Oral Answers

Thursday 3 June 2010

Business, Innovation and Skills555
Adult Community Learning561
Employment Law563
Flexible Working558
Higher Education Funding566
Regional Development Agencies555
Royal Mail567
Sheffield Forgemasters564
Topical Questions570
Train to Gain568
Video Games Industry (Scotland)568
Women Entrepreneurs565

Written Ministerial Statements

Thursday 3 June 2010

Business, Innovation and Skills25WS
One North East Regional Development Agency25WS
Work and Pensions27WS
Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council27WS

Written Answers

Thursday 3 June 2010

Burglary: Self-defence63W
Departmental Public Expenditure63W
Business, Innovation and Skills91W
Beer: Competition92W
Building Colleges for the Future Programme92W
Business Failures (Nottingham)91W
Business: Regulation93W
Further Education: Departmental Co-ordination93W
Future Jobs Fund: Leeds93W
Local Enterprise Partnerships93W
One NorthEast94W
Post Offices: Bank Services94W
Science Research Funding92W
Shops: Books94W
Skills Funding Agency: Public Consultation95W
University Funding91W
Vocational Training: West Midlands95W
Yorkshire Forward96W
Cabinet Office49W
Admiralty Arch49W
Departmental Internet49W
Departmental Security49W
Departmental Travel50W
Electoral Register50W
Government Departments: Data Protection50W
Ministerial Policy Advisers51W
Ministers: Codes of Practice51W
Ministers: Pay51W
Ministers: Training51W
Non-departmental Public Bodies52W
Purchasing of PR Week52W
Trade Unions52W
Communities and Local Government88W
Home Information Packs89W
Housing and Regeneration: Telford89W
Planning Permission90W
Regional Planning and Development90W
Sleeping Rough90W
Culture, Media and Sport88W
Departmental Electronic Equipment88W
Departmental Public Appointments88W
Aircraft Carriers73W
Armed Forces: Deployment73W
Armed Forces: Discharges73W
Armed Forces: Housing74W
Armed Forces: Recruitment75W
Defence: Procurement75W
Defence Storage and Distribution Agency75W
Nuclear Submarines76W
Energy and Climate Change96W
Departmental Public Expenditure96W
Departmental Redundancy Pay97W
National Grid97W
Warm Front Scheme99W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs52W
Departmental Electronic Equipment53W
Departmental Manpower53W
Game: Animal Welfare53W
Water Charges54W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office72W
Pakistan: British Nationals Abroad72W
Abortion: Advertising82W
Accident and Emergency Departments: Greater London82W
Bassetlaw Hospital83W
Blood: Contamination84W
Blood: Donors84W
Continuing Care84W
Departmental Manpower84W
Departmental Official Cars85W
Fluoride: Drinking Water85W
Marie Stopes International86W
Medical Records: Databases87W
Skipton Fund87W
Home Department78W
Durham Constabulary: Cost-effectiveness78W
Knives: Crime79W
Police Authorities79W
Police: Bureaucracy80W
Police Committees: Pay79W
Police: Pay80W
Police: Training81W
House of Commons Commission49W
Westminster Clock Tower49W
Care Proceedings54W
Contact Orders59W
Electoral Register60W
Fines: Surcharges60W
Pleural Plaques: Compensation61W
Prisons: Construction61W
Residence Orders62W
Northern Ireland82W
Departmental Public Expenditure82W
Official Cars82W
Prime Minister99W
Andy Coulson99W
Departmental Ministerial Policy Advisers99W
Departmental Mobile Phones99W
Middle East99W
Departmental Official Cars72W
Airports: Parking66W
Aviation: Disabled67W
Blackpool-Manchester Railway Line: Electrification67W
Bus Services: Regulation67W
Crossrail Line: Finance67W
Departmental Manpower68W
Levenshulme Station: Disability68W
Manchester Metrolink69W
Network Rail: Finance69W
Official Cars69W
Park and Ride Schemes69W
Railways: Kent70W
Railways: Manpower70W
Roads: Accidents70W
Roads: Repairs and Maintenance70W
Rolling Stock: Procurement71W
Stockport Station71W
Vans: Speed Limits71W
Bank Services: Fees and Charges100W
Capital Allowances: Manufacturing Industries100W
Capital Gains Tax100W
Corporation Tax100W
Departmental Manpower101W
Departmental Public Expenditure101W
Economic and Monetary Union101W
Equitable Life Assurance Society: Compensation102W
Excise Duties: Alcoholic Drinks102W
Office for Budget Responsibility103W
Public Expenditure103W
Taxation: Financial Services104W
Work and Pensions65W
Departmental Electronic Equipment65W
Departmental Public Expenditure65W
Future Jobs Fund: Leeds65W
Future Jobs Fund: North East65W
State Retirement Pensions: Payments66W

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