Oral Answers

Thursday 15 July 2010

Communities and Local Government1069
Business Rates (Small Businesses)1071
Government Office for the North West1076
Home Information Packs1069
Housing Benefit1080
Housing Market Renewal1078
Landlords/Agents (Regulation)1070
Local Authorities (Administrative Burden)1081
Non-departmental Public Bodies1074
Regional Spatial Strategies1073
Regional Spatial Strategies1082
Third Sector (Funding)1081
Topical Questions1083
Travellers (Local Authority Powers)1079

Written Ministerial Statements

Thursday 15 July 2010

Business, Innovation and Skills35WS
London Development Agency (Savings 2010-11)36WS
South West and Yorkshire and Humber Regional Committees35WS
Communities and Local Government37WS
East Midlands, South East and West Midlands Regional Committee37WS
Culture, Media and Sport40WS
Broadband Industry Day40WS
Energy and Climate Change40WS
Draft Energy National Policy Statements (Consultation)40WS
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs41WS
Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science41WS
Foreign and Commonwealth Office41WS
European Union: Explanatory Memoranda 9 June 2010 - 9 July 201041WS
Overseas Doctors (Out-of-hours Services)41WS
Home Department42WS
Immigration Rules42WS
Crossrail: Annual Update43WS
Terrorist Asset-Freezing36WS
Work and Pensions43WS
Social Fund Reports (2009-10)43WS

Written Answers

Thursday 15 July 2010

Departmental Electronic Equipment862W
Departmental Official Cars862W
Departmental Training863W
Business, Innovation and Skills873W
Advantage West Midlands873W
Apprentices: West Midlands875W
Batteries: Recycling875W
Business: Bexley877W
Business: Government Assistance877W
Business Links876W
Business Links: Expenditure876W
Business: North East877W
Business: Regulation877W
Companies: Registration879W
Electric Vehicles880W
Finance Yorkshire880W
Foreign Investment in UK: North West881W
Further Education882W
Further Education: Finance882W
Members: Correspondence882W
One NorthEast882W
Regional Development Agencies883W
Regional Development Agencies: West Midlands883W
Sector Skills Councils883W
Sixth Form Colleges: Capital Investment884W
Vocational Training: West Midlands885W
Cabinet Office870W
Business: Bexley870W
Departmental Public Expenditure870W
Departmental Speeches870W
Departmental Training871W
Jobseeker's Allowance: Norwich871W
Lone Parents: Birmingham872W
Lone Parents: Milton Keynes872W
National Citizen Service873W
Communities and Local Government903W
Business Rates: Small Businesses904W
Chief Fire Officers Association905W
Decent Homes Programme903W
Departmental Legal Costs905W
Departmental Location906W
Fire Services906W
Fire Services: Crimes of Violence906W
Government Office for the North East907W
Housing Market Renewal904W
Local Authorities: Debt Advice904W
Local Government Finance907W
Local Government Finance: Sunderland907W
Local Government: Manpower908W
Non-domestic Rates908W
Property Development: Floods908W
Rescue Services: Finance909W
Strata Homes904W
Culture, Media and Sport828W
Arts: Employment828W
Digital Broadcasting: Radio828W
Mass Media: Reviews828W
Music: Finance828W
Afghanistan: Peacekeeping Operations817W
Armed Forces: Families818W
Armed Forces: Health Services819W
Armed Forces: Housing820W
Armed Forces: Northern Ireland820W
Armed Forces: Vocational Guidance819W
Departmental Lost Property821W
Ex-Servicemen: West Midlands821W
Red Arrows821W
Reserve Forces821W
Deputy Prime Minister909W
Departmental Speeches909W
Electoral Commission909W
Electoral Systems: Referendums909W
Academies: Salisbury894W
Departmental Buildings894W
Departmental ICT895W
Departmental NDPBs895W
Departmental Official Hospitality896W
Departmental Public Expenditure896W
Departmental Speeches897W
Departmental Training897W
Health Education897W
Parents: Local Government Services897W
Schools: Discipline901W
Schools: Finance901W
Schools: Management902W
Young People: Unemployed902W
Energy and Climate Change846W
Office for Renewable Energy Development846W
Oil Rigs847W
Renewable Energy: Feed-in Tariffs847W
Wind Power848W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs854W
Agriculture: Research854W
Bovine Tuberculosis: Disease Control855W
Departmental Private Roads856W
Domestic Waste: Recycling857W
Genetically Modified Organisms858W
GM Inspectorate: Expenditure858W
Inland Waterways: Dredging859W
Phytophthora Ramorum860W
Public Sector: Procurement861W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office863W
Armenia: Genocide864W
Departmental Location864W
Departmental Lost Property864W
Departmental Offices865W
Departmental Sick Leave865W
Diplomatic Service: Redundancy867W
Iran: Baha'i Faith867W
Iran: Capital Punishment868W
Iran: Human Rights868W
Iraq: Embassies868W
Kyrgyzistan: Politics and Government869W
Michael Binnington and Luke Atkinson869W
USA: Pakistan869W
Yemen: Counter-terrorism870W
Alcoholic Drinks: Misuse885W
Continuing Care885W
Departmental Legal Costs886W
Departmental Official Cars886W
Departmental Training886W
Departmental Travel887W
General Practitioners888W
NHS: Discharges889W
Patient (Assisted Dying) Bill889W
Tobacco: Young People891W
Home Department834W
British Crime Survey834W
Community Policing834W
Crime: Anti-Semitism834W
Criminal Records: Vetting835W
Departmental Public Expenditure835W
Entry Clearances: Overseas Students836W
Football Banning Orders836W
Forensic Science: DNA836W
Forgery: Coinage837W
Fraud: Credit Cards838W
Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill838W
Prosecutions: Anti-Semitism838W
Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority Committee902W
Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority: Members902W
International Development891W
Afghanistan: Overseas Aid891W
Democratic Republic of Congo: Forestry891W
Departmental Manpower892W
Forests: Carbon Emissions893W
Haiti: Earthquakes893W
Overseas Trade: Ethics894W
Crime: Voluntary Work822W
Crown Dependency823W
European Court of Human Rights823W
Extradition: Cyprus823W
Gary Critchley822W
Magistrates Courts: Closures824W
Offences Against Children824W
Prison Sentences: Drugs825W
Sark: Politics and Government827W
Unpaid Fines: Staffordshire827W
Prime Minister845W
Departmental Responsibilities: Armed Forces845W
Official Gifts845W
Public Sector846W
Departmental Civil Servants815W
Departmental ICT815W
Departmental Meetings816W
Departmental Utilities816W
Economic Situation: Scotland815W
Merchant Shipping816W
Trade Unions: Shipbuilding817W
Voting Systems: Scotland817W
Airports: Security829W
Bus Services: Concessions829W
Coventry-Nuneaton Railway Line829W
Departmental Buildings830W
Departmental Conferences830W
Departmental Electronic Equipment830W
Departmental Legal Costs830W
Departmental Training830W
Departmental Visual Arts830W
Government Car and Despatch Agency831W
Hucknall Inner Relief Road831W
Railways: Fares832W
Speed Limits: Urban Areas832W
Bank Levy911W
Banks: Finance911W
Budget Responsibility Committee911W
Car Allowances911W
Child Benefit912W
Child Benefit: Dudley912W
Child Tax Credit: West Midlands913W
Corporation Tax914W
Departmental Buildings914W
Departmental Data Protection914W
Departmental Reorganisation914W
Rents: Edinburgh915W
Revenue and Customs: Northern Ireland915W
Royal Liverpool University Hospital915W
Tax Avoidance: Self-employed916W
Taxation: Business916W
Taxation: Holiday Accommodation916W
VAT: Construction917W
VAT: West Midlands917W
Welfare Tax Credits918W
Welfare Tax Credits: Dudley919W
Welfare Tax Credits: Edinburgh919W
Welfare Tax Credits: Scotland920W
Welfare Tax Credits: Stirling920W
Working Tax Credit920W
Departmental Buildings832W
Departmental Legal Costs833W
Departmental Official Cars833W
Fabian Plant: Closures833W
Housing Revenue Accounts833W
Women and Equalities910W
Equal Pay: Gender910W
Equality: Legislation910W
Work and Pensions848W
Allergies: Lost Working Days848W
Disability Living Allowance848W
Housing Benefit849W
Housing Benefit: Greater London850W
Housing Benefit: Hampstead851W
Housing Benefit: Worcestershire851W
Jobseeker's Allowance: Lone Parents852W
Pensioners: West Sussex852W
Social Security Benefits: Disability852W
Social Security Benefits: Motherwell854W
Social Security Benefits: Uprating853W

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