Oral Answers

Wednesday 16 June 2010

Prime Minister864
Commission on Scottish Devolution858
Economic Environment861
Economic Inactivity864
Electricity Generation855
Expenditure Reduction857
Firearms Legislation860

Written Ministerial Statements

Wednesday 16 June 2010

International Development51WS
Bilateral Aid Review51WS
North Review (Drink and Drug Driving)52WS

Written Answers

Wednesday 16 June 2010

Business, Innovation and Skills455W
Departmental NDPBs455W
Departmental Official Cars455W
Departmental Public Appointments456W
Environment Protection456W
Fossil Fuels: Export Credit Guarantees456W
Post Offices457W
Post Offices: Bank Services458W
Post Offices: Thanet459W
Renewable Energy: Export Credit Guarantees459W
Train to Gain Programme: North East459W
Train to Gain Programme: West Midlands460W
Communities and Local Government447W
Departmental Internet448W
Departmental Official Cars449W
Departmental Translation Services449W
Departmental Travel451W
Derelict Land and Green Belt: Thanet452W
Housing and Planning Delivery Grant: Wigan451W
Local Government: Compulsory Purchase452W
Local Government Finance: Sheffield451W
Non-domestic Rates: Ports452W
Planning: Public Consultation453W
Public Houses454W
Working Neighbourhoods Fund: Hartlepool454W
Working Neighbourhoods Fund: Wigan454W
Culture, Media and Sport427W
Departmental Official Cars427W
Digital Broadcasting: Oxfordshire428W
Supporters Direct428W
Afghanistan: Peacekeeping Operations464W
Armed Forces: Deployment464W
Armed Forces: Dogs464W
Atomic Weapons Establishment465W
AWE Burghfield465W
Clyde Submarine Base465W
Defence: Procurement466W
Departmental Internet466W
Departmental Manpower468W
Departmental Translation Services469W
Military Bases: Safety469W
Nuclear Weapons470W
Radioactive Materials470W
RAF Kinloss470W
Deputy Prime Minister477W
General Election 2010: Fraud477W
House of Lords: Reform478W
Members: Conduct478W
Political Parties: Finance478W
Apprentices: West Midlands483W
Building Schools for the Future Programme484W
Building Schools for the Future Programme: North-East485W
Children: Databases485W
Pupil Premium485W
Energy and Climate Change461W
Departmental Mobile Phones461W
Departmental Official Cars462W
Nuclear Power Stations: Insurance462W
Radioactive Waste: Waste Management462W
Renewable Energy463W
Renewable Energy: Feed-in Tariffs463W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs485W
Departmental Official Cars485W
Waste Disposal: Fees and Charges486W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office471W
British Overseas Territories471W
Departmental Internet471W
North Korea: Diplomatic Relations476W
Overseas Territories Consultative Council476W
Pakistan: Religious Freedom476W
Somalia: Piracy477W
South America: Embassies477W
Alcoholic Drinks: Misuse438W
Cancer: Screening442W
Care Homes: Mentally Ill442W
Continuing Care442W
Departmental Official Cars443W
Dietary Supplements: EU Law443W
Genetically Modified Organisms: Food443W
Health: Harlow444W
Health Services: Rural Areas443W
Members: Correspondence444W
Smoking: Health Services445W
Tuberculosis: EU Action445W
Tuberculosis: West Midlands446W
Home Department430W
Asylum: Children430W
Borders: Security431W
British Citizenship: Bexley431W
Deportation: Offenders432W
Entry Clearances: Indonesia432W
Forensic Science Service433W
Identity Cards433W
Illegal Immigrants434W
Immigration: Bexley435W
Immigration Controls435W
Immigration: Gurkhas436W
Immigration: Married People436W
Immobilisation of Vehicles437W
Passports: Missing Applications437W
Stansted Airport: Security437W
UK Border Agency: Dover Port438W
UK Border Agency: Manpower438W
House of Commons Commission423W
Early Day Motions423W
International Development425W
Afghanistan: Corruption425W
Tuberculosis: Disease Control425W
Courts: Salford486W
Departmental Pay486W
Rape: Disclosure of Information487W
Repossession Orders: Harlow487W
Leader of the House461W
Palace of Westminster: Repairs and Maintenance461W
Written Questions461W
Northern Ireland423W
Departmental Manpower423W
Prime Minister422W
10 Downing Street: Visits422W
Andy Coulson and Jonny Oates422W
Departmental Internet422W
Departmental Official Cars422W
General Election421W
Royal Mail422W
Scotland Office421W
Manchester Metrolink429W
Transport: Oxford430W
Transport: Schools430W
Banks: Finance479W
Banks: Loans479W
Charities: Schools479W
Child Trust Fund479W
Departmental Internet479W
Equitable Life Assurance Society: Compensation480W
Financial Services Authority: Pay481W
Foreign Investment in UK481W
Office for Budget Responsibility481W
Public Finance482W
Research and Development Tax Credit: Environment Protection482W
Tax Avoidance and Evasion483W
Taxation: Aviation483W
Pensioners: Poverty428W
Work and Pensions426W
Children: Maintenance426W
Departmental Flags426W
Future Jobs Fund427W
Housing Benefit427W

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