Oral Answers

Monday 24 January 2011

Home Department1
Alcohol (Licensing)1
Child Protection11
Crime Levels9
English Defence League16
Family Intervention Projects14
Immigration (Scotland)3
Non-EU Student Immigration7
Police (Bolton)15
Police (Regulatory Burden)12
Police (Rural Areas)5
South Wales Police (CSR)13
Topical Questions17
UK Border Agency (CSR)15
Youth Services (CSR)4

Written Ministerial Statements

Monday 24 January 2011

Foreign and Commonwealth Office1WS
Southern Sudan Referendum1WS

Written Answers

Monday 24 January 2011

Departmental Pay7W
Rape: Offences Against The Administration of Justice8W
Business, Innovation and Skills106W
Debts: Advisory Services106W
Departmental Press Releases106W
Employment Law107W
Employment Services: Females107W
Higher Education: Finance108W
Higher Education: Standards108W
Higher Education: Student Numbers108W
Overseas Students: EU Nationals109W
Postal Services: Finance109W
Science: Equal Opportunities110W
Science: Higher Education110W
Students: Loans110W
Teachers: Qualifications111W
Cabinet Office49W
Company Liquidations49W
Voluntary Organisations51W
Working Hours52W
Communities and Local Government35W
Billingsgate Market: Conditions of Employment35W
Bus Services: Concessions36W
Empty Dwelling Management Orders36W
Empty Dwelling Management Orders: Brighton36W
Home Information Packs37W
Local Government Finance37W
Thames Tideway Tunnel37W
Travellers: Caravan Sites37W
Culture, Media and Sport10W
Broadband Delivery UK11W
Broadband: Finance11W
Broadband: West Lothian11W
Cricket: Television12W
Departmental Working Conditions12W
Digital Broadcasting: Radio12W
Digital Broadcasting: Television12W
HMS Victory 174413W
Theatres: Finance15W
Theatres: Public Expenditure15W
Tourism: Marketing15W
Afghanistan: Peacekeeping Operations19W
Air Force: Military Bases20W
Armed Forces: Compensation20W
Armed Forces: Pensions20W
Defence: Sales21W
Defence Vetting Agency: Foreign and Commonwealth Office21W
Departmental Manpower22W
Nimrod Aircraft22W
Peacekeeping Operations22W
Deputy Prime Minister92W
Voting Rights: Prisoners92W
Academies: Hendon23W
Academies: Religion23W
Curriculum: Languages23W
Education Maintenance Allowance24W
Free School Meals: Durham26W
Home Education: Durham26W
Languages: English Baccalaureate26W
Offenses Against Children27W
Pupils: Disadvantaged28W
Religious Education31W
School Support Staff Negotiating Body: Impact Assessments31W
Schools: Film32W
Schools: Hendon32W
Schools: Personnel32W
Schools: Sports33W
Vocational Education: Special Educational Needs33W
Written Questions: Government Responses34W
Energy and Climate Change61W
Combined Heat and Energy: Hospitals61W
Combined Heat and Power62W
Departmental Pay62W
Departmental Public Appointments62W
Energy: EU Action63W
Energy: Meters64W
Energy: Production64W
Energy: Profits65W
Energy Supply63W
Fuel Oil: Competition65W
Fuel Oil: Costs66W
Fuel Oil: Regulation66W
Heating: Rural Areas67W
Methane: Natural Gas67W
Renewable Energy: Finance68W
Sheffield Forgemasters69W
Solar Energy69W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs3W
Air Pollution: Greater London3W
Departmental Manpower3W
Departmental Pay6W
Environment Agency: Manpower6W
Fisheries: Quotas6W
Flood Control: North West7W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office16W
Australia: Floods16W
Burma: Politics and Government16W
China: Human Rights17W
Departmental Photography17W
Departmental Video Recordings18W
Europe 2020 Strategy18W
Lebanon: Politics and Government18W
Members: Correspondence18W
North Korea: Nuclear Weapons19W
Alcoholic Drinks: Misuse70W
Blood Diseases: Health Services71W
Care Homes: Finance73W
Departmental Pay73W
General Practitioners: Wolverhampton74W
Hospital Wards: Children74W
Maternity Services75W
NHS: Contracts75W
NHS: Disclosure of Information76W
NHS: Negligence76W
NHS: Standards76W
Out of Area Treatment77W
Pain: Medical Treatments78W
Public Health Service78W
Slaughterhouses: Horses78W
Smoking: Health Services79W
Swine Flu: COE Countries79W
Waiting Lists80W
Home Department53W
Antisocial Behaviour Orders54W
British Citizenship54W
Coroners: Legal Costs54W
Demonstrations: English Defence League55W
Departmental Pay55W
Deportation of Convicted Foreign Nationals53W
Detainees: Sexuality56W
Drugs: Crime56W
Entry Clearances: Overseas Students57W
Freedom Bill57W
Gang-related Youth Violence: London53W
Human Trafficking57W
Illegal Immigrants58W
Institute for Public Policy Research58W
Kerb Crawling: Newham59W
Members: Correspondence59W
National DNA Database59W
Nottingham PCSOs53W
Police: Demonstrations59W
Police: Pensions60W
Police: Shropshire60W
UK Border Agency53W
Visas: Fingerprints61W
Voluntary Organisations: Finance61W
International Development8W
Burma: Malaria8W
Departmental Pay9W
Food Aid9W
Sudan: Asylum9W
Sudan: Politics and Government9W
World Bank: Food Aid10W
Departmental Artworks38W
Departmental Offices38W
Departmental Official Cars38W
Departmental Pay39W
Departmental Pay39W
Departmental Photography40W
Departmental Redundancy40W
Departmental Travel40W
Drugs: Reoffenders41W
Ford Prison42W
Members: Correspondence43W
Prisoners' Transfers;43W
Prisons: Drugs44W
Prisons: Employment45W
Prosecutions: Cycling46W
Reoffenders: North Yorkshire48W
Unpaid Fines: Wales47W
Northern Ireland1W
Departmental Pay1W
Prime Minister35W
10 Downing Street: Official Hospitality35W
Members: Surveillance35W
Departmental Communication1W
Departmental Pay1W
Departmental Public Appointments1W
Employment Rights: Students2W
Entry Clearances: Overseas Students2W
Low Incomes2W
Refinery and Petro-Chemical Operations3W
Ambulance Services: Accidents81W
Blue Badge Scheme: Older People81W
Cycling: Accidents81W
Driving: Diabetes82W
Driving Instruction: Training82W
Highways Agency: Telephone Services82W
HM Coastguard: Manpower83W
HM Coastguard: Tugboats83W
HS2 Tunnel84W
Motor Vehicles: Excise Duties84W
Motorways: M184W
Prince William: Marriage85W
Public Transport: Visual Impairment85W
Railways: High Speed Trains86W
Railways: North West86W
Railways: Standards86W
Railways: Waste Disposal86W
Road Traffic87W
Road Traffic Control88W
Road Traffic: Kent88W
Roads: Closures88W
Roads: Fees and Charges89W
Traffic Regulation89W
Transport: Finance90W
UK Journeys91W
West Coast Railway Line91W
Air Passenger Duty111W
Animal Diseases: Finance111W
Child Benefit: Separated People112W
Child Tax Credit and Child Benefit112W
Corporation Tax112W
Departmental Film113W
Departmental Procurement113W
Equality Impact Assessments114W
Equitable Life Assurance Society: Compensation115W
Excise Duties: Alcoholic Drinks115W
Excise Duties: Fuels116W
Financial Inclusion Fund116W
Financial Services: Crime116W
Forestry Commission: Land117W
Fuels: Prices117W
PAYE: United States Internal Revenue Service118W
Public Expenditure: Northern Ireland118W
Public Finance119W
Public Sector: Employment119W
Revenue and Customs: Closures119W
Revenue and Customs: Correspondence120W
Statutory Concessions120W
Tax Avoidance: Parliamentary Scrutiny120W
Tax Yields121W
VAT: Charities126W
VAT: Tourism127W
Vodafone Group: Taxation127W
Welfare Tax Credits128W
Welfare Tax Credits: Armed Forces128W
Departmental Pay34W
Departmental Public Appointments34W
Driving Standards Agency: Cardiff34W
Work and Pensions92W
Departmental Working Conditions92W
Disability Living Allowance93W
Disability Living Allowance: Care Homes94W
Disability Living Allowance: Scotland94W
Employment and Support Allowance95W
Employment and Support Allowance: Bexley95W
Employment Schemes96W
Housing Benefit: Scotland96W
Jobcentre Plus: Birkenhead97W
Jobcentre Plus: Standards98W
Jobseeker's Allowance99W
Jobseeker's Allowance: Young People99W
Poverty: Children100W
Poverty: EU Action101W
Remploy: Redundancy101W
Retirement: Scotland101W
Social Security Benefits102W
Social Security Benefits: Aberdeen102W
Social Security Benefits: Disability102W
Social Security Benefits: Expenditure103W
Social Security Benefits: Medical Examinations103W
State Retirement Pensions: Uprating103W
Unemployed People: Disability104W
Unemployed People: Dyslexia105W
Universal Credit105W
Work Programme105W

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