Oral Answers

Monday 25 October 2010

Culture, Media and Sport1
Arts (Funding)2
Commonwealth Games 201410
Community Arts Projects1
Football Governance9
Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme5
Olympics Legacy11
S4C (Funding)8
Topical Questions13
Tourism and Hospitality Sector4
UK Sport/Sport England12
Leader of the House17
Business Committee17
Business Committee21
Parliamentary Calendar19
Pre-legislative Scrutiny20
Select Committee Reports18

Written Ministerial Statements

Monday 25 October 2010

Business, Innovation and Skills1WS
"A Long-Term Focus for Corporate Britain"1WS
Cabinet Office3WS
London Regional Committee Report (Government Response)3WS
Communities and Local Government4WS
Ports Tax4WS
Call-Out Orders: Reserves4WS
Right to Information (Criminal Proceedings)5WS
National Infrastructure Plan 20103WS
Tax Information Exchange (Netherlands Antilles)3WS
Work and Pensions6WS
Cold Weather Payments6WS

Written Answers

Monday 25 October 2010

Departmental Visits Abroad60W
Female Genital Mutilation61W
Business, Innovation and Skills129W
Conditions of Employment130W
Credit Reference Agencies130W
Data Protection: EU Countries130W
Departmental Internet131W
Departmental Sick Leave131W
Departmental Work Experience132W
Flexible Working133W
Foreign Investment in UK133W
Further Education134W
Higher Education: Admissions135W
Higher Education and Student Finance Independent Review135W
Higher Education: Curriculum136W
Human Rights137W
Mobile Telephone Contracts138W
North of England138W
Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development: Human Rights139W
Overseas Trade: Mongolia139W
Parental Leave: EU Law139W
Paternity Leave140W
Retirement: Age140W
Royal Mail141W
Science: Research141W
Secondary Education143W
Training: Females143W
Unemployment: North East144W
Working Hours: EU Law144W
Cabinet Office97W
Civil Servants: Resignations97W
Employment: Public Sector97W
Immigration: Transcaucasus99W
Lone Parents: Brighton99W
Ovarian Cancer100W
Strategic Defence and Security Review: Climate Change100W
Teenage Pregnancies: Peterborough100W
Third Sector: Surveys101W
UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities101W
Communities and Local Government85W
Audit Commission85W
Charities: Finance87W
Departmental Pay87W
Fire Services: Bassetlaw88W
Fire Services: Finance88W
Local Government91W
Local Government: Sick Leave91W
Non-domestic Rates: Wolverhampton91W
Planning Permission92W
Residential Property Tribunal Service: Mobile Homes92W
Social Rented Housing: Repairs and Maintenance92W
Voluntary Organisations: Newton Abbot92W
Culture, Media and Sport104W
Arts and Creative Industries104W
Arts Council England104W
Departmental Contracts105W
Departmental Disciplinary Proceedings106W
Departmental Pay106W
Departmental Sick Leave108W
Digital Economy Act 2010109W
Next Generation Broadband104W
Olympic Games 2010: Skipton110W
Public Libraries111W
Sports: Public Participation111W
Television: Broadcasting112W
Departmental Sick Leave43W
Ex-servicemen: Radiation Exposure45W
Mental Illnesses45W
Military Decorations46W
Deputy Prime Minister93W
Referendums: Scotland93W
Departmental Contracts94W
Departmental Manpower94W
Sixth Form Education: Capital Investment94W
Teenage Pregnancy95W
UN Convention on the Rights of the Child95W
Voluntary Organisations: Contracts96W
Written Questions: Government Responses96W
Young People: Obesity96W
Energy and Climate Change26W
Departmental Contracts26W
Departmental Pay27W
Departmental Recruitment27W
Fuel Poverty: West Midlands27W
Nuclear Power Stations: Insolvency28W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs7W
Air Pollution: Heathrow Airport7W
Animal Housing: Animal Welfare8W
Departmental Pay8W
Departmental Sick Leave8W
Diversified Farm Businesses9W
Farmers: Bankruptcy9W
Farmers: Income10W
Food: Labelling10W
Human Rights11W
Natural England: Manpower11W
Public Bodies: Reform12W
Rural Communities: Comprehensive Spending Review15W
Water Charges15W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office15W
Afghanistan: Peacekeeping Operations15W
Azerbaijan: Foreign Relations16W
Bahrain: Politics and government16W
British Nationals Abroad: Prisoners16W
Civil Liberties : Zimbabwe21W
Departmental Private Education21W
Departmental Public Expenditure22W
Diplomatic Immunity22W
Falkland Islands: Oil22W
Falkland Islands: Sovereignty22W
Henderson Island23W
Iran: Baha'i Faith23W
Ministers: Pay23W
Pitcairn Islands24W
Uganda: Human Rights25W
Uganda: Politics and Government25W
UN Convention on the Rights of the Child26W
Advisory Committee on Antimicrobial Resistance and Healthcare Associated Infections112W
Advisory Committee on Borderline Substances112W
Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens112W
Advisory Group on Hepatitis113W
Alcohol Education and Research Council113W
Appointments Commission114W
Cancer: Charities114W
Care Quality Commission114W
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome115W
Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence115W
Dental Services116W
Departmental Carbon Emissions117W
Departmental Legislation117W
Doctors: Africa118W
Drugs: Prisoners118W
Drugs: Rehabilitation118W
Epilepsy: Pregnancy119W
Expert Advisory Group on AIDS120W
General Practitioners: Finance120W
Genetics and Insurance Committee120W
Health Protection Agency120W
Health Services121W
Hepatitis C: Ealing121W
Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority121W
Human Genetics Commission122W
Human Tissue Authority122W
Independent Review Panels: Performance122W
Medical Treatments123W
Mental Illness123W
Minor Injuries Units: Closures123W
National Joint Registry Steering Committee123W
NHS: Charities124W
NHS: Drugs124W
NHS: EU Nationals125W
Nurses: Africa126W
Nurses: EU Nationals126W
Prescriptions: Fees and Charges126W
Primary Care Trusts126W
Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition128W
Swine Flu: Vaccination128W
Waste Disposal: Health Hazards128W
Home Department61W
Alcoholic Drinks: Misuse61W
Alcoholic Drinks: Prices61W
Border Controls: France62W
Borders: Personal Records62W
Criminal Records Bureau63W
Criminal Records: East Sussex63W
EU Economic Migrant Cap63W
EU Law64W
European Arrest Warrant: Dr Daniel Ubani64W
Human Trafficking66W
Immigration: Agriculture68W
Immigration: Kettering68W
Immigration: Law69W
Immigration: Overseas Students69W
Investigatory Powers Tribunal70W
Passports: Islamabad71W
Police: Arrests71W
Police: Bassetlaw71W
Police: Compensation72W
Police: Dorset72W
Police: Equipment73W
Police: Finance73W
Police: Pay74W
Police: Sick Leave76W
Police: Working Hours79W
Serious Crime Divisions: Prostitution83W
Work Permits85W
House of Commons Commission93W
Opening of Parliament93W
International Development47W
Afghanistan: Overseas Aid47W
Africa: Poverty48W
Departmental Disciplinary Proceedings48W
Departmental Pay49W
Departmental Sick Leave53W
Developing Countries: Maternity Services56W
Henderson Island: Biodiversity56W
Overseas Aid56W
Pakistan: Overseas Aid58W
Pitcairn Islands59W
Sri Lanka: Armed Conflict59W
Sri Lanka: Overseas Aid59W
World Bank60W
Comprehensive Spending Review31W
Convention on the Rights of the Child31W
Convictions: Shoplifting31W
Courts: Devon and Cornwall32W
Departmental Disciplinary Proceedings32W
Departmental Sick Leave31W
Human Rights33W
Prisoners: Devon and Cornwall35W
Prisoners: Education36W
Prisoners: Food38W
Prisoners: Housing39W
Prisoners: Interviews41W
Prisoners: Sentencing41W
Prisoners' Release34W
Small Businesses: Tribunals43W
Leader of the House93W
Private Members' Bills93W
Northern Ireland28W
Economic Situation: Northern Ireland28W
Intelligence Services: Northern Ireland29W
Departmental Visits Abroad1W
Higher Education: Finance1W
Boats: Licensing2W
Buckshaw Village Station: Repairs and Maintenance2W
Bus Services: Bedfordshire2W
Departmental Legislation3W
Driving Tests: Birmingham4W
High Speed Trains5W
M4: Bus Lanes5W
Merchant Shipping5W
Railway Stations: North East5W
Railways: Fares6W
Railways: Finance7W
West Coast Main Line7W
BP: Tax Allowances144W
Child Benefit144W
Child Benefit: Livingston145W
Departmental Disciplinary Proceedings146W
Departmental Legal Costs146W
Departmental Redundancy Pay147W
Departmental Sick Leave147W
Departmental Utilities147W
EU Budget148W
Excise Duties: Liquefied Petroleum Gas149W
Financial Services Authority: Fees and Charges149W
Financial Services: Regulation149W
Land Use150W
Loans: Interest Rates150W
Personal Income150W
Public Expenditure150W
Revenue and Customs: Retford151W
Tax Evasion151W
Taxation: Domicil152W
VAT: Tax Rates and Bands152W
Departmental Interns1W
Departmental Visits Abroad1W
Women and Equalities29W
Departmental Disciplinary Proceedings29W
Departmental Sick Leave29W
Human Rights30W
Work and Pensions153W
Anthony Bates153W
Children: Maintenance153W
Departmental Sick Leave154W
Disability Living Allowance155W
Employers' Liability: Insurance155W
Employment and Support Allowance155W
Employment Schemes: Dartford156W
Employment Schemes: Disability156W
Employment Schemes: Peterborough156W
Employment Schemes: Young People156W
EU Law157W
Housing Benefit157W
Industrial Injuries158W
Jobseeker's Allowance: Pendle158W
National Insurance Contributions: Females159W
National Insurance: Foreign Nationals160W
Occupational Pensions161W
Post Office Card Account164W
Poverty: Redcar165W
Redundancy: Wolverhampton South West167W
Social Security Benefits : East Sussex168W
Social Security Benefits: Disability169W
State Retirement Pensions170W
Tribunals Service: Standards170W
Unemployed People: Vetting171W
Unemployment: Older People171W
Winter Fuel Payment: Erith and Thamesmead171W
Winter Fuel Payments172W
Winter Fuel Payments: Livingston172W

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