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given on


Thursday 31 March 2011


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Education Bill Committee 212-234


Public Bill Committee


Education Bill


Mr Nick Gibb




Clause  77,  page  57,  line  13,  leave out ‘(2) to’ and insert ‘(3) and’.


Mr Nick Gibb




Clause  77,  page  57,  line  14,  leave out subsection (2).


Annual reports on student finance


Kevin Brennan


Mr Iain Wright




To move the following Clause:—



For each academic year the Secretary of State must prepare and publish a report


containing information on the impact on public finances of the financial support


given to students under section 22 of THEA 1998.



The report must include information relating to the cost of student loans to





considering undertaking a full-time or part-time higher education course;





currently undertaking a higher education course;



the life-time cost on persons who have completed a higher education


course and taken out a student loan.



The first report under this section must relate to the academic year beginning 1


August 2011.



The Secretary of State must lay before Parliament a copy of each report under this




Notices of Amendments: 31 March 2011                  



Education Bill, continued



In this section “academic year” means a period of 12 months beginning on 1




Kevin Brennan


Mr Iain Wright




Clause  70,  page  54,  line  43,  at end add—



In section 42 of THEA 1998 (Orders and regulations), in subsection (4) leave out


“the first”.’.


Kevin Brennan


Mr Iain Wright




Clause  70,  page  54,  line  36,  at end insert—



In section 22 of THEA 1998 (recovery of amounts due from borrowers), in


subsection (5), after paragraph (h), insert—



imposing on borrowers conditions on which an outstanding


amount can be repaid in advance of the term date”.’.


Kevin Brennan


Mr Iain Wright




Clause  70,  page  54,  leave out lines 27 to 31 and insert ‘the Consumer Price Index but


if the Consumer Price Index is more than three per cent. a year, three per cent.’.



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