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given on


Tuesday 5 April 2011


Consideration of Bill


Education Bill


Tackling educational underachievement


Richard Fuller




To move the following Clause:—



The Secretary of State may, by order, in circumstances where an existing school


has for the preceding two years or for three of the preceding five years failed to


meet or exceed the “National Floor Standards”, disapply any provisions of the


Academies Act 2010 to facilitate the making of an academy under section 4 of the


Academies Act 2010 (Academy orders).



For the purposes of this clause the term “National Floor Standards” means


standards of educational attainment and progress of pupils established from time


to time by the Secretary of State and in place at the time of the order and which


may be applied retrospectively for the purposes of this section.’.


Admissions policy of independent schools opting for Academy status


Mr Graham Brady




To move the following Clause:—



Section 6 of the Academies Act 2010 (effect of Academy order) is amended as





In subsection (4) (definition of “selective school”), after paragraph (b), insert—



“, or



it is an independent school with a selective admissions policy


converting to an Academy”.’.


Notices of Amendments: 5 April 2011                     



Education Bill, continued


Emergency life support skills


Julie Hilling




To move the following Clause:—



‘Emergency life support skills and the national curriculum for





Section 84 of EA 2002 (curriculum requirements for first, second and


third key stages) is amened as follows.



In subsection (3)(h)—



in paragraph (i), omit “and”



after paragraph (ii) insert “, and



emergency life support skills”.



In subsection (4), at end insert “, and



“emergency life support skills” means skills which enable the individual


who has them to assist in keeping another individual alive in an





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