Oral Answers

Monday 28 June 2010

Home Department545
Administration (Police Time)551
Administration (Police Time)558
Asylum Applications554
Asylum Cases (Backlog)553
Community Protection Officers (Nottingham)550
Crime Statistics (North Yorkshire)558
Defendant Anonymity (Rape Trials)546
Detention (Terrorist Suspects)548
Domestic Violence547
Milngavie Waterworks550
National DNA Database555
Organised Crime557
Police (Terms and Conditions)552
Topical Questions559

Written Ministerial Statements

Monday 28 June 2010

Afghanistan: Implications for US Uplift23WS
Transfer of Detainees (Afghanistan)23WS
Foreign and Commonwealth Office24WS
Diplomatic Missions and International Organisations (Congestion Charge)29WS
Diplomatic Missions (Outstanding National Non-Domestic Rates Bills)29WS
Diplomatic Missions/International Organisations (Parking and Traffic Fines)24WS
Serious and Drink Driving Offences (Diplomatic Immunity)26WS
Direct Payments for Health Care30WS
Home Department31WS
Non-EU Economic Migration Limits31WS
Judicial Appointments32WS
Prime Minister32WS
G8 and G20 Summits32WS

Written Answers

Monday 28 June 2010

Departmental Official Cars358W
Business, Innovation and Skills410W
Automotive Council410W
Broadband: Witham410W
Business: Government Assistance411W
Business: Greater London411W
Companies House: Nantgarw411W
Co-operatives and Social Enterprises412W
Departmental Mobile Phones412W
Departmental Recruitment413W
Dietary Supplements: Channel Islands413W
East of England Development Agency413W
East of England Development Agency: Great Yarmouth415W
Education Maintenance Allowance415W
Fossil Fuels: Export Credit Guarantees415W
Higher Education: Finance416W
Higher Education: Hartlepool416W
Local Enterprise Zones: Hastings416W
Post Offices417W
Rolls Royce: Hucknall417W
Sheffield Forgemasters: Loans417W
UK Trade and Investment Defence and Security Organisation418W
West Midlands419W
Cabinet Office438W
Average Earnings: Redcar438W
Average Earnings: Yorkshire and the Humber440W
Business: Essex441W
Business: Witham443W
Citizens' Advice Bureaux443W
Civil Servants: Recruitment444W
Community Work444W
Departmental Manpower444W
Departmental NDPBs444W
Departmental Official Cars445W
Departmental Public Expenditure446W
Departmental Redundancy Pay446W
Departmental Statistics447W
Electoral Register: Greater Manchester447W
Employment: Witham447W
Food: Procurement449W
Government Departments: Manpower449W
Job Creation: Redcar450W
Job Creation: Yorkshire and the Humber451W
National School of Government: Finance453W
New Businesses: Bexley453W
Special Advisers Remuneration Committee454W
Third Sector454W
Communities and Local Government373W
Affordable Housing373W
Coalfields Regeneration Review373W
Community Development: Hastings374W
Community Development: Religion374W
Council Housing: Construction374W
Decentralisation and Localism Bill375W
Departmental Voluntary Work375W
Development Plans: Blackpool375W
Fairgrounds: Planning376W
Housing: Construction376W
Housing: Empty Property377W
Housing: Tower Hamlets377W
Local Government Bill379W
Local Government Finance379W
Mortgages: Government Assistance380W
Non-domestic Rates: Garages and Petrol Stations380W
Planning: Minerals380W
Public Expenditure381W
Regeneration: Stepney381W
Social Rented Housing: Finance381W
Social Rented Housing: Inspections382W
Social Rented Housing: Standards382W
Travellers: Caravan Sites382W
Wind Power: Planning Permission383W
Culture, Media and Sport368W
Arts Council England: Finance368W
Arts Council England: Written Questions368W
Ascot Festival 2010368W
Bingo: Closures368W
Departmental Official Hospitality369W
Departmental Public Expenditure369W
Horse Guards Parade: Flags371W
Museums and Galleries: Finance371W
National Lottery: Grants371W
National Museums Liverpool: Finance372W
Defence Equipment366W
Departmental Public Expenditure366W
European Fighter Aircraft367W
Deputy Prime Minister398W
Voting Rights: Prisoners399W
Youth Citizenship Commission399W
Academies: Wigan419W
Building Schools for the Future Programme420W
Class Sizes: Thanet420W
Departmental Official Hospitality421W
Departmental Public Expenditure421W
Departmental Publications422W
Education: Finance423W
Eleven Plus: Dartford423W
Free School Meals423W
Free Schools424W
GCSE: Doncaster425W
Home Education427W
Non-teaching Staff427W
Pupils: Disadvantaged428W
Pupils: Sikhs428W
Schools: Admissions428W
Schools: Doncaster428W
Schools: Standards429W
Secondary Education: Admissions430W
Special Educational Needs429W
Energy and Climate Change354W
Bio-energy Capital Grant Fund354W
Carbon Emissions: Housing354W
Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme355W
Departmental Mobile Phones356W
Environment: Job Creation356W
Nuclear Power Stations: Construction356W
Oil Rigs: Transocean356W
Renewable Energy357W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs358W
Agriculture: Environment Protection358W
Departmental Manpower359W
Fisheries: Northern Ireland360W
Flood Control360W
Food: Imports360W
Veterinary Services361W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office397W
Bangladesh: Counter-terrorism397W
Jamal Elshayyal398W
Barking, Havering and Redbridge NHS Trust402W
Departmental Pay403W
Departmental Standards403W
Drugs: Prisons403W
Drugs: Rehabilitation404W
Food: Labelling405W
General Practitioners: Bournemouth405W
Health Services: Liverpool405W
HIV Infection: Health Services406W
Hospitals: Durham406W
Hospitals: Telephones408W
King George Hospital Ilford408W
Lipoedema: Health Services408W
Mental Health Services: Children409W
NHS: Pay409W
Prescription Drugs409W
Home Department429W
Administration: Police Time431W
Anti-Slavery Day431W
Antisocial Behaviour: Crime Prevention431W
Asylum: Scotland432W
Children: Abuse433W
Counter-terrorism: Birmingham433W
Defendant Anonymity: Rape Trials430W
Departmental Manpower434W
Departmental Official Cars434W
DNA: Databases435W
Immigrants: English Language435W
Immigration Controls436W
Immigration Tribunals and Appeals436W
Internet: Children436W
Nottinghamshire Police437W
Police: Administration437W
Police Authorities: Pay437W
Police: Business Interests437W
Police: Mobile IT437W
Written Questions: Government Responses438W
Zakir Abdul-Karim Naik438W
House of Commons Commission353W
International Development395W
Departmental Public Expenditure395W
Departmental Responsibilities396W
Developing Countries: Maternity Services396W
UN Agencies397W
Cardiff Prison399W
Departmental Public Expenditure400W
Departmental Translation Services400W
Dietary Supplements: Channel Islands402W
Written Questions: Government Responses402W
Leader of the House399W
Members: Travel399W
Bus Services: Leeds363W
Network Rail: Finance363W
Railways: Construction364W
Railways: Franchises365W
Roads: Thornton365W
Thameslink Railway Line365W
Capital Gains Tax454W
Child Tax Credit455W
Departmental Pay455W
Financial Services: Pay455W
Financial Services: Regulation456W
Insurance: Construction456W
Members: Correspondence456W
Office for Budget Responsibility456W
Personal Income457W
Pregnant Women: Grants457W
Public Finance458W
Public Finance: Redditch458W
Public Sector: Hastings458W
Public Sector: Pensions459W
Taxation: Bingo459W
Taxation: Gambling459W
VAT: Sunscreen459W
Welfare Tax Credits460W
Welfare Tax Credits: Midlothian460W
Companies House353W
Departmental Mobile Phones353W
Work and Pensions383W
Carers' Benefits383W
Children: Maintenance384W
Departmental Consultants384W
Departmental Reviews385W
Disability Living Allowance385W
Disability Living Allowance: Wythenshawe385W
Employment and Support Allowance386W
Future Jobs Fund387W
Housing Benefit388W
Incapacity Benefit: Bexley389W
Jobcentre Plus: Manpower389W
Pension Credit390W
Pregnant Women: Grants390W
Social Security Benefits391W
Social Security Benefits: Disability391W
State Retirement Pensions393W
State Retirement Pensions: Redcar394W
State Second Pension394W
Unemployment Benefits: Peterborough395W
Vocational Training: Disability395W

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