Written Ministerial Statements

Friday 22 October 2010

Foreign and Commonwealth Office75WS
General Affairs and Foreign Affairs Councils Agenda (25 October)75WS
Home Department77WS
Vetting and Barring Scheme77WS
Dr David Kelly78WS
England's Transport System in Winter79WS
EU Transport Council (15 October)78WS
Budget Responsibility and National Audit Bill82WS

Written Answers

Friday 22 October 2010

Business, Innovation and Skills911W
Arts: Industry911W
Better Regulation Executive911W
Better Regulation Strategy Group913W
Business: Females914W
Business: Higher Education914W
Businesses: Finance915W
Community Interest Companies915W
Departmental Responsibilities915W
Departmental Visits Abroad915W
Higher Education: Gateshead916W
Internet Governance Forum916W
Local Economic Partnerships917W
Manufacturing Industries: Government Assistance918W
Motor Vehicles: Government Assistance918W
Overseas Trade: Philippines918W
Regional Development Agencies: Assets919W
South East England Development Agency919W
Students: Disadvantaged919W
Students: Loans920W
Summer Time920W
Telephone Services: Fraud921W
Telephone Services: Missing Persons921W
UK Intellectual Property Office: Internet922W
Yorkshire Forward922W
Cabinet Office892W
Departmental Carbon Emissions892W
Departmental Visits Abroad892W
Public Bodies892W
Public Sector Debt: Interest Charges893W
Voluntary Organisations895W
Communities and Local Government924W
Departmental Pay925W
Departmental Sick Leave925W
Departmental Visits Abroad926W
Fire Services: Finance926W
Housing: Immigrants928W
Local Government: Sponsorship928W
Mayors: Referendums929W
Non-domestic Rates: Empty Property929W
Parish Councils929W
Planning Inspectorate930W
Social Rented Housing: Immigrants930W
Supporting People Programme931W
Supporting People Programme: Finance932W
Travelling Showmen932W
Culture, Media and Sport884W
Bible: Anniversaries884W
Digital Broadcasting: Radio884W
Digital Economy Act 2010884W
EU Law885W
Newspaper Press886W
Olympic Games 2012: Business886W
Afghanistan: Security Forces881W
Armed Forces: Young People881W
BAE Systems882W
Departmental Manpower882W
Departmental Visits Abroad882W
Radioactive Materials: Transport882W
Strategic Defence and Security Review883W
Energy and Climate Change923W
Departmental Contracts923W
Fuel Poverty: North East923W
Heat Pumps924W
Human Rights924W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office890W
Armed Forces: Children890W
Transcaucasus: British Nationals Abroad890W
Zimbabwe: Politics and Government891W
Advisory Group for National Specialised Services898W
Cancer: Children898W
Cancer: Drugs899W
Dementia: Drugs900W
Dental Services900W
Departmental Sick Leave900W
Diseases: EU Action900W
General Practitioners: Finance901W
General Practitioners: Wales901W
Health Centres: North Yorkshire902W
NHS: Pensions902W
Organs: Donors903W
Sexually Transmitted Diseases903W
Speech and Language Disorders904W
International Development891W
Departmental Visits Abroad891W
Somalia: Overseas Aid891W
Departmental Visits Abroad904W
Medway Secure Training Centre: Restraint Techniques904W
Offenders: Alcoholic Drinks905W
Offenders: Incentives and Earned Privilege Scheme905W
Prisons: Racial Hatred908W
Probation Officers: Working Hours909W
Probation Service: Offenders910W
Terrorism: Compensation910W
Women's Prisons910W
Young Offenders: Reoffenders911W
Northern Ireland923W
Departmental Visits Abroad923W
Aviation: Carbon Emissions886W
Aviation: Insolvency887W
Driving Offences: Visits Abroad887W
Employment: Legislation888W
Motor Vehicles: Registration888W
Railways: Finance888W
Roads: Accidents888W
Transport: Finance889W
Departmental Internet895W
Departmental Work Experience896W
EC Budget896W
EU Budget896W
Income Tax: Gateshead897W
Public Finance897W
VAT: Royal Mail898W

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