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Notices of Amendments: 12 May 2011                     



Finance (N, continued



sub-paragraphs (1) and (3) apply in relation to that group as if the


references in those sub-paragraphs to the passing of this Act were


references to 1 April 2011, and



sub-paragraph (2) applies in relation to any disposal of shares by a


member of that group as if the reference in that sub-paragraph to the


passing of this Act were a reference to 1 April 2011.



An early commencement election in relation to a group means an election


made for the purposes of this paragraph by the principal company of the group.



If a company ceases to be a member of a group in the period which begins with


1 April 2011 and ends with the passing of this Act, an early commencement


election may be made or revoked in relation to the group only with the consent


of that company contained in a notice which accompanies the election or





Where an early commencement election is revoked, the election is treated as


never having had effect.



An early commencement election may not be made or revoked after 31 March


2012 (and paragraph 3(1)(b) of Schedule 1A to the Management Act


(amendment of elections etc) does not apply in relation to an early


commencement election).’


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