agreement before Parliament.’.


Secretary Vince Cable




Page  47,  line  23  [Clause  78],  at end insert—



If a sum has been paid out in consequence of an indemnity agreed to under this


section, the Secretary of State must lay a statement relating to that sum before




Notices of Amendments: 20 December 2010                  



Postal Services Bill, continued



as soon as practicable after the end of the financial year in which the sum


is paid out, and



if subsection (4) applies to the sum, as soon as practicable after the end


of each subsequent financial year in relation to which the repayment


condition has not been met.



The repayment condition is met in relation to a financial year if—



the whole of the sum has been repaid to the Secretary of State before the


beginning of the year, and



the company was not at any time during the year liable to pay interest on


amounts that became due in respect of the sum.’.


Secretary Vince Cable




Page  48,  line  20  [Clause  79],  leave out ‘thinks fit’ and insert ‘considers




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