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given on


Wednesday 9 March 2011


Committee of the whole House


Armed Forces Bill


Closure or realignment of Armed Forces bases


Thomas Docherty




To move the following Clause:—



Prior to commencing a programme of closure or realignment of Armed Forces


bases the Secretary of State must—



prepare a base closure report;



lay a copy of the report before Parliament.



The Secretary of State may not proceed with any realignment or closure of armed


forces bases without the approval of both Houses of Parliament.



In this section a “base closure report” is the recommendation of the Ministry of


Defence for the future Armed Forces basing requirements of the United Kingdom


and British Overseas Territories including the criteria used when reaching its


recommendations and the priority given to each criterion.



In this section an “Armed Forces base” is a base or series of installations


consisting of facilities necessary for the support of the British Army, Royal Navy


or Royal Air Force including security, communications, utilities, plants and


systems, or property for which the Armed Forces have responsibility.



In this section “realignment” means any action that alters the function of a base


or any action for the purpose of transitioning the base to serve another branch of


the Armed Forces.’.


Thomas Docherty




Title,  line  2,  after ‘Police’, insert ‘to provide for parliamentary control of proposals to


close or realign bases for the armed forces.’.



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