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Wednesday 16 February 2011




on Consideration of Lords Message


Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Bill


On Consideration of Lords Reasons for insisting on Amendments


Lords Reasons Nos. 1B and 8B


The Deputy Prime Minister                                                                                



To move, That this House insists on its disagreement with the Lords in their Amendments Nos.


1 and 8 but proposes the following Amendment to the Bill in lieu of those amendments:—



Agreed to on division  (a)


Parliamentary Star    

Page  20,  line  3,  at end insert—



Following the referendum, the Electoral Commission must—



publish the most accurate estimate that it is reasonably possible to make


of the turnout in each of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland;



include that information in any report they submit under section 6(1)(b)


of the 2000 Act to do with the referendum.



In sub-paragraph (3) “turnout” means the percentage of those entitled to vote in


the referendum who did so.



A ballot paper recorded under head (b), (c) or (d) of rule 42(4) of the referendum


rules is to be treated as a vote for this purpose.’.





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