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given on


Thursday 17 March 2011


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Education Bill Committee 93-109


Public Bill Committee


Education Bill


Kevin Brennan


Mr Iain Wright


Julie Hilling




Clause  18,  page  25,  line  7,  at end add—



The Secretary of State may not bring this section into force by an order under


section 78(3) until the end of the period of 18 months beginning on the day on


which this Act is passed.’.


Kevin Brennan


Mr Iain Wright




Clause  9,  page  17,  line  41,  at end add—



The Secretary of State shall have responsibility for the award of Qualified


Teacher Status.



The Secretary of State shall maintain a register of teachers who have acquired


Qualified Teacher Status and have completed a period of induction as provided


for under the Teaching and Higher Education Act 1998.’.


Kevin Brennan


Mr Iain Wright




Clause  20,  page  25,  line  27,  after ‘England’, insert ‘or the governing body or


proprietor of an Academy’.


Notices of Amendments: 17 March 2011                  



Education Bill, continued


Kevin Brennan


Mr Iain Wright




Clause  20,  page  25,  line  29,  at end add—



 Power to publish information following requirement to participate in


 international surveys


The Secretary of State shall have the power to publish information resulting from


section 538A (Power to direct schools to participate in international surveys)


provided that the UK Statistics Authority has approved any statement or report to


be issued by the Secretary of State as providing statistically robust information


about England school performance.’.


Kevin Brennan


Mr Iain Wright




Clause  15,  page  22,  line  7,  at beginning insert ‘Subject to subsection (10),’.


Kevin Brennan


Mr Iain Wright




Clause  15,  page  24,  line  23,  at end insert—



Before the Secretary of State exercises the power to commence this section under


section 78 as respects England, he must lay before Parliament a report which sets


out arrangements which demonstrate he has put in place sufficient resource and


expertise to carry out school workforce training functions which are transferred


to him by this Act.’.


Achievement for All Partnerships


Stella Creasy




To move the following Clause:—



The Secretary of State shall bring in regulations to establish Achievement for All


Partnerships, which shall have responsibility for designing and directing a whole-


family approach to the assessment of the needs of and delivery of services to


children with special educational needs and additional learning needs.



Regulations under subsection (1) shall require relevant persons to participate in


Achievement for All Partnerships.



“Relevant persons” for the purposes of this section include, but shall not be


limited to—



maintained schools;






the relevant local authority;



relevant health services;



relevant learning and skills improvement services;



the relevant police force; and



relevant voluntary organisations.’.



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