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Public Bill Committee: 22 March 2011                  



Health and Social Care Bill, continued



any rules for which Monitor proposes to provide in the national tariff for


the variation in specified circumstances of prices specified in the national





any rules for which it proposes so to provide relating to the payment of


prices so specified.’.


Mr Simon Burns




Clause  105,  page  96,  line  36,  at end insert—


‘( )    

Any rules specified for the purposes of subsection (4A) are only such rules as the


Board considers should be so specified and—



as the Board and Monitor agree will be so specified, or



in default of agreement, as are determined by arbitration as being the


rules that will be so specified.’.


Mr Simon Burns




Clause  124,  page  110,  line  6,  at end insert—


‘( )    

Provision by virtue of subsection (3)(e) does not affect any other method of




Mr Simon Burns




Clause  129,  page  113,  line  40,  at end insert ‘(but this does not affect any other


method of recovery)’.


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