Written Answers

Monday 4 October 2010

Communities and Local Government1271W
      Alcoholic Drinks: Prices1271W
      Councillors: Codes of Practice1272W
      Departmental Chief Scientific Advisers1272W
      Departmental Press: Subscriptions1272W
      Fire Services1272W
      Fires: Hoaxes and False Alarms1273W
      Housing: Construction1273W
      Local Government: Greater Manchester1273W
      Ordnance Survey: Public Relations1274W
      Rights of Way1274W
      Afghanistan: Peacekeeping Operations1305W
      Aircraft Carriers1306W
      Armed Forces: Education1308W
      Armed Forces: Foreign Workers1308W
      Armed Forces: Officers1309W
      Armed Forces: Public Appointments1309W
      Armed Forces: Uniforms1310W
      Astute Class Submarines1311W
      Christopher Myers1311W
      Defence Estates1311W
      Defence: Expenditure1311W
      Defence: Procurement1312W
      Departmental Chief Scientific Advisers1312W
      Departmental Manpower1313W
      Departmental Official Hospitality1313W
      Departmental Public Expenditure1314W
      Ex-servicemen: Housing1314W
      France: Unmanned Air Vehicles1315W
      HMS Endurance1316W
      Iraq: Peacekeeping Operations1316W
      Military Exercises1316W
      Parachute Regiment1316W
      Piracy: Deployment1317W
      RAF St Athan1317W
      Wind Power1317W
      World War I: War Memorials1318W
      Academies: Durham1275W
      Academies: Gateshead1275W
      Academies: Hartlepool1275W
      Academies: Pay1275W
      Academies: Redundancy1276W
      Academies: Salisbury1276W
      Building Schools for the Future Programme1276W
      Building Schools for the Future Programme: Bolton1277W
      Children: Autism1277W
      Children: Databases1278W
      Children: Protection1278W
      Children's Centres1280W
      Classroom Assistants1280W
      Departmental Billing1280W
      Departmental Equality1281W
      Departmental Furniture1282W
      Departmental Official Hospitality1282W
      Departmental Pay1283W
      Departmental Public Expenditure1283W
      Education: Finance1286W
      Education Maintenance Allowance1284W
      Education Maintenance Allowance: Greater Manchester1284W
      Education Maintenance Allowance: Lambeth1285W
      Education: Qualifications1286W
      Family Fund: Finance1286W
      Financial Services: Education1287W
      Free School Meals: Tyne and Wear1288W
      Free Schools1289W
      Freedom of Information1289W
      GCE A-level1289W
      Head Teachers: Length of Service1293W
      Ofsted: Contracts1293W
      Outdoor Education1294W
      Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education1294W
      Primary Education: Capital Investment1295W
      Primary Education: Languages1295W
      Pupil: Premium1296W
      Pupils: Bullying1295W
      Pupils: Multiple Births1297W
      Pupils: Per Capita Costs1298W
      Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency1297W
      Qualifications: Plumbing1299W
      School Meals: Standards1299W
      Schools: Anti-Semitism1299W
      Schools: Bedfordshire1300W
      Schools: Capital Investment1300W
      Schools: Discipline1300W
      Schools: Finance1300W
      Schools: Information and Communications Technology1301W
      Schools: Management1301W
      Schools: Manpower1302W
      Schools: Standards1302W
      Schools: Water1302W
      Secondary Education: Oldham1302W
      Special Educational Needs: Finance1303W
      Teachers and Classroom Assistants: Pay1303W
      Teachers: Pay1304W
      Teachers: Physics1304W
      Written Questions: Government Responses1304W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs1269W
      Chalk Streams1269W
      Common Agricultural Policy1269W
      Departmental ICT1269W
      Departmental Redundancy Pay1270W
      Food: Labelling1270W
      Marine Stewardship Council1270W
      Water: Meters1271W
      Audio Equipment: Health Hazards1319W
      Care Homes1320W
      Care Homes and Hospitals: CCTV1320W
      Childbirth: Health Education1321W
      Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease1321W
      Dementia: Bexley1322W
      Departmental Public Expenditure1322W
      Doctors: Manpower1322W
      General Medical Council1322W
      Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust: Clinical Trials1323W
      Health Services: Children1323W
      Hospitals: Infant Foods1323W
      Hospitals: Parking1324W
      Mental Health Services: Prisoners1324W
      Mental Illness: Prisoners1324W
      NHS: Foreign Workers1325W
      NHS: Manpower1325W
      NHS: Political Activities1326W
      School Milk1327W
      Social Services: Finance1329W
International Development1330W
      North Africa: Food1330W
      Palestinians: International Assistance1331W
      Departmental Buildings1318W
      Departmental Communication1319W
      Departmental ICT1319W
      Capital Gains Tax: Private Rented Housing1329W
      Child Tax Credit1329W
      Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme1330W
      Pregnant Women: Grants1330W
      State Retirement Pensions1330W
Work and Pensions1331W
      Carer's Allowance1331W
      Child Support Agency1332W
      Departmental Chief Scientific Advisers1332W
      Departmental Conferences1333W
      Departmental Databases1333W
      Disability Living Allowance1334W
      Employment Schemes: Down's Syndrome1334W
      Funeral Payments1335W
      Future Jobs Fund1335W
      Future Jobs Fund: West Lothian1336W
      Housing Benefit1336W
      Housing Benefit: East Lothian1337W
      Housing Benefit: Gateshead1337W
      Housing Benefit: Livingston1338W
      Housing Benefit: Local Housing Allowance1338W
      Housing Benefit: Reform1339W
      Housing Benefit: Scotland1340W
      Incapacity Benefit: Spinal Injuries1340W
      Independent Living Fund1341W
      Jobcentre Plus: Closures1341W
      Pensioners: Cost of Living1342W
      Poverty: Disability1342W
      Social Security Benefits: Appeals1343W
      Social Security Benefits: Disability1344W
      Social Security Benefits: Kent1344W
      Social Security Benefits: Medical Examinations1344W
      Social Security Benefits: Mental Illness1345W
      Social Security Benefits: Scotland1346W
      Winter Fuel Payments1346W
      Winter Fuel Payments: British Nationals Abroad1347W
      Winter Fuel Payments: Kent1349W