Oral Answers

Monday 18 October 2010

Work and Pensions607
Benefit Dependency617
Benefit Fraud615
Carer's Allowance619
Child Support616
Child Support620
Equality (Disabled People)618
Incapacity Benefit611
Jobcentre Plus609
Mortgage Interest Payments619
Topical Questions622
Winter Fuel Allowance612
Work Capability Assessment613
Work Capability Assessment622
Work Programme607
Workplace Pensions (Automatic Enrolment)621

Written Ministerial Statements

Monday 18 October 2010

Business, Innovation and Skills41WS
Intellectual Property Office41WS
Cabinet Office41WS
"Common Sense, Common Safety"41WS
Energy and Climate Change42WS
Energy Policy42WS
NHS White Paper46WS
Prime Minister48WS
National Security Strategy48WS
Work and Pensions48WS
Benefits System (Fraud and Error)48WS

Written Answers

Monday 18 October 2010

David Kelly Death Inquiry436W
Departmental Drinking Water437W
Telephone Tapping437W
Business, Innovation and Skills595W
Aimhigher Programme: Merseyside595W
Broadband: Derbyshire596W
Business: Co-ownership597W
Business: Government Assistance598W
Business Link: Skipton596W
Business: Performance Standards599W
Daresbury Science and Innovation Campus599W
Debts: Advisory Services599W
Departmental Communication600W
Departmental Drinking Water600W
Departmental NDPBs600W
Departmental Responsibilities601W
East of England Development Agency: Great Yarmouth601W
Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme601W
Export Credit Guarantees602W
Further Education: Capital Investment602W
Further Education: Curriculum602W
Further Education: Degrees603W
Further Education: Finance603W
Higher Education: Admissions603W
Higher Education: Chester604W
Higher Education: Grants604W
Higher Education: Overseas Students604W
Internet: Wi-fi606W
Local Enterprise Partnerships606W
Local Enterprise Partnerships: East of England607W
Mature Students: Bexley607W
Motor Vehicles: Manufacturing Industries607W
Overseas Trade: Philippines607W
Part-time Education: Bexley608W
Power Stations608W
Public Expenditure609W
Regional Development Agencies609W
Royal Mail609W
Science: Economic Growth610W
Small Businesses: Coastal Areas610W
Small Businesses: Retirement611W
Students: Finance611W
Students: Loans612W
Supermarkets: Competition613W
Training: Devon614W
Vocational Training614W
Cabinet Office514W
Cancer: Females514W
Chief Scientific Adviser515W
Civil Servants: Redundancy Pay515W
Departmental Secondment516W
National Security Council516W
Communities and Local Government498W
Affordable Housing498W
Audit Commission499W
Audit Commission: Plants500W
Audit Commission: Publications500W
Construction: Architecture501W
Departmental Carbon Emissions501W
Departmental Contracts502W
Departmental Drinking Water502W
Departmental Manpower502W
Departmental NDPBs502W
Departmental Plants503W
Departmental Work Experience503W
Empty Dwelling Management Orders503W
EU Grants and Loans504W
Fire Services504W
Fire Services: Accountability504W
Fire Services: Finance504W
Fire Services: Redundancy505W
Government Offices for the Regions506W
Housing: Construction506W
Housing: Empty Property507W
Housing: Energy508W
Land Use508W
Local Development Frameworks508W
Local Enterprise Partnerships509W
Local Government Finance510W
Local Government: North West509W
Local Government: Public Consultation509W
Natural Gas: Storage511W
Non-domestic Rates511W
Non-domestic Rates: Renewable Energy511W
Planning Permission511W
Planning Permission: Public Consultation512W
Public Sector: Maps513W
Religious Buildings: Construction513W
Repossession Orders513W
Second Homes514W
Urban Areas: Regeneration514W
Culture, Media and Sport419W
Departmental Carbon Emissions419W
Departmental Drinking Water419W
Departmental Furniture419W
Departmental Manpower420W
Departmental Press: Subscriptions420W
Departmental Work Experience420W
Horse Racing: Betting421W
Listed Buildings421W
Newspaper Press: Subscriptions421W
Sports: Females421W
Voluntary Organisations: Contracts423W
Armed Forces: Deployment483W
Armed Forces: Families483W
Armed Forces: Food483W
Armed Forces: Pay484W
Armed Forces: Post-traumatic Stress Disorder485W
Armed Forces: Recruitment485W
Astute Class Submarines485W
Defence Equipment: Exports486W
Defence: Procurement486W
Departmental Manpower487W
Harrier Aircraft487W
Iraq: Military Decorations487W
Military Aircraft: Repairs and Maintenance487W
Military Decorations488W
NATO: Nuclear Weapons489W
Prisoners of War: Compensation489W
Syria: Cruise Missiles490W
USA: Military Alliances490W
Weapons: Testing491W
Wrecks: War Graves491W
Deputy Prime Minister497W
Bank of England497W
Departmental Manpower497W
General Election 2010: Fraud497W
Academies: Dartford461W
Departmental PFI463W
Departmental Regulation463W
Education Maintenance Allowance463W
Foreign Language464W
History: A-level466W
History: GCSE467W
History: GCSE and A-level473W
Multiple Birth Children474W
Primary Education: Capital Investment474W
Pupils: Asthma474W
Schools: Standards475W
Teachers: Qualifications475W
Energy and Climate Change476W
Circulator Pumps: Energy477W
Departmental Carbon Emissions477W
Departmental Legislation478W
Departmental Manpower478W
Departmental Recruitment478W
Departmental Work Experience479W
Energy: Prices479W
Fossil Fuels: Subsidies479W
Liquid Petroleum Gas479W
Nuclear Power Stations: Insurance480W
Nuclear Power Stations: Security481W
Oil: Arctic481W
Power Failures: Kent481W
Renewables Obligation: Biofuels481W
Rented Housing: Energy482W
Warm Front Scheme482W
Wind Power: Noise482W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs424W
Birds: Nature Conservation424W
Dairy Farming: Lincolnshire425W
Departmental Legislation425W
Departmental Manpower425W
Food: Production425W
Greenhouse Gas Emissions426W
Poultry: Animal Welfare427W
Poultry: EU Law427W
Recycling: Planning Permission428W
Rural Areas428W
Veterinary Services: Procurement428W
Wood: EU Law430W
Wood: Imports430W
World War II: Medals430W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office491W
Belarus: Religious Freedom491W
Burma: Christianity492W
Burma: Foreign Relations492W
Departmental Carbon Emissions492W
Departmental Public Expenditure492W
Departmental Recruitment493W
Ilois: Resettlement493W
Indonesia: Religious Freedom494W
Israel: Military Aid494W
Israel: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development494W
Palestinians: International Assistance495W
Poland: Political Parties495W
UN Security Council496W
UN Women496W
Asthma: Pupils564W
Children's Trusts565W
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Blood566W
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: Health Services567W
Contaminated Blood Products564W
Contaminated Blood Products567W
Dementia: Devon568W
Dental Services568W
Departmental Consultants568W
Departmental Drinking Water568W
Departmental Manpower569W
Departmental Work Experience569W
Diabetes: Medical Treatments569W
Drugs: Finance569W
Drugs: Misuse570W
Drugs: Rehabilitation570W
Epilepsy: Health Services571W
General Practitioners571W
General Practitioners: Finance573W
Health Services: Co-operatives573W
Health Services: North Yorkshire574W
Health Services: Rural Areas574W
Heart Diseases: Medical Equipment575W
HIV Infection: Health Services576W
Hospitals: Parking577W
Hospitals: Waiting Lists577W
Lister Hospital577W
Lung Diseases578W
Medical Records: Databases578W
Medicine: Education578W
Mental Health Services579W
Minor Injuries Units579W
Neuromuscular Care: Health Services580W
NHS: Accountability580W
NHS: Consultants581W
NHS: Debts581W
NHS: Finance582W
NHS: Manpower582W
NHS: Per Capita Costs583W
NHS: Redundancy583W
NHS Speech and Language Services580W
NHS: Standards585W
NHS: Training585W
North of Tyne Primary Care Trust: Per Capita Costs586W
Nurses: Training587W
Oesophageal Cancer587W
Respiratory System: Diseases588W
Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Older People589W
Sleep Apnoea593W
Social Services: Finance593W
Social Services: Older People593W
Stem Cells594W
Tobacco: Retail Trade594W
Home Department517W
Borders: Personal Records517W
Community Policing: Greater London517W
Constitution and Home Affairs517W
Departmental Carbon Emissions518W
Departmental Manpower518W
Departmental Public Expenditure519W
Departmental Recruitment520W
Departmental Redundancy Pay520W
Departmental Secondment520W
Entry Clearances520W
Entry Clearances: Skilled Workers521W
Extradition: USA521W
Freedom of Information Act 2000521W
Human Trafficking521W
Human Trafficking: Prostitution522W
Identity Theft522W
Immobilisation of Vehicles522W
Investigatory Powers Tribunal522W
Members: Correspondence523W
Missing Persons523W
Police: Accountability524W
Police: Crime Prevention526W
Police: Essex525W
Police: Finance527W
Police: Greater London527W
Police: Helicopters527W
Police National Computer524W
Police: Northumbria528W
Police: Procurement528W
Telephone Tapping529W
Yarl's Wood Detention Centre: Children531W
Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority Committee496W
Apex Communications496W
International Development439W
Burma: Refugees439W
Departmental Drinking Water439W
Departmental Manpower440W
Departmental Work Experience440W
Developing Countries: Co-operatives440W
Developing Countries: Disease Control441W
Developing Countries: Family Planning441W
Developing Countries: Maternity Services441W
International Assistance442W
International Assistance: Environment Protection442W
International Assistance: Fossil Fuels443W
Pakistan: Floods443W
Pakistan: Overseas Aid443W
Corruption: Legislation531W
Corruption: Public Service532W
County Courts : Public Transport532W
Courts: Expenditure532W
Courts: Fines533W
Criminal Proceedings: Legal Aid534W
Departmental Carbon Emissions535W
Departmental Legislation535W
Departmental Manpower535W
Departmental Recruitment536W
Expert Evidence: Legal Aid536W
Judges: Public Appointments537W
Legal Aid537W
Legal Aid: Contracts538W
Legal Services Commission: Contracts539W
Magistrates Courts540W
Magistrates: Public Appointments540W
Prisons: Drugs541W
Probation Service: Manpower541W
Rape: Victim Support Schemes541W
Regulation of Investigation Powers Act 2000542W
Reparation By Offenders543W
Squatting: Crime543W
Northern Ireland444W
Departmental Carbon Emissions444W
Departmental Drinking Water444W
Departmental Freedom of Information444W
Intelligence Services444W
Public Expenditure445W
Security Structure445W
Welfare State: Reform446W
Prime Minister437W
Appointments Commission437W
Departmental Ministerial Policy Advisers438W
Government: Ministers438W
Members: Correspondence438W
National Security Council438W
News International: News Corporation439W
Pope Benedict XVI439W
Bus Services431W
Cable Theft431W
Electric Vehicles431W
Galileo System432W
Highways Agency Staff: Injuries432W
Humber Bridge: Debts432W
Motor Vehicles: Registration433W
Motor Vehicles: Testing433W
Parking: Fees and Charges434W
Railways: Greater London434W
Roads: Deaths435W
Roads: Noise435W
Wind Power435W
Child Benefit544W
Child Trust Fund: Children in Care544W
Civil Servants: Pensions545W
Corporation Tax: Redcar545W
Departmental Carbon Emissions545W
Departmental ICT546W
Departmental Manpower548W
Departmental Private Finance Initiative548W
EU External Trade: Israel548W
EU Grants and Loans551W
EU Law: Fines551W
Excise Duties: Biofuels551W
Government Assets552W
Guardian's Allowance: Lone Parents552W
Income Tax: Redcar552W
International Monetary Fund552W
Members: Correspondence553W
National Insurance and PAYE553W
National Insurance Fund553W
PAYE: Chester554W
Private and Public Sector: Manpower555W
Revenue and Customs555W
Revenue and Customs: Manpower556W
Revenue and Customs: Telephone Services556W
Sheffield Forgemasters: Correspondence556W
Social Security Benefits: Greater Manchester556W
Spending Challenge Programme547W
State Retirement Pensions: Uprating557W
Tax Avoidance: Business558W
Tax Collection558W
Tax Collection: Enforcement559W
Tax Yields559W
Taxation: Environment Protection560W
Taxation: Holiday Accommodation560W
VAT: Churches561W
VAT: Electric Vehicles563W
Welfare Tax Credits and Child Benefit: Wales563W
Written Questions: Government Responses563W
Departmental Carbon Emissions436W
Housing Benefit: Wales436W
Identity and Passport Service: Newport Gwent436W
Work and Pensions446W
Child Poverty446W
Cold Weather Payments448W
Compulsory Retirement Age447W
Departmental Billing449W
Departmental Carbon Emissions449W
Departmental Manpower450W
Departmental Work Experience451W
Disability Living Allowance452W
Disabled People: Employment448W
Employment Assistance447W
Employment Schemes453W
Future Jobs Fund: East Ayrshire453W
Incapacity Benefit454W
Incapacity Benefit: Aberdeen454W
Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit455W
Jobcentre Plus: Gloucester455W
Jobseeker's Allowance: Fraud455W
Jobseeker's Allowance: Lone Parents456W
Occupational Pensions456W
Pension Funds: Trusts456W
Social Security Benefits456W
Social Security Benefits: Dartford457W
Social Security Benefits: Fraud457W
Social Security Benefits: Medical Examinations457W
State Retirement Pensions: Uprating458W
State Retirement Pensions: Uprating462W
Vocational Training458W
Voluntary Work: Industrial Health and Safety458W
Welfare State: Reform459W
Welfare to Work: Glasgow459W
Winter Fuel Payments460W
Work Capability Assessment447W
Work Capability Assessment: Per Capita Costs461W
Work Experience446W

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