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Public Bill Committee: 24 May 2011                     



Finance (No. 3) Bill, continued


Review of the bank levy


Stella Creasy


David Miliband


Mrs Jenny Chapman


Steve Rotheram


Mr Graham Allen


Alex Cunningham


Tony Lloyd


Hazel Blears


Dan Jarvis


Clive Efford


Sammy Wilson




To move the following Clause:—



The Government shall lay before Parliament a review of the bank levy which will


consider whether the levy should be applied to groups judged by the Financial


Services Authority (or its successor body) to have engaged in high cost credit


lending which is detrimental to consumers. This review shall consider the


following matters—



the impact such an application could have on the provision of high cost


credit to consumers;



the timetable for imposition of the banking levy to prevent further


consumer detriment in the provision of high cost credit;



the consequences of a failure by Government to intervene in the high cost


credit market for UK consumers; and



at what level the levy should be set at for such bodies so as to discourage


lending in a manner which is detrimental to consumers.’.



Order of the House [26 April 2011]





Clauses 4, 7, 10, 19, 35 and 72 be committed to a Committee of the whole





The remainder of the Bill be committed to a Public Bill Committee.



When the provisions of the Bill considered by the Committee of the whole


House and the Public Bill Committee have been reported to the House, the


Bill be proceeded with as if it had been reported as a whole to the House from


the Public Bill Committee.


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