Oral Answers

Monday 12 July 2010

Academies Bill652
Academy Status641
Academy Status646
Academy Status649
Building Schools for the Future Programme639
Child Protection643
Early-years Provision649
Free School Meals645
Free School Meals651
Funding (Hexham)650
Local Education Partnerships647
Poor Families (Assistance)641
Professional Development (Teachers)650
Public Spending643
School Discipline646
Special Educational Needs653
Teachers Pay (Wales)652
Topical Questions654

Written Ministerial Statements

Monday 12 July 2010

Cabinet Office17WS
National School of Government17WS
Children's Commissioner for England17WS
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs18WS
Agriculture and Fisheries Council (July)20WS
Agriculture and Fisheries Council (June)18WS
Work and Pensions21WS
Ageing Well Programme21WS

Written Answers

Monday 12 July 2010

Departmental Speeches462W
Business, Innovation and Skills553W
Business: Billing553W
Business: Females553W
Business: Government Assistance554W
Copyright Tribunal554W
Departmental Public Expenditure554W
Departmental Reorganisation555W
EU Law555W
Flexible Working555W
Post Codes: Databases556W
Post Offices556W
Post Offices: Public Consultation556W
Public Houses557W
Research and Development Tax Credit557W
Science: Higher Education557W
Cabinet Office595W
Bowel Cancer595W
Departmental Buildings597W
Departmental Conferences597W
Departmental Directors597W
Departmental Equality597W
Departmental ICT598W
Departmental Internet598W
Departmental Marketing598W
Departmental Official Cars598W
Departmental Reorganisation598W
Departmental Security599W
Departmental Utilities599W
Departmental Written Questions599W
Electoral Register599W
OGC Buying Solutions: Official Hospitality600W
Communities and Local Government486W
Affordable Housing486W
Affordable Housing: Ashton-in-Makerfield487W
Affordable Housing: Bristol487W
Affordable Housing Delivery Commission486W
Affordable Housing: Greater Manchester487W
Affordable Housing: Houghton-le-Spring487W
Affordable Housing: Standards488W
Affordable Housing: Worsley488W
Council Housing: Construction488W
Departmental Human Resources489W
Departmental NDPBs490W
Departmental Offices490W
Departmental Public Expenditure490W
Departmental Sponsorship493W
Departmental Temporary Employment494W
East of England Development Agency: Internet494W
Empty Property: Greater London494W
Housing: Asbestos495W
Housing: Bristol495W
Housing: Construction495W
Housing: Regeneration496W
Local Government: Publicity497W
Mortgages: Government Assistance497W
National Policy Statements497W
Non-domestic Rates498W
Ordnance Survey498W
Private Rented Housing498W
Social Rented Housing: Argyll and Bute499W
Social Rented Housing: Birmingham499W
Social Rented Housing: Lambeth499W
Social Rented Housing: Lewisham499W
Social Rented Housing: Peterborough500W
Culture, Media and Sport463W
Arts: Brighton463W
Camelot Group464W
Copyright: Music465W
Departmental Offices465W
Film: Finance465W
Olympic Games 2012: Construction465W
Olympic Games 2012: Dartford466W
Olympic Games 2012: East Midlands466W
Olympic Games 2012: Hertfordshire466W
Afghanistan: Peacekeeping Operations445W
Armed Forces: Vehicles445W
Colombia: Military Aid446W
Departmental Speeches446W
Historical Enquiries Team446W
Iraq: Peacekeeping Operations446W
Military Bases: Safety447W
Deputy Prime Minister580W
Constituencies: Sheffield581W
Diamond Jubilee 2012581W
Elections: Registration581W
Electoral Systems: Referendums582W
Academies Bill559W
Academies: Food561W
Academies: Tamworth561W
Academies: Wigan561W
Academy Status560W
Care Proceedings562W
Children: Carers563W
Children: Databases563W
Children of Armed Forces Personnel558W
Departmental Catering564W
Departmental Conferences564W
Departmental Furniture564W
Departmental Postal Services565W
Departmental Public Expenditure565W
Departmental Travel565W
Education: Finance566W
Education Maintenance Allowance566W
Education: Public Appointments567W
Foster Care567W
Free School Meals567W
Free School Meals: North East569W
Free Schools558W
Further Education569W
GCSE: Leicester569W
Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education570W
Pupils: Disadvantaged570W
Pupils: Heart Diseases570W
Pupils: Per Capita Costs571W
Pupils: Sikhs572W
School Discipline558W
School League Tables558W
Schools: Discipline573W
Schools: Erewash573W
Schools: Finance573W
Schools: Leeds574W
Schools: Management574W
Schools: Sports575W
Schools: Standards575W
Schools: Transport575W
Science: GCE A-level575W
Sixth Form Colleges: Inspections576W
Sixth Form Education576W
Sixth Form Education: Tamworth576W
Special Educational Needs576W
Teach First Programme560W
Teachers: Hartlepool577W
Teachers: Retirement579W
Teachers: Training579W
Written Questions: Government Responses579W
Young People: Bradford579W
Young People: Unemployment580W
Youth Services: Bristol580W
Electoral Commission Committee447W
Electoral Register447W
Energy and Climate Change460W
BP: Gulf of Mexico460W
Departmental Lighting461W
Departmental Marketing461W
Departmental Official Cars461W
Departmental Training461W
Energy: Subsidies461W
Wind Power: Yorkshire and the Humber462W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs452W
Boilers: Biofuels455W
Departmental Official Cars455W
Departmental Public Expenditure456W
Environment: Internet456W
Flood Control: EU Law456W
Water Supply: Hertfordshire457W
Wildlife: Crime457W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office504W
Anti-Semitism: International Cooperation505W
British Nationality: Prisoners506W
Central Asia508W
College of Europe: Scholarships508W
Colombia: Trade Unions508W
Departmental Written Questions509W
Embassies: Buildings509W
EU Law: Fines510W
European External Action Service510W
Ghana: Official Visits511W
Indonesia: Human Rights511W
Israel: Passports511W
Middle East: Armed Conflict511W
Nepal: Religious Freedom513W
Nigeria: Foreign Relations513W
Palestinians: International Assistance513W
Russia: Extradition516W
United Nations: Climate Change516W
Bowel Cancer: Screening473W
Carers: Young People474W
CJD: Screening476W
Clinical Physiologists: Regulation476W
Departmental Consultants476W
Departmental Electronic Equipment477W
Departmental Internet477W
Departmental Offices477W
Departmental Official Cars478W
Departmental Public Expenditure478W
Departmental Speeches478W
General Practitioners478W
General Practitioners: Telephone Services478W
Health Professions: English Language478W
Health Services: Greater Manchester479W
Health: Tobacco479W
Leeds General Infirmary479W
Mental Health Services: Children480W
Mental Health Services: Ex-servicemen480W
NHS: Accountability481W
NHS: Databases481W
NHS: Drugs482W
NHS: Internet482W
Nurses: Pay483W
Nurses: Training483W
Parkinson's Disease: Drugs483W
Patients' Rights: EU Action484W
Peterborough Primary Care Trust: Debts484W
Prescription Drugs484W
Prescriptions: Fees and Charges485W
Prion Diseases: Health Services485W
Home Department550W
Counter-terrorism: Birmingham550W
Dorset Police: Promotion551W
Entry Clearances: Overseas Students552W
Immigration Controls: English Language552W
Police: Demonstrations552W
House of Commons Commission452W
Members: ICT452W
Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority Committee443W
Members: Bank Services443W
Members: Finance443W
Members: Security444W
Members: Training444W
Members: Travel444W
Members' Staff: Training443W
Telephone Services444W
International Development500W
Bangladesh: Overseas Aid500W
Departmental Manpower501W
Departmental Official Cars501W
Departmental Photographs504W
Departmental Reorganisation502W
Departmental Training502W
Developing Countries: Infant Mortality502W
Guinea: Overseas Aid502W
International Assistance: Health Services503W
Palestinians: International Assistance504W
UN Millennium Development Goals: Meetings504W
Ammanford Magistrates Court582W
Annual Reports583W
Asbestos: Compensation583W
Courts: Attendance584W
Departmental Buildings585W
Departmental Human Resources585W
Departmental Official Cars585W
Departmental Reorganisation586W
Departmental Training586W
First Offenders: Custodial Treatment586W
Magistrates Courts588W
Magistrates Courts: Closures587W
Magistrates Courts: Nottinghamshire589W
Offenders: Deportation589W
Offensive Weapons: Prosecutions589W
Prisons: Population591W
Sentencing: Knives592W
Stop And Search: Ethnic Groups592W
Leader of the House473W
Members: Allowances473W
Prime Minister463W
Official Residences463W
Representation of Welsh interests463W
Departmental Speeches458W
Economic Situation: Scotland458W
Papal Visit to Scotland459W
Retail Trade: Scotland459W
VAT: Scotland459W
Video Games460W
Departmental Offices468W
Departmental Official Cars468W
Freight: Carbon Emissions468W
Large Goods Vehicles: A1468W
Motorways: Closures469W
Railways: Scotland470W
Railways: Standards470W
Roads: Accidents472W
Bank Levy535W
Business: Government Assistance535W
Child Tax Credit536W
Climate Change Levy536W
Departmental Buildings537W
Departmental Equality537W
Energy: Subsidies535W
Equitable Life Assurance Society: Compensation538W
European Parliament: Finance538W
Gift Aid539W
Insolvency: Football539W
Loans: Sheffield Forgemasters539W
Office for Budget Responsibility: Public Appointments540W
Pregnant Women: Grants540W
Public Expenditure541W
Public Expenditure: Wales541W
Public Finance541W
Public Sector: Pensions542W
Revenue and Customs: Northern Ireland543W
Self-Employed Contributions: Fraud544W
Tax Avoidance544W
Taxation: Banks545W
Taxation: Environment Protection545W
Taxation: Gaming Machines546W
Taxation: Self-Assessment546W
Taxation: Sheffield Forgemasters546W
VAT: Charities546W
VAT: Fuel Poverty546W
Welfare State: Reform547W
Welfare Tax Credits547W
Welfare Tax Credits: Birmingham549W
Welfare Tax Credits: Greater London549W
Working Tax Credit549W
Working Tax Credit: Birmingham549W
Departmental Electronic Equipment448W
Departmental ICT448W
Departmental Lighting448W
Departmental Marketing449W
Departmental Official Cars449W
Departmental Official Hospitality449W
Departmental Regulation450W
Departmental Security450W
Departmental Stationery450W
Departmental Training450W
Departmental Travel451W
Departmental Utilities451W
Work and Pensions517W
Children: Maintenance517W
Disability Living Allowance: Dartford517W
Future Jobs Fund: Greater London518W
Future Jobs Fund: Tower Hamlets518W
Housing Benefit519W
Incapacity Benefit: Medical Examinations525W
Jobseeker's Allowance525W
Jobseeker's Allowance: Greater London527W
Jobseeker's Allowance: Lewisham527W
Lone Parents: Bishop Auckland527W
Lone Parents: Greater Manchester527W
Lone Parents: Houghton and Sunderland South528W
Lone Parents: Hull528W
Medical Examinations528W
Pension Protection Fund529W
Pensioners: Bristol531W
Pensions: Public Sector531W
Social Security Benefits532W
Social Security Benefits: Disability533W
Social Security Benefits: Overpayments534W

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