Oral Answers

Tuesday 22 June 2010

Crown Prosecution Service156
Crown Prosecution Service (South-west)153
Domestic Violence154
Domestic Violence157
In-house Advocates157
Rape Allegations154
Rape Allegations157
Church Commissioners158
Church Repairs (VAT)159
Listed Places of Worship161
Women Bishops158
Deputy Prime Minister143
Alternative Vote System143
Fixed-term Parliaments144
Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority145
Parliament (Dissolution)145
Parliamentary Constituencies146
Topical Questions148
Electoral Commission Committee158
Boundary Review (Constituencies)158
Boundary Review (Constituencies)163
Close of Polls (Voting)160
Close of Polls (Voting)164
Overseas Donations (Political Parties)162
Unregistered Voters160

Written Ministerial Statements

Tuesday 22 June 2010

Education Spending9WS
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs10WS
Agriculture and Fisheries Council10WS
Foreign and Commonwealth Office10WS
Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU): Judicial Reappointments13WS
General Affairs Council and Foreign Affairs Council10WS
EU Transport Council13WS
Anti Avoidance9WS
Double Taxation Agreement (United Kingdom and Hong Kong)9WS

Written Answers

Tuesday 22 June 2010

Domestic Violence138W
Human Trafficking: Prosecutions138W
Rape Defendants: Anonymity138W
Business, Innovation and Skills186W
Apprentices and Work Experience187W
Cumbria University188W
Departmental Manpower188W
Departmental Public Expenditure190W
Fossil Fuels: Export Credit Guarantees190W
Insolvency: North West193W
Northwest Regional Development Agency193W
Peru: EU External Trade194W
Post Office: ICT194W
Post Offices194W
Postal Services195W
Regional Development Agencies196W
Royal Mail196W
Royal Mail: Pensions196W
Space Technology: Finance197W
St George's Day197W
Student Loans Company197W
Cabinet Office177W
Departmental Manpower177W
Communities and Local Government156W
Affordable Housing: Construction156W
Community Development: North East157W
Council Housing: Construction157W
Council Housing: Harlow157W
Departmental Pay157W
Departmental Postal Services158W
Departmental Public Expenditure158W
Departmental Reviews159W
Fire Services160W
Housing: Construction160W
Local Government161W
Local Government Finance162W
Non-domestic Rates162W
Private Rented Housing162W
Regional Planning and Development: South West163W
Social Rented Housing: Stockport164W
Strokes: Health Services164W
Travellers: Caravan Sites164W
Culture, Media and Sport107W
Betting Shops: Licensing107W
Departmental Official Cars107W
Departmental Pay107W
Departmental Reviews108W
Mass Media108W
Museums and Galleries: Finance108W
Television: Licensing108W
Afghanistan: Peacekeeping Operations119W
Armed Forces: Young People119W
Departmental Buildings119W
Departmental Manpower120W
HMS Southampton120W
Deputy Prime Minister176W
Electoral Systems177W
Fixed-term Parliaments176W
Returning Officers176W
Academies: Sevenoaks198W
Building Schools for the Future Programme198W
Children: Databases201W
Children in Care: GCE A-level200W
Children in Care: GCSE200W
Children in Care: Wigan201W
Departmental Manpower202W
Departmental Official Cars201W
Departmental Public Appointments202W
Education: Finance203W
Education Maintenance Allowance203W
Education Maintenance Allowance: Redcar203W
Education: Wigan204W
Free School Meals205W
Further Education: Finance205W
Grandparents: Contact Orders206W
Literacy: Primary Education206W
National Curriculum Tests206W
Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency206W
Salford and Wigan Local Education Partnership207W
School Meals207W
Schools: Crimes of Violence207W
Specialised Diplomas207W
Teaching Methods207W
Written Questions: Government Responses208W
Young People: Unemployment208W
Youth Opportunities and Youth Capital Funds209W
Energy and Climate Change139W
Carbon Emissions: Departmental Coordination139W
Departmental Grants139W
Departmental Manpower139W
Industrial Diseases: Compensation140W
River Severn: Tidal Power140W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs121W
Agriculture: Land Use121W
Agriculture: Subsidies121W
Animal Welfare: Circuses121W
Bovine Tuberculosis: Disease Control122W
Cattle: Animal Welfare123W
Common Agricultural Policy123W
Departmental Members' Interests124W
Food: Origin Marking124W
Food: Procurement124W
Game: Animal Welfare124W
Hill Farming: Regulation125W
Incinerators: Health Hazards125W
Whales: Conservation126W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office115W
EU Enlargement115W
EU Institutions: Fines115W
Gibraltar: Equality115W
Human Rights: Finance116W
Iran: Sanctions116W
Palestinians: Human Rights117W
Sudan: Elections117W
Turkey: EU Enlargement117W
Breast Cancer: Screening167W
Dementia: Drugs168W
Dental Services: Bolton169W
Departmental Official Cars169W
Departmental Public Expenditure170W
Diabetes: Health Education170W
Dietary Supplements: EU Law170W
Food Standards Agency171W
Health Centres171W
Health Services: Overseas Visitors172W
Heart Diseases: Children172W
Hospices: Children172W
Muscular Dystrophy: Health Services173W
NHS: Snow and Ice173W
NHS: Wigan174W
Pesticides: EU Law175W
Smoking: Hartlepool175W
Home Department141W
101 Calls141W
Alcoholic Drinks: Crime142W
Animal Experiments142W
Antisocial Behaviour Orders: Young People142W
Association of Chief Police Officers143W
Asylum: Families143W
British Nationality: War Crimes144W
Community Policing144W
Community Policing: Wales144W
Departmental Electronic Equipment145W
Departmental Manpower145W
Departmental Mobile Phones146W
Departmental Official Residences146W
Departmental Pay146W
Departmental Reviews146W
Departmental Translation Services147W
Deportation: Offenders147W
Detention Centres: Children147W
Homicide: Cumbria148W
Identity Cards148W
Marriage: Homosexuality148W
Members: Correspondence149W
PCSOs: Certificate in Policing149W
Police Authorities149W
Police: Bureaucracy149W
Police: Essex150W
Police: Finance150W
Police: Funding151W
Police: Sick Leave151W
Powers of Entry152W
Royal Family: Electronic Surveillance152W
Seasonal Agricultural Workers' Scheme152W
Security Guards: Licensing152W
Special Constables155W
Telephone Tapping155W
Terrorism: Stop and Search155W
Zakir Naik156W
International Development165W
Bangladesh: Floods165W
Fairtrade Foundation: Finance165W
Marie Stopes International165W
Pakistan: Overseas Aid166W
Departmental Manpower128W
Harassment: Armed Forces129W
Judges: North East129W
Legal Aid Scheme130W
Prisoners' Release: Reoffenders131W
Prisons: Drugs132W
Prisons: Education133W
Prisons: Religion134W
Rape: Cheshire135W
Rape: Victim Support Schemes135W
Rape: Warrington137W
Victim Support Schemes: Warrington138W
Leader of the House175W
Early Day Motions175W
Members' Staff: Training175W
Northern Ireland118W
Prime Minister141W
Gulf of Mexico: Oil141W
Members: Correspondence141W
Departmental Public Expenditure109W
Biofuels: EU Action109W
Bus Services: Concessions109W
Dartford-Thurrock Crossing: Tolls110W
Departmental Internet110W
Departmental Public Expenditure111W
Forth Road Bridge113W
Government Car and Despatch Agency113W
M18: Closures113W
Motorways: Speed Limits114W
Private Roads: Greater Manchester114W
Roads: Accidents114W
Child Trust Fund: Ashton-in-Makerfield126W
Child Trust Fund: Harrow127W
Debts: Developing Countries127W
Trade Unions127W
Written Questions: Government Responses128W
Armoured Fighting Vehicles118W
Departmental Ministerial Policy Advisers118W
RAF St Athan118W
Women and Equalities140W
Gender Recognition: Human Rights140W
Work and Pensions178W
Carer's Allowance: Easington178W
Carers' Benefits178W
Departmental Official Cars178W
Disability Living Allowance: Peterborough179W
Employment Schemes: Young People179W
Future Jobs Fund180W
Jobcentre Plus: Digital Technology181W
Jobseeker's Allowance: Per Capita Costs182W
Pension Funds: Regulation182W
Social Fund183W
Social Security Benefits183W
Social Security Benefits: Disability184W
Social Security Benefits: Shepway184W
UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities185W

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