Oral Answers

Tuesday 8 June 2010

Bingo Industry172
Budget Deficit161
Budget Deficit173
Child Poverty169
Devolved Administrations171
Economic Growth159
Economic Growth165
Economic Growth170
Equitable Life167
Tax Avoidance172
Tax (Pensioners)160
Topical Questions174

Written Ministerial Statements

Tuesday 8 June 2010

Culture, Media and Sport5WS
Media and Technology5WS
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs6WS
Sea Fish Industry Authority6WS
Prime Minister6WS
Prime Ministerial Appointments6WS
Motorcycle Test7WS
Office for Budget Responsibility5WS

Written Answers

Tuesday 8 June 2010

Conditional Fee Arrangements91W
Departmental Ministerial Policy Advisers91W
Business, Innovation and Skills115W
Business: Closures115W
Companies Act 2006116W
Company Accounts116W
Departmental Public Expenditure116W
Further Education: Finance116W
Further Education: Manpower117W
Communities and Local Government126W
Council Housing: Construction126W
Council Tax126W
Departmental Billing126W
Departmental Manpower127W
Departmental Ministerial Policy Advisers127W
Departmental Official Cars127W
Departmental Public Appointments129W
Departmental Public Expenditure129W
Fire Services129W
Green Belt129W
Housing Associations130W
Housing: Construction130W
Housing: Regeneration131W
Housing: South East131W
Local Development Frameworks132W
Local Government Finance132W
Local Government: Pay132W
Local Government: Public Consultation132W
Local Government: Reorganisation133W
Local Government: Third Sector133W
Non-domestic Rates133W
Non-domestic Rates: Ports134W
Ordnance Survey134W
Planning Permission: Appeals134W
Regional Planning and Development134W
Social Rented Housing135W
Social Rented Housing: Finance136W
Social Rented Housing: Lambeth136W
Social Rented Housing: Standards136W
Travellers: Caravan Sites137W
Culture, Media and Sport105W
Departmental Mobile Phones105W
Departmental Official Cars106W
Olympic Games 2012: Lancashire106W
S4C: Finance106W
Aircraft Carriers92W
Atomic Weapons Establishment92W
China: Military Aid93W
Departmental Consultants93W
Departmental Ministerial Policy Advisers93W
Hebrides Missile Range94W
Hercules Aircraft94W
Nuclear Submarines95W
Quick Reaction Alert95W
Deputy Prime Minister124W
Departmental Pay124W
Departmental Public Appointments124W
Departmental Responsibilities124W
General Election 2010125W
Norman Lamb125W
British Educational Communications and Technology Agency137W
Building Schools for the Future Programme138W
Building Schools for the Future Programme: Durham138W
Building Schools for the Future Programme: Gateshead138W
Building Schools for the Future Programme: Nottinghamshire138W
Building Schools for the Future Programme: Telford139W
Departmental Internet139W
Departmental Manpower140W
Departmental Public Expenditure140W
Teaching Methods140W
Energy and Climate Change110W
Departmental Manpower110W
Renewable Energy: Waste110W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs87W
Bovine Tuberculosis: Disease Control87W
Cattle: Animal Welfare87W
Departmental Billing87W
Environmental Stewardship Scheme88W
Fisheries: Northern Ireland88W
Flood Control88W
Floods: Pendle88W
Floods: Worcestershire89W
Food: Procurement89W
Forestry Commission90W
Hazardous Substances: Waste Disposal90W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office96W
Anguilla and Turks and Caicos Islands96W
Ascension Island97W
British Overseas Territories: Biodiversity97W
British Overseas Territories: Equality98W
Colombia: Human Rights98W
Cuba: EU External Relations98W
Cyprus: Peace Negotiations99W
Democratic Republic of Congo: Peacekeeping Operations99W
Departmental Ministerial Policy Advisers99W
Departmental Official Cars100W
Gibraltar: Equality100W
Honduras: Politics and Government100W
Palestinians: International Assistance100W
Pitcairn Islands: Children102W
Russia: Corruption102W
Turks and Caicos Islands: Elections102W
UN Security Council103W
Venezuela: Foreign Relations103W
Yemen: Politics and Government103W
Departmental Billing111W
Departmental Manpower111W
Departmental Public Expenditure111W
Departmental Redundancy Pay112W
General Practitioners112W
General Practitioners: Passports112W
Health Centres: Christchurch112W
Marie Stopes International112W
NHS: Finance113W
NHS: West Midlands113W
Prescription Drugs114W
Royal Liverpool University Hospital114W
Trade Unions115W
Home Department105W
Closed Circuit Television105W
Crime Prevention105W
Forensic Science Service105W
Knives: Crime105W
International Development108W
Departmental Billing108W
Departmental Manpower108W
Departmental Public Expenditure109W
Overseas Aid109W
Overseas Aid: Public Consultation110W
Trade Unions110W
Corruption: Public Service117W
Departmental Electronic Equipment118W
Departmental Manpower118W
Departmental Public Expenditure118W
Departmental Redundancy Pay118W
Electoral Commission119W
Electoral Register119W
Law Centres122W
Rape: Disclosure of Information122W
Trade Unions122W
Young Offender Institutions123W
Leader of the House137W
Government Departments: Reviews137W
Northern Ireland104W
Departmental Billing104W
Departmental Redundancy Pay104W
Trade Unions104W
Prime Minister137W
Crimes of Violence: Females137W
Departmental Public Expenditure106W
Northern Rail: Rolling Stock107W
River Wear: Bridges107W
Safety Belts108W
Budget Deficit141W
Credit Unions142W
Departmental Billing142W
Devolved Administrations142W
Economic Growth141W
Excise Duties: Beer143W
Members: Correspondence144W
Departmental Manpower90W
Departmental Redundancy Pay90W
Trade Unions90W
Work and Pensions91W
Pensioners: Poverty91W

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