Contents for Tuesday 6 July 2010

Oral Answers to Questions [see index inside back page] [Col. 153]

Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs [Col. ]

Treatment of Detainees [Col. 175]

Statement-(Prime Minister) [Col. ]

Finance Bill [Col. 194]

Motion for Second Reading-(Danny Alexander)-on a Division, agreed to [Col. ]

Petition [Col. 342]

Llanishen Reservoir [Col. 344]

Debate on motion for Adjournment [Col. ]

Westminster Hall [Col. 1WH]

Terrorism (Northern Ireland) [Col. 1WH]

DNA and CCTV (Crime Prevention) [Col. 22WH]

Child Health (Nottingham) [Col. 46WH]

Newark Hospital [Col. 54WH]

Community Policing [Col. 61WH]

Debates on motion for Adjournment [Col. ]

Written Ministerial Statements [Col. 3WS]

Petitions [Col. 1P]

Observations [Col. ]

Remaining bagged petition to be bagged next sitting day [Col. ]

Written Answers to Questions [see index inside back page] [Col. 135W]

Ministerial Corrections [Col. 1MC]

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