House of Commons


Tuesday 17 May 2011


Public Bill Committee Proceedings


Finance (No. 3) Bill


(except Clauses 4, 7, 10, 19, 35 and 72)


[Fifth and Sixth Sittings]


Clauses 15, Schedule 1 and Clauses 16 to 18 Agreed to.


Ordered, That, in the first Order of the Committee of 1 March, in paragraph (a), after


‘on’, insert ‘Tuesday 24 May at 9.00 am and 1.30 pm and on other’.— (Mr Robert




Mr David Hanson


Kerry McCarthy


Withdrawn  9


Clause  20,  page  13,  line  19,  at end add—



Subsections (2)(a) and (d) of this section shall not come into force should the


average retail price per litre of unleaded petrol and diesel for the month of


December 2011 in the UK be higher than the price for the week of 21 March





The price used in subsection (8) is to be as published by the Department for


Energy and Climate Change.’.


Clause Agreed to.


[Adjourned until Thursday at 9.00 am