Oral Answers

Monday 5 July 2010

Aircraft Carriers7
Armed Forces Accommodation8
Armed Forces Pensions14
Cadet Forces5
Chief of the Defence Staff15
Dedicated Military Wards13
Defence Procurement15
Defence Training Review11
Military Equipment Expenditure4
Topical Questions16
Tri-service Military Covenant12
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles1
Works of Art10

Written Ministerial Statement

Monday 5 July 2010

Public Spending Control1WS

Written Answers

Monday 5 July 2010

Business, Innovation and Skills123W
Banks: Finance123W
Business: Government Assistance123W
Departmental Buildings124W
Departmental Catering125W
Departmental Pay126W
Departmental Translation Services127W
Employment Agencies: EU Law127W
Higher Education: Anti-Semitism128W
Local Enterprise Partnerships128W
Newton Scholarships129W
One NorthEast130W
Postal Services Bill131W
Redundancy Pay131W
Retail Trade: Regulation131W
Sheffield Forgemasters: Finance132W
Summer Time133W
Working Hours: EU Law133W
Cabinet Office54W
Departmental Manpower54W
Departmental Responsibilities54W
Employment: Retail Trade54W
Former Ministers: Pay55W
Government Departments: Internet55W
Government Departments: Manpower56W
Transparency Board57W
Communities and Local Government84W
Affordable Housing: Construction84W
Council Housing: Construction85W
Council Housing: Finance85W
Departmental Flags86W
Government Office for the North West: Finance86W
Housing: Asbestos86W
Housing: Construction87W
Local Government Finance87W
Local Government Finance: Wigan88W
Local Government: Greater Manchester89W
Local Government: Information Officers89W
Local Government: Manpower89W
Mayors: Greater Manchester89W
Multiple Occupation: Licensing89W
Planning Permission: Blackpool90W
Trade Unions91W
Wind Power: Planning Permission92W
Culture, Media and Sport50W
Betting Shops: Licensing50W
Departmental Manpower51W
Departmental Official Cars51W
English Heritage: Finance51W
Listed Buildings51W
National Lottery: Disposable Income52W
Olympic Games 2012: Northern Ireland52W
Olympic Games 2012: Tickets52W
Tennis: Schools53W
Afghanistan: Peacekeeping Operations82W
Armed Forces Bill83W
Army: York83W
Departmental Mobile Phones83W
Employment: Scotland81W
Portsmouth: Frigates81W
Deputy Prime Minister53W
Electoral Register53W
Polling Stations: Access53W
Academies: Finance57W
Departmental Reviews57W
Energy and Climate Change33W
Carbon Emissions33W
Carbon Emissions: Departmental Co-ordination34W
Climate Change: International Cooperation34W
Departmental Human Resources35W
Departmental Manpower35W
Electricity Generation36W
Energy: Subsidies36W
Energy Supply36W
Fuel Poverty37W
Green Investment Bank37W
Home Energy Efficiency Programme37W
Redfern Inquiry38W
Warm Front Scheme38W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs57W
Agriculture: Regulation57W
Biodiversity: International Cooperation59W
Bovine Tuberculosis: Disease Control59W
Bovine Tuberculosis: Vaccination60W
Departmental NDPBs60W
Departmental Pay61W
Departmental Public Expenditure61W
Domestic Waste: Recycling61W
Food: Standards62W
Food Supply62W
Genetically Modified Organisms: Food62W
Genetically Modified Organisms: Potatoes62W
Six-Day Rule65W
Water Charges65W
Water: Private Sector66W
Whales: Conservation66W
Wildlife: Crime67W
Wind Power: Fisheries67W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office22W
Afghanistan: Elections22W
Afghanistan: Peacekeeping Operations23W
Chechnya: Human Rights23W
China: Foreign Relations24W
Departmental Postal Services24W
Eastern Europe: Equality25W
European Court of Justice25W
European External Action Service26W
European Union Bill29W
Iran: Nuclear Power29W
New Zealand: Shechita29W
Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe29W
Pope Benedict XVI30W
Private Military Security Companies30W
Somalia: Piracy31W
Somalia: Politics and Government31W
Tenzin Delek Rinpoche32W
UN Security Council33W
Western Balkans25W
Botulinum Toxin39W
Cancer: Drugs39W
Cancer: Health Services39W
Cardiovascular Disease40W
Care Homes40W
Departmental Human Resources40W
Departmental Location40W
Departmental NDPBs41W
Food: Labelling42W
Health Bill42W
Hearing Impairment42W
Hospitals: Waiting Lists43W
Making It Better Programme: Greater Manchester43W
Medical Records: Databases44W
Mental Health Act 198344W
Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust44W
North Tees and Hartlepool Hospital44W
Nutrition: Children45W
Older People: Swimming45W
Social Services: Finance45W
Stomach Cancer45W
Strokes: Health Education46W
Home Department68W
Animal Experiments68W
British Nationality: War Crimes68W
Community Policing69W
Control Orders70W
Counter-terrorism: Birmingham70W
Departmental Legislation71W
Departmental Private Finance Initiative71W
Departmental Public Expenditure72W
Deportation: Offenders73W
DNA: Databases74W
Entry Clearances: Overseas Students75W
Identity Cards75W
Immigration Act 197176W
Immigration Controls76W
Immigration Controls: English Language76W
Immigration: Hungary77W
National Referral Mechanism77W
Passports: Biometrics78W
Police: Ashfield78W
Police: Bureaucracy79W
Police Community Support Officers78W
Police: Elections79W
Police: Greater Manchester79W
Police: Jet Skis79W
Police: Television80W
Police: VAT80W
Pre-charge Detention80W
Special Constables81W
House of Commons Commission1W
Departmental Security1W
Parliamentary Estate2W
Parliamentary Network2W
Publications: Internet3W
Standing Committees: Internet3W
International Development48W
Burma: Overseas Aid48W
Departmental Catering49W
Developing Countries: Fossil Fuels49W
International Assistance: Education49W
Bill of Rights110W
Civil Servants: Location110W
Copyright Tribunal: Public Appointments110W
Court Dispute Resolution111W
Courts: Access111W
Defamation: Legal Costs112W
Departmental Public Expenditure112W
Detention and Training Orders112W
Diamond Districts113W
Identity Cards114W
National Offender Management Service: Manpower115W
Poppy Project115W
Prison Sentences: Wales116W
Prisoners: Foreigners117W
Prisoners: Nigeria121W
Prisoners: Repatriation122W
Probation Boards122W
Rape: Rights of Accused122W
Voluntary Work123W
Northern Ireland4W
Departmental Internet4W
Prime Minister47W
Ministerial Policy Advisers47W
Public Sector47W
Russia: Bilateral Discussions47W
UN Millennium Development Goals: Meetings47W
Scotland Bill33W
A5: Lighting4W
Apperley Bridge Railway Station5W
Association of Chief Police Officers5W
Bus Services: Luton5W
Carbon Emissions: West Midlands6W
Departmental Manpower6W
Departmental Pay7W
Departmental Reviews7W
Driving: Licensing8W
Driving Offences7W
Driving Under Influence8W
Electric Vehicles9W
Invalid Vehicles9W
Local Government Finance10W
London-Birmingham Railway Line10W
M1: Speed Limits11W
Railway Stations11W
Railway Stations: Barking12W
Railway Stations: Birmingham13W
Railway Stations: Liverpool13W
Railway Stations: Luton13W
Railway Stations: Reading14W
Railway Stations: Repairs and Maintenance14W
Railways: Construction17W
Railways Stations: Standards17W
Road Traffic: Greater Manchester17W
Roads: Construction18W
Rolling Stock18W
Shipping: Piracy18W
South East Airports Task Force19W
Speed Limits19W
Speed Limits: Cameras20W
Trade Unions20W
Transport: Safety20W
Transport: West Midlands21W
Benefits: Greater Manchester92W
Business Services Association93W
Capital Gains Tax93W
Child Benefit93W
Child Tax Credit94W
Departmental Manpower94W
Departmental Ministerial Policy Advisers95W
Housing Benefit95W
Personal Savings: Children95W
Pregnant Women: Grants96W
Private Sector: Manpower96W
Public Finance96W
Public Sector: Manpower97W
Research and Development Tax Credit97W
Stamp Duty Land Tax98W
Taxation: Banks98W
VAT: Birmingham99W
VAT: Charities100W
Welfare Tax Credits: Bishop Auckland100W
Welfare Tax Credits: Lancashire101W
Welfare Tax Credits: Stirling101W
Cabinet Committees21W
Departmental Lost Property22W
Women and Equalities50W
Equal Opportunities: Candidates50W
Work and Pensions101W
BP: Gulf of Mexico101W
Children: Maintenance102W
Departmental NDPBs104W
Employment and Support Allowance103W
Floors: Safety104W
Housing Benefit105W
Housing Benefit110W
Incapacity Benefit106W
National Employment Savings Trust106W
Oil: Safety108W
State Retirement Pensions109W
Unemployed People: Training109W

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