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526 144

House of Commons Written Answers 1 April 2011


barnes hospital

dementia: alcoholic drinks

general practitioners: fees and charges


national commissioning board: research

sleep: health services

strategic health authorities: consultants



northern ireland

official engagements

church commissioners

employees: travel


work and pensions

departmental expenditure


higher marginal deduction rates

social security benefits

welfare state: reform

winter fuel payments

deputy prime minister

members: correspondence


shipping: oil

energy and climate change

devolution: northern ireland

energy: housing

nuclear power stations

nuclear power stations: safety

solar power: feed-in tariffs

foreign and commonwealth office

bosnia and herzegovina: politics and government

european court of human rights

latvia: anti-semitism

libya: aviation

security: eu action

usa: cotton

culture, media and sport

public bodies reform programme

international development

sudan: overseas aid


eu economic and financial affairs council meeting

fuel duty: public expenditure

oil: prices


telephone services

business, innovation and skills

business: regulation

enterprise zones

enterprise zones: finance

regional growth fund

communities and local government

children in care: missing persons

fire services

local government finance


afghanistan: peacekeeping operations

air force: redundancy

defence: international co-operation

departmental theft

european defence agency

foreign relations

cabinet office

average earnings: statistics

cancer: death

deaths: alcoholic drinks and drugs

departmental public transport

government departments: procurement

new businesses: middlesbrough

public bodies

unemployment: pendle


academies: complaints

academies: finance

brook advisory centres

class sizes: berkshire

education business partnerships: finance

english baccalaureate

health education: sex

schools: drugs

science: education

secondary education: work experience

sixth form education

truancy: berkshire

home department

arrest warrants

arrest warrants: costs

arrest warrants: human rights

assaults on police

border agency

crimes of violence: west midlands



public bodies reform programme

dna: databases

human trafficking

illegal immigrants

immigration controls

marriage of convenience

migrant workers


police: diamond jubilee 2012

police: manpower

police: olympic games 2012

police: overtime

police: termination of employment

serious organised crime: finance

serious organised crime: manpower

serious organised crime: northern ireland

serious organised crime: terrorism

telephone tapping: newspaper press

vetting: international organisations

This Table of Contents lists column numbers, department & subject heading and names of Members in the Commons Hansard Written Answers Text for
1 April 2011

526 144

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Column: 513W

Health [1 April 2011]

Barnes Hospital [1 April 2011]

Zac Goldsmith:

Mr Simon Burns:

Dementia: Alcoholic Drinks [1 April 2011]

Tracey Crouch:

Anne Milton:

General Practitioners: Fees and Charges [1 April 2011]

Mr Ainsworth:

Mr Simon Burns:

Column: 514W

Hepatitis [1 April 2011]

Andrew Selous:

Anne Milton:

National Commissioning Board: Research [1 April 2011]

Chi Onwurah:

Mr Simon Burns:

Sleep: Health Services [1 April 2011]

Tracey Crouch:

Paul Burstow:

Strategic Health Authorities: Consultants [1 April 2011]

Chris Skidmore:

Mr Simon Burns:

Column: 515W

Scotland [1 April 2011]

Members [1 April 2011]

Tom Greatrex:

David Mundell:

Northern Ireland [1 April 2011]

Official Engagements [1 April 2011]

Mr Gregory Campbell:

Mr Paterson:

Church Commissioners [1 April 2011]

Employees: Travel [1 April 2011]

Mr Godsiff:

Tony Baldry:

Column: 516W

Priests [1 April 2011]

Miss McIntosh:

Tony Baldry:

Work and Pensions [1 April 2011]

Departmental Expenditure [1 April 2011]

Stephen Barclay:

Chris Grayling:

Column: 517W

Regulation [1 April 2011]

Nicholas Soames:

Chris Grayling:

Column: 518W

Higher Marginal Deduction Rates [1 April 2011]

Mr Byrne:

Chris Grayling:

Column: 519W

Social Security Benefits [1 April 2011]

Mr Byrne:

Maria Miller:

Welfare State: Reform [1 April 2011]

Mr Byrne:

Maria Miller:

Column: 520W

Winter Fuel Payments [1 April 2011]

Paul Flynn:

Steve Webb:

Deputy Prime Minister [1 April 2011]

Members: Correspondence [1 April 2011]

Mr Sanders:

Column: 521W

The Deputy Prime Minister:

Transport [1 April 2011]

Shipping: Oil [1 April 2011]

Jim Fitzpatrick:

Mike Penning:

Energy and Climate Change [1 April 2011]

Devolution: Northern Ireland [1 April 2011]

Mr Gregory Campbell:

Gregory Barker

Energy: Housing [1 April 2011]

Mr Offord:

Gregory Barker:

Column: 522W

Nuclear Power Stations [1 April 2011]

Mr Reed:

Charles Hendry:

Mr Reed:

Charles Hendry:

Mr Reed:

Charles Hendry:

Column: 523W

Nuclear Power Stations: Safety [1 April 2011]

Nic Dakin:

Charles Hendry:

Mr Reed:

Charles Hendry:

Column: 524W

Mr Reed:

Charles Hendry:

Solar Power: Feed-in Tariffs [1 April 2011]

Huw Irranca-Davies:

Gregory Barker:

Column: 525W

Foreign and Commonwealth Office [1 April 2011]

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Politics and Government [1 April 2011]

Bob Stewart:

Mr Lidington:

European Court of Human Rights [1 April 2011]

Priti Patel:

Mr Lidington:

Latvia: Anti-Semitism [1 April 2011]

Mr Amess:

Mr Lidington:

Column: 526W

Libya: Aviation [1 April 2011]

Andrew Rosindell:

Alistair Burt:

Security: EU Action [1 April 2011]

Priti Patel:

Mr Lidington:

USA: Cotton [1 April 2011]

Justin Tomlinson:

Mr O'Brien:

Culture, Media and Sport [1 April 2011]

Public Bodies Reform Programme [1 April 2011]

Mr Ivan Lewis:

Column: 527W

Mr Jeremy Hunt

International Development [1 April 2011]

Sudan: Overseas Aid [1 April 2011]

Lindsay Roy:

Mr Andrew Mitchell:

Treasury [1 April 2011]

EU Economic and Financial Affairs Council Meeting [1 April 2011]

Zac Goldsmith:

Justine Greening:

Fuel Duty: Public Expenditure [1 April 2011]

Matthew Hancock:

Column: 528W

Justine Greening:

Oil: Prices [1 April 2011]

John Thurso:

Justine Greening

Taxation [1 April 2011]

Chris Leslie:

Justine Greening:

Column: 529W

Telephone Services [1 April 2011]

Gregg McClymont:

Justine Greening:

Business, Innovation and Skills [1 April 2011]

Business: Regulation [1 April 2011]

Gordon Banks:

Mr Prisk

Enterprise Zones [1 April 2011]

Mr Marsden:

Mr Prisk:

Column: 530W

Enterprise Zones: Finance [1 April 2011]

Mr Marsden:

Mr Prisk:

Regional Growth Fund [1 April 2011]

Mr Marsden:

Mr Prisk:

Column: 531W

Communities and Local Government [1 April 2011]

Children in Care: Missing Persons [1 April 2011]

Mr Bone:

Andrew Stunell:

Column: 532W

Fire Services [1 April 2011]

John McDonnell:

Robert Neill:

Column: 533W

Local Government Finance [1 April 2011]

Caroline Flint:

Robert Neill:

Defence [1 April 2011]

Afghanistan: Peacekeeping Operations [1 April 2011]

Paul Flynn:

Nick Harvey:

Column: 534W

Air Force: Redundancy [1 April 2011]

Guto Bebb:

Mr Robathan:

Defence: International Co-operation [1 April 2011]

Mr Jim Murphy:

Mr Gerald Howarth:

Departmental Theft [1 April 2011]

Luciana Berger:

Mr Gerald Howarth:

European Defence Agency [1 April 2011]

Mr Jim Murphy:

Column: 535W

Mr Gerald Howarth:

Mr Jim Murphy:

Mr Gerald Howarth:

Foreign Relations [1 April 2011]

Mr Jim Murphy:

Mr Gerald Howarth:

Cabinet Office [1 April 2011]

Average Earnings: Statistics [1 April 2011]

Mr Tyrie:

Mr Hurd:

Column: 536W

Column: 537W

Cancer: Death [1 April 2011]

Yasmin Qureshi:

Mr Hurd:

Deaths: Alcoholic Drinks and Drugs [1 April 2011]

Andrew Stephenson:

Mr Hurd:

Column: 538W

Column: 539W

Departmental Public Transport [1 April 2011]

Maria Eagle:

Mr Maude:

Government Departments: Procurement [1 April 2011]

Stephen Barclay:

Mr Maude:

Column: 540W

New Businesses: Middlesbrough [1 April 2011]

Tom Blenkinsop:

Mr Hurd:

Public Bodies [1 April 2011]

Jon Trickett:

Mr Maude

Column: 541W

Unemployment: Pendle [1 April 2011]

Andrew Stephenson:

Mr Hurd:

Education [1 April 2011]

Academies: Complaints [1 April 2011]

Rehman Chishti:

Mr Gibb:

Column: 542W

Academies: Finance [1 April 2011]

Pat Glass:

Mr Gibb:

Brook Advisory Centres [1 April 2011]

Mr Amess:

Column: 543W

Sarah Teather:

Class Sizes: Berkshire [1 April 2011]

Alok Sharma:

Mr Gibb:

Education Business Partnerships: Finance [1 April 2011]

Mr Ward:

Column: 544W

Mr Gibb

English Baccalaureate [1 April 2011]

Ben Gummer:

Mr Gibb:

Health Education: Sex [1 April 2011]

Mr Burrowes:

Mr Gibb:

Schools: Drugs [1 April 2011]

Mr Charles Walker:

Mr Gibb

Column: 545W

Science: Education [1 April 2011]

Valerie Vaz:

Mr Gibb:

Secondary Education: Work Experience [1 April 2011]

Mr Iain Wright:

Mr Gibb:

Column: 546W

Sixth Form Education [1 April 2011]

Nic Dakin:

Mr Gibb

Truancy: Berkshire [1 April 2011]

Alok Sharma:

Mr Gibb:

Column: 547W

Column: 548W

Home Department [1 April 2011]

Arrest Warrants [1 April 2011]

Richard Drax:

Nick Herbert

Richard Drax:

Nick Herbert

Arrest Warrants: Costs [1 April 2011]

Richard Drax:

Nick Herbert

Arrest Warrants: Human Rights [1 April 2011]

Priti Patel:

Nick Herbert:

Column: 549W

Assaults on Police [1 April 2011]

Kelvin Hopkins:

Nick Herbert:

Border Agency [1 April 2011]

Paul Blomfield:

Damian Green:

Crimes of Violence: West Midlands [1 April 2011]

Mr Jim Cunningham:

Nick Herbert

Column: 550W

Cybercrime [1 April 2011]

Mr Ainsworth:

Nick Herbert

Demonstrations [1 April 2011]

Tony Lloyd:

Nick Herbert

Public Bodies Reform Programme [1 April 2011]

Tessa Jowell:

Nick Herbert:

Column: 551W

DNA: Databases [1 April 2011]

Philip Davies:

James Brokenshire:

Human Trafficking [1 April 2011]

Justin Tomlinson:

Damian Green:

Column: 552W

Illegal Immigrants [1 April 2011]

Andrew Rosindell:

Damian Green:

Immigration Controls [1 April 2011]

Gordon Banks:

Damian Green:

Gordon Banks:

Damian Green:

Marriage of Convenience [1 April 2011]

Andrew Rosindell:

Damian Green:

Column: 553W

Migrant Workers [1 April 2011]

Keith Vaz:

Column: 554W

Damian Green:

Police [1 April 2011]

Mr Ruffley:

Nick Herbert:

Column: 555W

Column: 556W

Dr Wollaston:

Nick Herbert:

Fiona Mactaggart:

Nick Herbert:

Police: Diamond Jubilee 2012 [1 April 2011]

Mike Freer:

Nick Herbert:

Police: Manpower [1 April 2011]

Mr Llwyd:

Column: 557W

Nick Herbert

Bridget Phillipson:

Nick Herbert

Column: 558W

Police: Olympic Games 2012 [1 April 2011]

Lyn Brown:

Nick Herbert:

Police: Overtime [1 April 2011]

Mr Stewart Jackson:

Nick Herbert

Police: Termination of Employment [1 April 2011]

John McDonnell:

Column: 559W

Nick Herbert:

Serious Organised Crime: Finance [1 April 2011]

Mr Dodds:

Column: 560W

Nick Herbert:

Serious Organised Crime: Manpower [1 April 2011]

Mr Dodds:

Nick Herbert:

Serious Organised Crime: Northern Ireland [1 April 2011]

Mr Dodds:

Nick Herbert:

Serious Organised Crime: Terrorism [1 April 2011]

Richard Drax:

Nick Herbert

Column: 561W

Column: 562W

Telephone Tapping: Newspaper Press [1 April 2011]

Mr Frank Field:

Nick Herbert

Vetting: International Organisations [1 April 2011]

Yasmin Qureshi:

Lynne Featherstone:

Column: 563W

Column: 564W