Oral Answers

Monday 1 November 2010

Home Department591
Community Support Officers599
Deportation Services (Private Companies)605
Immigration Rules (UK Science Base)602
Immigration System593
Licensing Act 2003600
National Crime Agency596
Newport Passport Office604
Police Numbers597
Police Numbers601
Topical Questions606
West Midlands Police591

Written Ministerial Statements

Monday 1 November 2010

Iraq Historic Allegations Team27WS
Foreign and Commonwealth Office28WS
General Affairs Council and Foreign Affairs Council, 25 October 201028WS
Independent Public Service Pensions Commission27WS
The Office for Budget Responsibility (Treasury Committee Report)27WS

Written Answers

Monday 1 November 2010

Crown Prosecution Service: Pay489W
Daniel Ubani489W
Departmental Sick Leave489W
Euthanasia: Switzerland490W
Sexual Offences: Young People490W
Business, Innovation and Skills613W
Aimhigher Scheme613W
Broadband: Wales614W
Charity Research Support Fund615W
Debts: Advisory Services615W
Debts: Students616W
Departmental Pay616W
Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme617W
Flexible Working617W
Higher Education618W
Higher Education: Disadvantaged619W
Higher Education: Females619W
Higher Education: Part-time Education619W
Higher Education: Private Sector620W
Institute for Fiscal Studies620W
Money Lenders: Crime620W
Post Offices: Finance621W
Regional Development Agencies622W
Regional Development Agencies: Closures622W
Royal Mail: Edgworth623W
Science: Finance623W
Science: Regional Planning and Development623W
Students: Fees and Charges623W
Students: Finance624W
Technology and Innovation Centres624W
UK Trade and Investment: Finance625W
UK Trade and Investment: Manpower625W
Cabinet Office601W
Central Office of Information: Newcastle upon Tyne601W
NDPBs: Legal Aid601W
Voluntary Organisations: Equality601W
Voluntary Organisations: Innovation602W
Voluntary Organisations: Public Expenditure602W
Communities and Local Government519W
Audit Commission519W
Audit Commission: Conflict Management Plus522W
Audit Commission: Connaught522W
Audit Commission: Consultants522W
Audit Commission: Exeter Golf and Country Club523W
Audit Commission: Historic Royal Palaces524W
Audit Commission: London Zoo525W
Audit Commission: Marketing525W
Audit Commission: Marks' Home and Garden526W
Audit Commission: Nineteen Restaurant526W
Audit Commission: Official Hospitality527W
Audit Commission: Oval Events527W
Audit Commission: Press Cuttings528W
Audit Commission: Progressive Resources Ltd528W
Audit Commission: Public Finances529W
Audit Commission: Smith Institute529W
Carers: Public Expenditure529W
Coal: Mining530W
Council Housing530W
Council Tax: Medway531W
Emergency Services531W
European Regional Development Fund532W
Fire Services: North East533W
Fire Services: Nottinghamshire533W
Fire Services: Strikes534W
Grants: Expenditure534W
Housing Benefit537W
Local Enterprise Partnerships: Essex538W
Local Government539W
Local Government Boundary Review539W
Local Government Finance539W
Natural England: Planning Permission540W
Outdoor Advertising541W
Silica: Quarrying541W
Sky Lanterns541W
Social Rented Housing: Arrears541W
Social Rented Housing: Evictions542W
Social Rented Housing: Rents542W
Supporting People Programme542W
Supporting People Programme: Oxfordshire543W
Supporting People Programme: Wolverhampton543W
Temporary Accommodation: Homelessness543W
Wind Power: Planning Permission544W
Culture, Media and Sport552W
Arts Council of England: Information Officers552W
Arts: Finance552W
Departmental Expenditure Limits552W
Horserace Totalisator Board555W
Libraries: Domestic Visits555W
London Olympics 2012: Bus Services555W
National Lottery: Armed Forces556W
National Lottery Distribution Fund555W
Olympic Games 2012: Tickets557W
S4C: Finance557W
Aircraft Carriers595W
Armed Forces: Higher Education595W
Armed Forces: Training596W
Defence: Expenditure596W
Defence: Exports596W
Departmental Research597W
Marchwood Military Port597W
RAF Kinloss: Rescue Services598W
Rescue Services: Private Finance Initiative598W
Type 26 Frigates598W
UAVs: Afghanistan598W
Arts: Curriculum607W
Building Schools for the Future Programme607W
Building Schools for the Future Programme: Bolton607W
Free Schools608W
GCSE: Disadvantaged609W
History: GCSE and CGE A-level610W
History: Teachers611W
New Schools Network611W
Pupil Numbers: Hounslow612W
Reading: Teaching Methods613W
Schools: Transport613W
Written Questions: Government Responses613W
Energy and Climate Change544W
Carbon: Prices546W
Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme544W
Climate Change546W
Climate Change: International Cooperation546W
Departmental Redundancy547W
Energy Efficiency547W
Energy: Housing548W
Energy: Tariffs548W
Energy: Western Isles549W
EU Emissions Trading Scheme: Carbon549W
Fuel Poverty550W
Offshore Industry550W
Renewable Energy550W
Warm Front Scheme551W
Wind Power552W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs602W
Agriculture: Finance602W
Flood Control603W
Flood Control: Finance604W
Higher Level Stewardship Scheme605W
Rural Areas: Impact Assessments606W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office569W
Burma: Overseas Trade569W
Burma: Politics and Government569W
Burma: Railways570W
Departmental Public Expenditure570W
Departmental Sick Leave572W
Hajj Advisory Group573W
Iran: Nuclear Power573W
Iran: Sanctions573W
Israel: Illegal Settlers574W
Middle East: Armed Conflict574W
Nuclear Disarmament575W
Nuclear Weapons: Arms Control575W
Peace Keeping Operations575W
Sri Lanka: Human Rights576W
Accident and Emergency Departments627W
Accident and Emergency Departments: Greater London627W
Acute Services627W
Alzheimer's Disease: Public Expenditure628W
Ambulance Services: Bassetlaw629W
Arthritis: Health Services629W
Blood: Contamination630W
Breast Cancer: Screening630W
Cancer: Drugs631W
Care Homes: Inspections631W
Care Homes: Regulation632W
Carers: Voluntary Organisations632W
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome632W
Dementia: Medical Treatments632W
Dental Services633W
Dental Services: Fees and Charges634W
Depression: Autism634W
Doctors: Foreign Workers634W
Doctors: Manpower636W
Drugs: Rehabilitation635W
General Social Care Council637W
Health Services: Public Expenditure637W
Health Services: Wakefield Prison637W
Health Services: West Sussex638W
Healthy Schools Programme: Expenditure638W
Hospitals: Food639W
Hospitals: Infectious Diseases639W
Hospitals: Mortuaries640W
Liver Diseases: Health Services640W
Maternity Services640W
Multiple Sclerosis647W
Muscular Dystrophy647W
National Treatment Agency: Finance647W
NHS: Lobbying647W
NHS: Local Government648W
NHS: Sick Leave648W
NHS: Telephone Services648W
North West Strategic Health Authority: Redundancy649W
Organs: Donors649W
Primary Care Trusts: Manpower650W
Primary Care Trusts: Negligence651W
Primary Health Care: Finance651W
Reducing Cancer Inequality: Evidence652W
Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Expenditure653W
Social Services: Finance653W
Streptococcus: Babies654W
Streptococcus: Pregnancy655W
Strokes: Health Services655W
Swine Flu: Vaccination657W
Home Department496W
Animal Welfare497W
Animals (Scientific Procedures) Inspectorate498W
Asylum: Deportation498W
Borders: Personal records499W
Criminal Records Bureau499W
Criminal Records: Fees and Charges500W
Departmental Consultants500W
Firearm and Knife Injuries497W
Human Trafficking500W
Immigration Cap: Science and Industry497W
Law Enforcement Agencies: Expenditure502W
Licensing Act 2003497W
Offensive Weapons502W
Police Stations: Opening Hours496W
Rape: Finance503W
Rural Police Forces496W
UK Border Agency496W
House of Commons Commission495W
Officials: Accommodation495W
Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority Committee492W
Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority: Manpower492W
Members: Allowances492W
Personnel: Privilege Days494W
Season Ticket Loans494W
International Development599W
Climate Change: Finance599W
Institute for Fiscal Studies599W
Members: Correspondence599W
Sri Lanka: Internally Displaced Persons600W
Sri Lanka: Overseas Aid600W
Capital Projects503W
Departmental Pay504W
Food Supplements Directive507W
Freedom of Information: Public Expenditure507W
Ian Tomlinson508W
Legal Aid508W
Magistrates Courts509W
Magistrates Courts: Bassetlaw509W
National Offender Management Service: Public Expenditure509W
Offenders: Deportation510W
Offenders: Mental Illness511W
Pleural Plaques Compensation Scheme511W
Prisoners: Terrorism513W
Prisons: Education513W
Prisons: Population514W
Probation Service514W
Redundancy: Public Expenditure514W
Reparation by Offenders515W
Northern Ireland491W
Billy Wright Inquiry491W
Prime Minister495W
Members: Allowances495W
Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe: UK Delegations495W
Task Force on Strengthening Economic Governance in EU496W
Bus Services576W
Bus Services: Standards577W
Cycling Schemes578W
Departmental Computer Software578W
Departmental Manpower578W
Departmental Sick Leave579W
Departmental Training579W
Driving Offences: Fraud579W
Driving Tests: Birmingham580W
East Coast Railway Line581W
Galileo Project581W
Great Western Main Line582W
Great Western Main Line: Finance583W
High Level Output Strategy583W
High Speed Trains: Finance583W
High Speed Trains: Staffordshire584W
Highways Agency: Finance584W
Large Goods Vehicles584W
M4: Bus Lanes585W
M20: Noise585W
Maritime and Coastguard Agency: Training585W
Motorways: Speed Limits586W
Railway Heritage Committee586W
Railways: Birmingham586W
Railways: Comprehensive Spending Review586W
Railways: Construction587W
Railways: Disability587W
Railways: East of England587W
Railways: Electricity Generation588W
Railways: Electrification588W
Railways: Fares588W
Railways: Finance589W
Railways: Noise589W
Railways: North West590W
Road Traffic: Opening of Parliament590W
Roads: Privatisation591W
Roads: Sandwell591W
Roads: West Midlands591W
Rolling Stock591W
Rolling Stock: North West592W
Severn Crossing: Finance592W
Severn Crossing: Manpower593W
Speed Limits593W
Trains: Public Lavatories593W
Transport: Finance594W
Transport: Greater London594W
Underground Railways: North East594W
Aggregates Levy: Northern Ireland661W
Aviation: Taxation661W
Banks: Pay661W
Barclays: Burma661W
Beer: Business661W
Child Benefit662W
Child Benefit: Carlisle662W
Child Tax Credit662W
Child Trust Fund: Lewisham662W
Departmental Manpower663W
Disabled Persons Tax Credit: Carlisle663W
Employment and Support Allowance663W
Excise Duties: Fuels663W
Export Credits Guarantee Department: Pakistan664W
National Insurance: Exemptions664W
Office for Budget Responsibility: Finance664W
Oil: Prices665W
Public Expenditure665W
Public Sector: North West666W
Public Sector: Pay667W
Public Sector: Richmond Park667W
Research and Development Tax Credit667W
Working Tax Credit668W
Disability: Public Expenditure491W
Public Expenditure: Wales492W
Women and Equalities659W
Apprentices: Equality and Human Rights Commission659W
Departmental Equality660W
Work and Pensions558W
Access to Work Programme558W
Cancer: Asbestos558W
Carers: Finance559W
Child Maintenance559W
Council Tax Benefits560W
Council Tax Benefits: Scotland561W
Departmental Secondment563W
Disability Living Allowance563W
Financial Inclusion564W
Housing Benefit564W
Public Expenditure565W
Shared Housing565W
Social Rented Housing565W
Social Security Benefits: Disability566W
Social Security Benefits: Fraud566W
Social Security Benefits: Mental Illness567W
State Retirement Pensions: British Nationals Abroad568W
State Retirement Pensions: Uprating567W
Winter Fuel Payments568W

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