Oral Answers

Thursday 21 October 2010

Communities and Local Government1111
Big Society Vanguard Communities1120
Community Assets1124
Directly Elected Mayors1124
Housing Development (Consultation)1117
Housing (Local Authorities)1112
Local Community Groups1125
Local Councillors1116
Local Government (Equal Opportunities)1111
New Homes1113
Non-departmental Bodies (Staff Costs)1115
Planning System1121
Regional Spatial Strategies1115
Small Business Rate Relief1123
Small Businesses1118
Standards Board for England1117
Sustainable Development1122
Topical Questions1126

Written Ministerial Statements

Thursday 21 October 2010

Business, Innovation and Skills57WS
Education (Student Support) Regulations 2009 (Amendment) Regulations 201057WS
Communities and Local Government58WS
Council Tax58WS
Culture, Media and Sport59WS
Spending Review Statement59WS
Court Fees (Public Law Family Proceedings)70WS
Immigration and Asylum Appeals (Fees)69WS
Bank Levy (Draft Legislation)57WS
National Assembly for Wales (Referendum on Law-making Powers)71WS

Written Answers

Thursday 21 October 2010

Business, Innovation and Skills866W
Apprentices: Businesses866W
Charity Research Support Fund866W
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome867W
Higher Education: Females867W
Higher Education: Finance867W
Higher Education: Private Sector868W
Higher Education: Sunderland868W
Mail Services: VAT868W
Manufacturing Industries: West Midlands869W
Public Finance870W
Small Businesses: Company Accounts870W
Women and Work Sector Pathways Initiative: Financial Support870W
Cabinet Office876W
Unemployment: Wolverhampton876W
Communities and Local Government813W
Buildings: Regulation815W
Decent Homes813W
Homelessness: Finance815W
Housing: Construction815W
Housing: CSR814W
Local Authorities: Administrative Burden814W
Local Authority Expenditure: Online Publication813W
Mental Illness816W
Mobile Phone Operators: Planning813W
Planning Inspectorate814W
Rough Sleepers814W
Shared Ownership Schemes813W
Culture, Media and Sport829W
Departmental Manpower829W
Mental Illness829W
National Lottery: Finance830W
AWE Management831W
Departmental Contracts832W
Departmental Disabled Staff832W
Departmental Freedom of Information833W
Departmental Travel833W
European Fighter Aircraft834W
Nuclear Power: Decommissioning834W
Service Personnel and Veterans Agency834W
USA: Arms Trade835W
Written Questions: Government Responses835W
Deputy Prime Minister877W
Departmental Rail Travel877W
Members: Conduct877W
Academies: Ealing873W
Building Schools for the Future Programme874W
Free Schools: Yorkshire and the Humber874W
School Leaving: Advisory Services874W
Electoral Commission Committee842W
Referendums: Wales842W
Energy and Climate Change862W
Carbon Emissions862W
Circulator Pumps: Energy862W
Departmental Sick Leave863W
Energy Bills863W
Energy: Meters864W
Energy Policy863W
Nuclear Power864W
Nuclear Power Stations: Insurance864W
Renewable Energy865W
Renewable Energy: Heating865W
Wind Power866W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs836W
Agriculture: Subsidies836W
Animal Welfare: Advertising836W
Badgers: Research837W
Devon and Severn Inshore Fisheries Conservation Area837W
Equine Infectious Anaemia838W
Equine Infectious Anaemia: EU Countries840W
Flood Control840W
Food: Religion841W
Inshore Fishing: Nature Conservation841W
Rural Areas: Cycling841W
Wood: Imports842W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office818W
British Indian Ocean Territory: Fisheries818W
Burma: Human Rights819W
Gambia: Human Rights819W
Ilois: Resettlement819W
Nigeria: Christianity820W
Poland: Political Parties820W
Serbia: EU External Relations821W
Sri Lanka: Human Rights821W
Sri Lanka: War Crimes821W
Arthritis: Health Services843W
Breast Cancer: Research843W
Dental Services843W
Dental Services: Fees and Charges844W
Departmental Equality844W
General Practitioners: Registration844W
Health Services: Bexley845W
Hospitals: Consultants845W
NHS: Complaints846W
NHS: Freedom of Information846W
Non-departmental Public Bodies846W
Organs Transportation: Aviation852W
Patient Choice Schemes853W
Respiratory Diseases853W
Social Services: Learning Disability854W
Sunbeds (Regulation) Act 2010855W
Tobacco: Advertising856W
Tobacco: Retail Trade856W
Home Department857W
Asylum: Deportation857W
Borders: Contracts857W
Crimes of Violence858W
Departmental Contracts858W
Departmental Equality858W
Departmental Manpower859W
Departmental Recruitment860W
Devon and Cornwall Constabulary860W
DNA: Databases860W
Dr Ejup Ganic860W
Police: Finance861W
Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000861W
Terrorism: Control Orders862W
Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority Committee875W
Departmental Operating Costs875W
Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority: Manpower875W
Members: Allowances876W
International Development817W
Commonwealth Development Corporation817W
Public Expenditure818W
Saint Helena: Health Services818W
Comprehensive Spending Review877W
Courts: Trials and Sentencing878W
Management Companies: Fees and Charges878W
Personal Injury Lawyers: Advertising879W
Prisoners: Interviews879W
Prisons: Wales880W
Tribunal, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007: Debt Collection880W
Prime Minister816W
Departmental Mobile Phones816W
Departmental Official Cars817W
Departmental Rail Travel817W
National Security Staff College817W
Higher Education: Finance872W
Aviation: Wind Power830W
Rapid Transit Systems: Dunstable830W
Shipping: Pollution830W
Wrecks: Salvage831W
Revenue and Customs871W
Revenue and Customs: Compensation871W
Revenue and Customs: Complaints871W
Revenue and Customs: Manpower871W
Revenue and Customs: Pay872W
Work and Pensions822W
Departmental Manpower822W
Farms: Health and Safety822W
Housing Benefit: Gateshead822W
Jobcentre Plus: Offices823W
National Insurance: Foreign Nationals824W
Social Security Benefits825W
Social Security Benefits: Eligibility826W
Social Security Benefits: Fraud826W
Social Security Benefits: Widowed People827W
Social Security Benefits: Worcestershire827W
Unemployment: Young People828W
Winter Fuel Payments828W
Winter Fuel Payments: Livingston829W

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