Oral Answers

Tuesday 20 July 2010

Administrative Penalties154
Community Service Sentences155
Complaint Systems (Victims of Crime)158
Crown Dependencies158
Defendant Anonymity (Rape Cases)160
Foreign National Prisoners164
Human Rights Act 1998156
Magistrates Courts157
National Offender Management Service159
Prisoner Numbers165
Prisoner Release (Risk Assessment)153
Reoffending Rates163
Short Prison Sentences166
Topical Questions168
Universal Jurisdiction Offences (Prosecution)165
Wisbech Magistrates Court167
Young Offenders161

Written Ministerial Statements

Tuesday 20 July 2010

Business, Innovation and Skills7WS
"A Strategy for Sustainable Growth"7WS
Culture, Media and Sport8WS
Sport (Priorities)8WS
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs9WS
Rural Payments Agency9WS
Commission on the Funding of Care and Support10WS
Home Department11WS
Serious Organised Crime Agency (Annual Report)11WS
Bribery Act11WS
Prime Minister12WS
Machinery of Government Changes12WS
Office of Tax Simplification8WS

Written Answers

Tuesday 20 July 2010

Departmental Billing173W
Departmental Civil Servants173W
Business, Innovation and Skills289W
Adult Education: Finance289W
Adult Education: Incapacity Benefit291W
Apprentices: Construction291W
Apprentices: West Midlands292W
Building Schools for the Future Programme293W
Business: EU Law293W
Business: Government Assistance293W
Civil Servants: Location293W
Credit: Low Incomes294W
Departmental Equality294W
Departmental NDPBs295W
Departmental Official Cars295W
Departmental Public Consultation295W
Departmental Travel295W
East of England Development Agency: Internet296W
Farnborough Airshow296W
Manufacturing Industries: Employment297W
Motorsport and Aerospace298W
National Composite Centre299W
Post Offices: Bank Services300W
Regional Growth Fund300W
Sector Skills Councils300W
Sunday Trading: Christmas301W
Unemployment: Young People301W
Cabinet Office305W
Lone Parents: Durham305W
Lone Parents: Newport306W
Communities and Local Government212W
Departmental Civil Servants212W
Departmental Equality212W
Departmental Legislation213W
Departmental Manpower213W
Departmental Official Cars213W
Departmental Operating Costs213W
Departmental Pay214W
Departmental Training214W
Departmental Travel214W
EU Law215W
Faiths Consultative Council215W
Fire Services216W
Green Belt216W
Housing: Construction218W
Housing: Empty Property219W
Housing: Regeneration219W
Local Government Finance: West Midlands220W
Local Government Services220W
Mortgages: Government Assistance221W
Non-domestic Rates: Ports222W
Regional Development Agencies223W
Transport: Finance223W
Travellers: Caravan Sites223W
Yorkshire Dales National Park: Public Consultation224W
Culture, Media and Sport194W
Arts Industry194W
Departmental ICT194W
Departmental Manpower195W
Departmental Official Hospitality195W
Digital Broadcasting: Radio196W
London 2012 Business Network196W
Public Libraries: Expenditure197W
Television: Licensing197W
Theatres: Young People197W
Afghanistan: Peacekeeping Operations179W
Armed Forces: Housing180W
Armed Forces: Mental Health Services181W
Army: Radio181W
Chiefs of Staff: Expenses181W
Defence Equipment181W
Iraq and Afghanistan: Members182W
Military Bases182W
Type 45 Destroyers183W
Deputy Prime Minister248W
Departmental Internet248W
Electoral Register249W
Voting Rights: Prisoners252W
Departmental Buildings260W
Departmental Public Expenditure260W
Departmental Reorganisation261W
Departmental Utilities261W
EC Law261W
Education Maintenance Allowance262W
Education: Public Expenditure262W
Free School Meals: Greater Manchester262W
GCE A-Level263W
GCSE: Enfield North263W
National Curriculum Tests264W
Schools: Rural Areas265W
Schools: Transport265W
Short-Stay Schools266W
Short-Stay Schools: Special Educational Needs266W
Special Educational Needs: Teachers269W
Young People: Antisocial Behaviour270W
Electoral Commission Committee252W
Electoral Register252W
Labour Party: Finance252W
Energy and Climate Change240W
Carbon Emissions240W
Departmental Official Cars240W
Departmental Regulations240W
Departmental Responsibilities240W
Departmental Secondment241W
Departmental Training241W
Energy: Public Buildings241W
National Grid: Security242W
Radioactive Waste: Waste Management243W
Renewable Energy244W
Wind Power: Planning Permission246W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs174W
Birds: Licensing174W
Fisheries: Quotas175W
Hill Farming177W
Marine Disposal: Rame Head South177W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office189W
Afghanistan: International Assistance189W
Afghanistan: Peacekeeping Operations189W
Afghanistan: Politics and Government190W
Asia: International Cooperation190W
Departmental Billing191W
English Channel191W
European Parliament191W
European Parliament Elections191W
Forced Marriage192W
Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty192W
Palestinians: Politics and Government193W
Western Sahara: Politics and Government194W
Departmental Billing203W
Departmental Civil Servants204W
Dietary Supplements204W
Doctors and Nurses: Foreign Workers205W
Food Standards Agency205W
General Practitioners205W
Health Services: Standards206W
Macfarlane Trust: Finance206W
Mental Health Services: Ex-servicemen206W
NHS: Abortion207W
NHS: Local Government207W
Patients' Rights: EU Action208W
Streptococcal Infections: Babies208W
Sunbeds: Young People209W
Sutton and Merton Primary Care Trust: Finance209W
Swine Flu: Death209W
Swine Flu: Disease Control210W
Swine Flu: Vaccination210W
Wharfedale Hospital212W
Home Department198W
Civil Partnerships198W
Departmental Official Cars198W
Domestic Violence198W
Domestic Violence: Refuges198W
Forensic Science: DNA199W
Immigration Controls200W
Immigration: Departmental Co-ordination200W
Immobilisation of Vehicles200W
Offensive Weapons201W
Sexual Offences201W
Sojourner Project202W
Violent and Sex Offender Register202W
Violent and Sex Offender Register: Offences Against Children203W
House of Commons Commission247W
Early Day Motions247W
House of Commons Commission: Finance247W
House of Commons: Parking248W
Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority Committee257W
Members: Addresses257W
Members: Claims258W
Members: Training259W
International Development270W
Developing Countries: Food270W
International Assistance270W
Overseas Aid270W
Convictions: Fly-tipping226W
Convictions: Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000225W
Court Cases: Adjournment225W
Courts: Fines227W
Courts: Video Equipment229W
Departmental Civil Servants233W
Gary Critchley234W
Hillsborough Disaster224W
Legal Aid: Clinical Negligence Cases224W
Magistrates Courts224W
Non-molestation Orders235W
Offences Against Children: Foster Care235W
Offenders: Risk Assessment234W
Prison Officers: Pay and Pensions225W
Prison Sentences235W
Prison Service: Manpower236W
Prison Service: Probation Service236W
Prisoners: Drugs236W
Prisoners: Per Capita Costs237W
Tribunals: Disability Living Allowance239W
War Crimes239W
Northern Ireland178W
Departmental Billing178W
Broadband: Scotland178W
Departmental Ministerial Policy Advisers179W
Departmental Press: Subscriptions179W
Departmental Lighting184W
Driving: Training183W
Electric Vehicles185W
Merchant Shipping186W
Motor Vehicles: Excise Duties187W
Railways: East Anglia187W
Railways: Overcrowding187W
Railways: Theft188W
Roads: Nottinghamshire188W
Sea Rescue188W
Speed Limits: Cameras188W
Vehicle Operator Services Agency189W
Banks: Finance253W
BP: Gulf of Mexico253W
Coinage: Anniversaries253W
Departmental Billing253W
Departmental Civil Servants254W
Departmental Secondment254W
Equitable Life Assurance Society: Compensation254W
Housing: Rents254W
Public Sector: North East255W
Research and Development Tax Credit255W
State Retirement Pensions255W
VAT: Religious Buildings257W
VAT: Wales258W
Departmental Civil Servants174W
Women and Equalities246W
Departmental Location246W
Equal Pay: Gender246W
Work and Pensions271W
Carer's Allowance271W
Departmental Official Photographs271W
Departmental Reorganisation272W
Departmental Temporary Employment272W
Disability Living Allowance272W
Employment and Support Allowance: Arthritis273W
Employment Schemes273W
Employment Schemes: Young People274W
Flexible Working: Disability274W
Funeral Payments: West Midlands274W
Future Jobs Fund275W
Government Departments: Recruitment275W
Housing Benefit275W
Housing Benefit: Ashton-in-Makerfield278W
Housing Benefit: Bexley278W
Housing Benefit: Jobseeker's Allowance279W
Jobcentre Plus: Telephone Services279W
Jobseeker's Allowance: Greater London280W
Jobseeker's Allowance: Liverpool280W
Jobseeker's Allowance: Lone Parents280W
Maternity Benefits281W
Mortgages: Government Assistance281W
Pension Credit: West Midlands282W
Pensioners: Bristol282W
Pensioners: Edinburgh282W
Pensioners: Greater London283W
Pensioners: Liverpool283W
Social Security Benefits: Disability284W
Social Security Benefits: Liverpool286W
Temporary Employment287W
Unemployment Benefits: Drugs287W

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