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Tuesday 15 February 2011


Select Committee Proceedings


Armed Forces Bill


[eighth and Ninth Sittings]


Gemma Doyle


Negatived on division  3


Clause  2,  page  2,  leave out lines 11 and 12 and insert—



‘The armed forces covenant report shall cover the following fields as they apply


to service people—












mental healthcare;



pensions and benefits;



employment and training;



support for reservists and their employers;



the running of the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme;



progress on armed forces rehabilitation services; and



other such fields as the External Reference Group may determine.’.


Mark Lancaster


Not called  1


Clause  2,  page  2,  line  12,  at end insert—



The armed forces covenant report must also include analysis of the effects of


membership, or former membership, of the reserve forces in such fields as the


Secretary of State may determine.’.


Gemma Doyle


Negatived on division  4


Clause  2,  page  2,  line  42,  leave out ‘Secretary of State’ and insert ‘External


Reference Group’.


Gemma Doyle


Not called  5


Clause  2,  page  2,  line  44,  at end add—



In this section “External Reference Group” shall mean an independently chaired


body of interested parties, appointed by the Cabinet Office, who represent the


armed forces, families, veterans and reservists community, to monitor progress


and hold departments to account in the delivery of government obligations arising


Select Committee Proceedings: 15 February 2011            



Armed Forces Bill, continued


from the Armed Forces Covenant. The External Reference Group will continue


to produce a publicly available Annual Report on the Military Covenant.’.


Mr Kevan Jones


Gemma Doyle


Negatived on division  6


Clause  2,  page  2,  line  44,  at end add—



The Secretary of State must by Order through Statutory Instrument establish a


written Military Covenant (henceforth referred to as “the Covenant”) which sets


out the definition of the word “covenant”, used in Clause 2, line 6 of the Armed


Forces Bill. The definition would set out the principles against which the annual


armed forces covenant report would be judged. No Order establishing the


definition of the term “covenant” shall be made unless a draft of the Order,


prepared after public consultation, has been laid before and approved by a


resolution of both Houses of Parliament. An Order to review the definition of the


term “covenant” would be made every five years and would not be passed unless


a draft of the Order, prepared after public consultation, has been laid before and


approved by a resolution of both Houses of Parliament.



In this section “public bodies” means—



United Kingdom government departments;



local authorities; and



National Health Service trusts.’.


Mr Kevan Jones


Gemma Doyle


Negatived on division  7


Clause  2,  page  2,  line  44,  at end add—



The existing network of Armed Forces Advocates will be extended through the


nomination of supporting advocates at regional and local level to ensure that local


authorities work together to identify and resolve issues in local policy or the


delivery of services that may affect service people.



In this section “Armed Forces Advocate” means a civil servant nominated to


resolve policy or legislative issues that may affect service people.’.


Mr Kevan Jones


Gemma Doyle


Negatived on division  8


Clause  2,  page  2,  line  44,  at end add—



The Parliamentary and Local Government Ombudsman shall have the duty to


investigate complaints from service personnel that a public body or local


authority has failed to meet the commitments outlined in the Covenant.’.


Clause Agreed to.


Clauses 3 to 23 Agreed to.



Select Committee Proceedings: 15 February 2011            



Armed Forces Bill, continued


Bob Russell


By leave withdrawn  9


Clause  24,  page  27,  line  18,  at end insert—



consult with stakeholders responsible for the enforcement of such bye-


laws, including the Ministry of Defence Police.’.


Clause Agreed to.


Clauses 25 to 33 Agreed to.


Schedules 1 to 5 Agreed to.


[Adjourned until Thursday at 10.00 am


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